Clive Bixby is Phil's alter ego he created together with Claire's Julianna for their Valentine's Day dates.

Introduced in "My Funky Valentine", Phil describes Clive as a business man who designs high-end electro-acoustic transducers. He has been featured frequently since, especially during the Valentine's Day episodes. Clive is shown to have the tendency to accidentally make funny innuendos while trying to talk smoothly.

In "My Funky Valentine", Clive and Julianna meet at a bar to "pick her up". She goes to the bathroom and comes back wearing her coat with no clothes underneath. As they prepare to go upstairs she gets her coat stuck in the escalator, which she cannot take off. They quickly convert back to Phil and Claire.

In his second appearance ("Bixby's Back"), Phil and Claire decide to have a small dinner for Valentine's Day in order to avoid the disastrous results of last year's events. After having dinner with the elderly and realizing she was not ready to give up the excitement yet, Claire decides to bring back their characters from last year. Julianna calls Clive to ditch his wife and meet her at their hotel. At the bar, Julianna gives Clive the key to her room. While watching her walk way, Clive takes the wrong room key belonging to an older woman who was arranging her purse. He enters the wrong room, undresses, scatters flowers all over the room, and opens a bottle of champagne. The older woman then walks in after coming back from the bar. They quickly convert back to Phil and Claire after Phil almost gets arrested.

He also makes a small appearance in "Door to Door". Phil and Luke is shooting a home video and Phil decides to let Clive take the role. In the video, Clive states that he can "do anything in two minutes".

In "Heart Broken", Clive and Julianna celebrate Valentine's Day a day early but their date is cut short when Claire faints due to her condition, later revealed to be Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

In "Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister", Phil reveals his Clive Bixby suit ready to be worn but Claire decides she just wants something low-key.

Clive returns in "Do You Believe in Magic".

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