Aidan Feldman is a student at the college Haley Dunphy attended during the first few episodes of Season 4.

Aidan was only seen during Haley's disciplinary hearing as the student representative after Haley was bailed out of jail for underage drinking by her father, mother and maternal uncle. He was offended when Haley said to him "Nice to meet you" when they actually are in a class together,causing Aidan to respond "Seriously? We sit next to each other in Econ." showing that he is ignored in that class. Haley responds "Oh, right. You--" but Aidan cuts her off, saying it insults both him and Dean Miller, but mostly Aidan. He then starts reading Haley's charges that include public drunkenness, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Mitchell then stands up to attempt to speak on behalf of Haley. Aidan then asks Mitchell who he is to which Mitchell replies "I'm Miss Dunphy's attorney." but Aidan told him that they require students to speak for themselves and that there are no attorneys allowed, as well as he shouldn't be there, but allows him to stay sitting in his chair, being super quiet and listening to Haley.

Then at one moment, Phil gets up and says "Objection!" and Aidan replies "On what grounds?".

When Haley adds "Go, Wildcats?", he responds "That's not even our mascot."


Aidan does not seem to be quite a good dude, most likely stemming from being ignored. He also seemed to be quite disdainful towards Haley and also Mitchell.


  • For an unknown reason, he is credited as 'Aidan Schwartz'.
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