Andrew Adler is one of Haley Dunphy's friends who invites her to go to a party in "Great Expectations".

Jay and Gloria are having all the grandkids over for a slumber party, a tradition he calls "Jay's Night", but Haley feels like she is too old for family sleepovers and wants to go to Andrew Adler's party with her boyfriend Dylan. Haley is unable to convince her parents to let her attend Andrew's party (which is only three blocks away from Jay's house) and ends up at his sleepover. She makes an attempt to sneak out of the house but is thwarted by Jay. But Gloria convinces him to change his mind, so he finds Dylan in the backyard and invites him in, saying he will allow him to take Haley to the party for a few hours. However, Dylan enjoys the family fun of "Jay's Night" and they end up not going to the party.

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