Dave is one of Cameron Tucker's gay friends who runs into Phil in "Mistery Date".

Phil finds out they both went to the same college, after he puts on a "bulldog" hoodie. Dave is invited by Phil to watch a game later that night. Dave calls Cam and tells him about meeting a guy there, Phil, and that he is not sure if it's a "Date" date and Cam tells him he needs to get back into dating since his break up with his last boyfriend, Simon. Dave brings spinach dip to Phil's house and notices the pictures on the wall and asks if his wife was okay with him coming over. Phil tells him that his wife suggested a boy's night. Dave calls Cam and tells him about it and that he wants to leave, but Cam encourages him to stay. As Dave is about to ask Phil exactly what the night was about, Phil accidentally turns on romantic music. During the game Phil is pouring Dave another margarita and as they are toasting they spill their drinks. So Phil tells Dave to take his shirt off and offers to wash both their shirts and get new ones. The TV then messes up so Phil says they should finish the game in his bedroom. Dave tells Phil that he's going to leave and that he is coming out of a long term relationship. Dave then kisses him before he leaves.

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