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Andrew is a Christmas caroler who Cameron Tucker says ousted him from an A Capella caroling group in 2008.

In "Undeck the Halls", when Mitchell and Cameron take Lily to her first Christmas photo at the Mall, Cameron has to deal with the caroling group he used to be part of before they kicked him out. After Scott, the ex-mall Santa that gets fired because of Cam and Mitchell (mainly Mitchell), convinces Cameron to be the better man, Cameron tries to be nice to Andrew. However, even his apology is "off-key", according to Andrew. Scott realizes that Andrew is "being naughty" and punches him out.

He reappears in "Regrets Only". Cameron is in a tailspin readying his home for an event to defeat Andrew. In the car with Lily and Mitch, Cam hears from Andrew that not one person has called in their invitations for his benefit. Mitchell notices Lily is playing with something, an invitation. He realizes with horror that he put all the invitations in his car six weeks ago and completely forgot to mail them out. Cam gets furious about this, but later Mitchell fixes it, some people go to the event and Cam finally defeats Andrew.

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