Daliya is Joe's nanny and Manny's love interest who appears only in "Best Men".

When Manny's art teacher tells Jay and Gloria that he has a bit obsession with art love for nude females they believe that it comes from Gloria being too free with her body. However, it turns out the real reason is Daliya, who Manny is in love with.

Manny convinces Jay and Gloria to go out to the movies and prepares a romantic dinner for him and Daliya. But while they are out, Jay and Gloria realize that the drawings were all of Daliya and rush back home. They start yelling at Manny but Daliya stops them allows Manny to finish confessing. She then tries to reject Manny in a gentle way, saying: "Whoever ends up with you will be the luckiest woman in the world. I am unlucky because I was born too soon." However, Manny reacts badly because he thinks he will always have feeling for her and goes off at his room angry. Manny slams his bedroom door which makes Joe to start crying, so Gloria has work with Manny and Daliya has work with Joe.


=== Season 4 ===
Quote1 Gloria: So those were not my boobs, they were Daliya's boobs?!
Jay: That's not a nude descending a staircase, that's a nude vacuuming a staircase!
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