Closet fornia was the closet company owned by Jay Pritchett and Earl Chambers until they started their own respective closet companies.

The company has only been mentioned in "Won't You Be Our Neighbor".

The company was formed in 1980. Jay and Earl had great business going on, high-end clients, "maybe a celebrity or two" as Jay said.

One day in 1984, Jay came to work and Earl's desk had been cleared out. He had badmouthed Jay to half their Rolodex. It was devastating for Jay; he had to start all over.

Jay and Earl became enemies since then and they went on to form their own closet companies: Pritchett's Closets & Blinds and Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets.

During the events of "Won't You Be Our Neighbor", 30 years after the betrayal, Jay and Earl clashed again after the latter's granddaughter Sophie and the former's stepson Manny Delgado met each other and somehow dated each other. They clashed again in "The Closet Case" where Earl tricks Jay's son Mitchell into thinking that Earl wants to bury the hatchet, but actually wants to trick him. Jay and Mitchell sneak into Earl's office and Earl finds them and he and Jay start fighting again, but during the fight which lasted for 10 minutes, Mitchell managed to sneak his father's old Rolodex out of Earl's office and gave it back to Jay. Jay was very happy to have it back.

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