Desiree is an attractive neighbor of the Dunphy Family who was recently divorced - apparently, she has already slept with several male neighbors. In "The Bicycle Thief", Desiree encounters Phil, Claire and their son Luke Dunphy while out cycling, and they introduce themselves to each other. As she leaves, Phil comments to Claire that "she's awesome" but Claire disagrees.

Desiree later locks herself out of her new house just as Phil cycles by, and he helps her get back inside only for his bike to be gone when they return to the sidewalk. Soon she realises that a neighbor put the bike in her garage, and returns it to Phil. When she arrives at the Dunphy household, she tells Phil that it was put in her garage while Phil was in her house. As Claire angrily turns to Phil, he replies "Classic me?"

Phil admits attraction to Desiree.


Season 1

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