Asher is Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker's new environmentalist and ecologyst neighbor who appears in "Under Pressure".

After Mitch and Lily meet him, Mitch is offended when Asher claims that he is not as environmentally friendly as he is. When Haley shows up with her old dollhouse for Lily, Mitch tells Haley about Asher and she advises him to show him his environmental award. While they are trying to get the dollhouse out of Haley's car, the styrofoam peanuts blow into Asher's yard. Haley and Lily try to help but aggravate the situation by mistake. Asher gets back home and Mitch apologizes to him while Asher admits that he does not have any friends because of his eco-friendly ways. Mitch suggests that Asher have dinner with them, but Lily objects when he asks her if her dollhouse was built with sustainable materials.

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