Ben Dugan is Mitchell Pritchett's old drama club friend from High School.

In "Travels with Scout", he encounters Jay Pritchett when he is taking Manny to the dentist. Ben tells him that he keeps acting and is starring in a new film named Maple Drive. Jay, not knowing it is a horror film, decides to take Manny to the film. Manny is completely frightened by the movie. While Jay is fixing the broken doorbell (which repeatedly rings), Manny thinks it is a demon and gets his fencing sword. Jay promises Gloria his fear will only last a while, although he realizes they have to do something when Manny begins sleeping in their bed. He asks Ben to come to show Manny how likable he is and not be scared anymore. When Ben arrives, he knocks on the window since the doorbell does not work. Manny sees him, and when Ben sees him he says "Are you Manny? I'm here for you." Due to the lighting on his face and his fake machete, Manny becomes especially frightened of him and rushes upstairs, much to Jay's disbelief.

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