Barry is an expert in Reiki massages who is seen in "Slow Down Your Neighbors".

Mitchell and Cameron see a stranger in their hot tub. They are about to call the police until he stands up and they see a man who has nice abs. They rethink their initial thought and join the stranger, whose name is Barry, and reveals that is an expert in Reiki massages. Cameron instantly gets along very well with Barry, while Mitchell considers him weird. Cam is not too happy with Mitchell for writing off Barry for that one little quirk, as it is something Mitchell does all the time. But Mitchell tries to make nice with Barry, who is cool with Mitchell thinking Reiki is phony. Then Mitchell tries it himself and is hooked. Mitchell admits to Cameron he was right. However, Cameron goes in the backyard and finds that Barry has been living in Lily's fairytale castle. He tries to get him out and they wrestle inside. Mitchell comes out and Cam demands him to call the police. Mitchell agrees, but as he walks away, tells Cameron that he was right.

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