Darlene is Shorty's now ex-wife.

She first appears in "Treehouse", when both her and Shorty ate dinner with Jay and Gloria at their house. Her husband spends a lot of time with her, while Gloria and Jay hardly ever do something together. Shorty invites Jay and Gloria to dance salsa and Darlene tells Gloria she would be doing her a favor because Shorty never stops dancing. Jay rejects the offer, which makes Gloria so angry. But later, after Jay takes a pill ( which turned out to be orange flavored baby aspirin) Mitchell gave him to dance, he finally goes to dance salsa with Shorty, Darlene, and Gloria.

She reappears in "Three Dinners", and again is seen with Shorty at another dinner at Jay and Gloria's house. While the dinner, Darlene tells Gloria that telling jokes in a second language is hard, and tells her something in Spanish. Darlene says that they are learning Spanish because she and Shorty are moving to Costa Rica.

Shorty returns in "Sex, Lies & Kickball", and says that Darlene left him for another man after he lost everything.

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