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Donald Arlen "Donnie" Pritchett is the loud and obnoxious younger brother of Jay Pritchett.

He is currently suffering from prostate cancer.


When he was eight, a bully named Joey Calieri took Donnie's bicycle so his older brother defended him and put Joey's head in the ice as revenge. ("The Musical Man").

Donnie appears, at first, to have an abrasive, dysfunctional relationship with his brother, which mostly consists of frequent physical assaults and insults to one another, much to the confusion of Gloria. However, when Jay discovers that his brother is suffering from cancer he is much more sympathetic and the two share an emotional moment.



  • Donnie is both uncredited and does not physically appear in the episode "Hawaii", however his voice is heard. It is unknown if that was the voice of Jonathan Banks who played the character in "The Musical Man".
  • It is revealed that Donnie is younger than Jay in "Spring-a-Ding-Fling" when Jay calls him "my baby brother". Also in "The Musical Man", Donnie said that Jay cared about him since they were 8 and 10 years old, signifying that the two brothers are 2 years old apart.
  • Despite their turbulent relationship as adults, they appeared close as children.
  • Jay appears to have a better relationship with Donnie than their sister.
  • It is unknown if he gets along with his sister Becky.