Familia Moderna is a Chilean TV show remake of Modern Family. It is broadcast on Chile's private tv station MEGA.

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Characters and actors


  • Pepe Gallo, played by Patricio Contreras.
    Jay Pritchett's counterpart
  • Sara Gallo, played by Nidyan Fabregat.
    Gloria Pritchett's counterpart
  • Chito García, played by Ian Morong.
    Manny Delgado's counterpart
  • Paula Gallo, played by Mariana Loyola.
    Claire Dunphy's counterpart.
  • Juan Pablo Letelier, played by Álvaro Escobar.
    Phil Dunphy's counterpart
  • Laura Letelier Gallo, played by Valeska Díaz.
    Haley Dunphy's counterpart
  • Javiera Letelier Gallo, played by Rosita Vial.
    Alex Dunphy's counterpart
  • Luca Letelier Gallo, played by Luca Yaconi.
    Luke Dunphy's counterpart.
  • Gustavo Gallo, played by Nicolás Saavedra.
    Mitchell Pritchett's counterpart
  • Fernando Navarro, played by Mario Soto.
    Cameron Tucker's counterpart
  • Antonia Gallo Prieto, played by Antonella Castillo.
    Lily Tucker-Pritchett's counterpart (not exactly)


  • Gato, played by Christian Sève.
    Dylan's counterpart
  • Juan Pablo Letelier, played by Max Corvalan.
    Frank Dunphy's counterpart
  • Teté de Gallo, played by María Izquierdo.
    DeDe Pritchett's counterpart
  • Luis García, played by Luis Uribe.
    Javier Delgado's counterpart
  • Olga, played by Soledad Pérez.
    Barb Tucker's counterpart
  • Teresa Prieto, played by Jenny Cavallo.
    No counterpart from the original series


  • As same-sex adoption is illegal in Chile, Gustavo and Fernando instead take Anto (short for Antonia) in with them while her mother has left to travel abroad. This also explains why Anto's mother has no original character counterpart in the original series, as in the United States, same-sex adoption is allowed.
  • As characters, like Gloria aren't exactly uncommon in Latin America, the series instead chose a woman from a lower social class.
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