Bill is a firefighter that meets Alex when she burns a bagel bite in the microwave in her dorm room after over indulging in a pity party over her sister Haley dating her school professor and crush Arvin. Bill wakes her up and carries her out of the smokey room. Bill and Alex start dating soon after that.


Bill is a muscular guy with a lot of extreme stories to tell, but he is not very smart, which tends to collide with Alex as she is quite smart. He has a lot of respect for Phil and Claire, seeing how he wanted their opinion on his latest invention and telling Phil in Stand By Your Man that, according to him, one of the most difficult things of dating Alex (aside from the difficult words) is that she grew up with a perfect guy in her life, which is hard to live up to. 


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Season 9

Quote1.png Alex: He was like a superhero. A beautiful... not so smart superhero. Quote2.png
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