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Barkley, the dog butler

Barkley is a dog butler that Jay likes but it creeps Gloria out.  


Sometime before the episode Not in My House 1st season 12th episode), Jay bought Barkley in Las Vegas with money he had won at a casino. Even though Jay admires Barkley, Gloria does not like the butler as she gets freaked out whenever passing it. Gloria later hides Barkley so he is unseen, while accidentely tearing its coat. This later causes Jay to give Barkley to Mitchell and Cameron, who in turn take it to a thrift store.  

Barkley is later seen in the season three episode, Express Christmas, where he is being stored in Jay and Gloria's attic. Gloria comes across Barkley when she and Luke are looking for a Christmas decoration. It is unknown how Jay got Barkley again.  

Barkley is one again seen in Flip Flop where Jay shows him to Javier and Trish so they can evaluate Barkley as an art piece.  

As of season five, Barkley is seen at Jay's office at his workplace. However, he is mostly shown as a background object, and no longer as a plot element or joke.  


  • Gloria says that Barkley reminds her of "El Diablo," which means "the Devil" in Spanish.  
  • In the episode, "Las Vegas," Gloria finds a female version of Barkley, which is named "Rebarkla," who is a dog maid, (instead of a butler) and she tries to hide her from Jay.
  • Continuity Error: Jay and Mitchell are taking Barkley, who is missing his eyepiece, to a thrift store. However, Barkley is later seen in Jay's possession with his eyepiece. There is no explanation to this, but it is possible that Jay purchased another Barkley sometime between Seasons one and three


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