Edward LeGrand is a professional magician whom Phil and Claire meet on their flight in "Fight or Flight".


Edward is introduced when Phil sits next to him on the flight. He appears to be known in the magic community since Phil instantly recognizes him. Edward performs various tricks for Phil during the flight. First Phil loses his phone and then Edward finds it in his ear, makes Phil's watch appear at Seat 14C of the plane, magically ends up at the seat himself. Later Claire comes by and finds out Phil lied to her and blew her off so he can keep having his fun while she suffers in first class from her neighbor's obnoxiousness. Edward makes one of his cards end up in Claire's pocket and she tears it up furiously. Edward says that his heart goes out to her to which Claire responds by telling him to stick it, calling him Kreskin and angrily stating that she is sitting next to a cheese-eating racist. She throws the pieces down and leaves. Phil is sorry about the card, but Edward tells him not to be because the card magically repairs itself.

Later, Phil accepts to switch seats with Claire so she can have some peace and quiet.

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