Connor is a friend and classmate of Lily at Watson Elementary, the school they attend together, as well as the adoptive son of lesbians Pam and Susan.

Connor first appears in the playground where he is pulling Lily's hair. When Mitchell and Cameron see this, Lily goes to Mitchell while Cameron grabs Connor and holds him up against play equipment and threatens him that if he ever puts his hands on Lily again, Cam will string him up by his feet, run him up the flagpole and let the birds peck out his eyes. When Pam and Susan enter the principal's office and meet Mitchell and Cameron, Pam mentions that Connor was crying and whoever made that happen "has messed with the wrong moms".

Connor is then seen at the Tucker-Pritchett home with Pam and Susan, since the four gay parents had been given a homework assignment by Principal Roth to have a family play date. Lily takes Connor to show him her toys and they disappear into her room and they go off, holding hands.

Later, when Pam decides she wants to leave, all 4 parents go to Lily's room to try to get Connor' but the door is locked and there is no answer. The parents start to worry and look everywhere and try to find ways to get the door open. When Pam decides to try and break the door down (With Cameron deciding to help her), Lily and Connor soon speak and neither wants to leave, showing that Connor is having so much fun with Lily. When Connor asks if they can really have hot dogs, The two children finally open the door (to the delight of their parents) and go to hug their respective gay parents.


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