Amelia is the no-nonsense owner of multiple successful restaurant chains, including Amelia's, a popular chain named after her, and an unknown restaurant in Las Vegas. She has a son, Jackson, who attends the same pre-school as Lily Tucker-Pritchett.

In "Caught in the Act", after a restaurant owner by Amelia opens near them, Lily's adoptive parents Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett set up a playdate with Jackson in order to get close to her. They are almost successful in getting a reservation, however Amelia is distracted by a work phone call and leaves the room. After hearing her yelling over the phone through a baby monitor, Cam and Mitch begin panicking. As a result, after Amelia leaves to deal with the phone call, Cam spills strawberry juice on her fifty thousand dollar carpet and the two attempt to cover it up. When she returns, they blame it on Jackson, but it turns out he's allergic to strawberries and Amelia freaks out. Mitch and Cam then confess, but at the same time they accidentally destroy a vase. Needless to say, they lose the reservation.


Season 2

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