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A Year of Birthdays is the twenty-second episode from Season 10 of Modern Family, it aired on May 8, 2019.

Plot Summary

As the birth of Haley and Dylan's twins approaches we take a look back at how each family member celebrated their birthdays this past year.[1]

Episode Description

The episode begins with Phil's birthday. He plans a lot of activities including playing piano, speaking Spanish and even practicing monocycle.

Then, we talk about Jay's birthday. His relatives give him a roast, only to be tricked by Alex who gives them a "roast" of their own medicine.

Then, we talk about Mitch's birthday. All he wants is to be alone, but Cam misinterprets his intentions and invites their friends. Mitch , who does not know this, deliberately insults them, and thanks Cam for not inviting them, only to be disappointed when they show-up, very angry.

Then, we talk about Gloria's birthday. She prevents Sherry and the boys from singing Happy Birthday by pouring water on them.

Then, we talk about Haley's birthday. They're at the restaurant and Dylan gives her baby shoes. Unfortunately, Mitch and Cam show up and are the first family members to learn that she is pregnant but Haley's manages to force Cam to keep the secret, otherwise, she will reveal that when he dresses like Fizbo, he spreads make-up everywhere.

Then, we talk about Luke's birthday. He is overjoyed because he turned twenty. He plans to ask a tattooed girl to go out with him, but she reveals that she actually prefers women.

Then, we talk about Claire's birthday and Claire is very angry because all she receives presents implying that the whole family think she's always stressed and wants her to relax.

Then, we talk about Joe's birthday. Joe is very excited because, as he is born the same day as Manny, he tries to find ways to make the attention be on him. As he learns how to bike in front of Jay and Gloria, unfortunately Phil arrives on a monocycle and steals all the attention, even impressing Jay.

Then, we talk about Manny's birthday. He actually organized a talent show but he planned a real event disguised in the talent show: proposing to Sherry, his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Sherry rejects the proposal, spoiling the party and making Manny very sad.

Then, we talk about Lily's birthday, which was going very well until Manny ruined it by still crying over his rejection, and when it was time for Lily to make wish and blow out her candles, Manny took that and said "I wish I were dead", and blew out her candles.

Then, we talk about Alex's birthday. She planned to celebrate her 21st birthday by getting drunk with Haley, but Haley has to remain sober due to her pregnancy and Alex gets drunk alone.

Finally, we talk about Cam's birthday. He gives a party where everyone says what they love about him, but as Haley gives out compliments to Cameron, she accidentally reveals that he and Mitch knew that she was pregnant and never judged her, which prompts Claire to become angry, Mitchell defends Cam, and Claire becomes mad at Mitchell, Cam tries to get things back on track to singing Happy Birthday, but Lily then mentions that she was mad about her birthday too, prompting Manny to become upset about Sherry again when he had finally gotten over her.


In the present, Phil decides to show an arrogant kid that he can play piano at this age, he accelerates the speed he's playing piano at, at the recital when he sees and hears commotion due to Haley going into labor.

The family is then gathered at the hospital for Haley's twins' birth. In the tag, Claire manages to gives advice to both Haley and Manny, the former who is distressed about her kids, and the latter who is still sad about his break-up.

Main Cast

(The characters struck out do not appear in this episode)

Guest Starring

  • Chazz Palminteri as Shorty
  • Reid Ewing as Dylan
  • Hillary Anne Matthews as Sherry
  • Matthew Risch as Jotham
  • Jeffrey Richman as Vincent
  • Malakai Carey as Robert
  • Kit McDonough as Piano teacher
  • Demi Harman as Tattoo girl


  • Dylan's 45th episode, the first finale in which he appears since Baby on Board. This is also the first season in which Dylan appears both in the season premiere and the season finale since the third season.
  • Jotham's and Shorty's sixth appearances
  • Sherry's fourth appearance
  • The scene where Mitch and Cam parody The Lion King to introduce Haley's babies mirrors the Pilot where they do the same thing to introduce baby Lily
  • Dylan has appeared in another finale about babies which was Baby on Board in that one Mitch and Cam supposedly adopt their baby brother for Lily then Gloria reveals she is pregnant in this one Haley gives birth to twins.
  • It's been said that Alex is one year older than Luke and Manny, but in real life, Ariel is only six months older than Rico and nine months older than Nolan.
  • This is the first episode with every family member present to have an interview scene from each of them, except for Phil.
  • Although Cam celebrates his birthday, as he was born on February 29th he couldn't celebrate his birthday at the exact date as 2019 wasn't a leap year.
  • Phil is a year younger than Ty Burrell was was actually almost 52 when the episode aired.
  • Luke is the only child who speaks in the teaser of this episode.
  • It is unknown why none of the Dunphy’s are present at Lily’s birthday party.


  • Alex has always been 2 years older than them in previous episodes (Moon Landing, See You Next Fall).
  • Incorrectly regarded as a mistake: When the clan waits for Mitch and Cam's parade, Lily is already in the hospital room but a few seconds later, she comes in with them. This is proven to be false as if you slow the scene down, you can see that she does not come in through the door again, but rather from the right side of the screen where she was standing in the shot before.
  • As a part of Phil's attempt to stay "mentally challanged" in his 50th year of life, he says that he will start to learn Spanish and even claims to not know what excelente means when Gloria expresses her gratitude. However in the 23rd episode of Season 2, See You Next Fall, Phil says that he had to go up against a Puerto Rican in a Spanish speaking test giving two examples of his Spanish when Luke is filming him and when he is getting into the truck to get to Alex's graduation meaning he would know at least a little Spanish prior to his attempt to learn it again.


Cultural References


  • The A.V. Club gave it a "B+" - it’s a welcome change of pace not only from the usual finale fare that the show offers up, but from the rocky season in general. By not taking the obvious path here, which would be to dedicate the entire episode to Haley’s labor, Modern Family finds a unique and fun way make this moment meaningful without stretching the story thin.