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"Fizbo" is the ninth episode from Season 1 of Modern Family, it aired on November 25, 2009.

Plot Summary

Cameron breaks out his favorite clown costume to make Luke's birthday party a hit. However, a series of accidents causes the party to break into chaos and leads to an unfortunate injury.

Episode Description

We open with everybody gathering at the hospital, but we don't know what's going on yet. Jay is beside himself, in spite of Mitchell's reassurances that it could have been worse. He wanted to know how this could happen.

We have 'A few days earlier' written on the screen as we go all the way back to being in the house of the Dunphys', where Luke comes down and Phil asks Luke what he wants for his birthday. Luke tells Phil that he doesn't want anything, Phil insists that Luke tells him what he wants telling him 'Sky's the Limit' and 'dream big my boy', which prompts Luke to tell him more. Luke tells Phil that he could use a belt, Claire asks 'A belt?' and then Luke changes his mind and says 'Yeah you're right', I don't need it, the extension cords works pretty good.', we look down to see that Luke doesn't have a belt instead has replaced it with an extension cord. Claire and Phil are "interviewed" where Phil says that every year Luke's birthday falls right around thanksgiving and so it gets lost in the holiday shuffle. Claire then says that one year they forgot completely and they had to improvise a cake of stuffing, Phil jumps in with: "which by the way he was fine with, he's one of those kids: you get him a gift and all he wants to do is play with the box". Claire then says that one year they just got him a box, a really nice box, Phil then tells us that they made a mistake of putting it inside a gift bag, and all Luke did was play with the gift bag. They end with "we can't get it right".

We come back to Phil; and Claire. Phil tells Claire that he feels terrible and they have to do something about Lukes' birthday, Claire tells Phil that the whole family is coming around for thanksgiving and they haven't come around for thanksgiving in a really long time and Phil tells Claire that he is with her: "We should blow this out and throw Luke the best birthday party of all time" to which Claire agrees with. Claire says that they'll order a whole bunch of pizzas and set up an arts and crafts table. Phil, who is taken by surprise, asks Claire: "a what?", Claire repeats what she says: an arts and crafts table and then explains: "Where everybody gathers around and they make stuff, and then bam!- they got their own party favor." Phil starts to snore after this and say "Sorry. I fell asleep while you were describing the most boring party ever." He then starts to laugh but is stopped when Claire then punches him.


We are at the household of Mitchell and Cameron, where Cam tells Phil he'll see him in a few hours as Phil gives Cam gratitude for the karaoke machine, and tells him that he'll give it back to him after Lukes' birthday party. Cam thanks Phil. Mitch whispers to Phil not to bring it back: "Please don't. I beg you. Don't bring it back.", just as Phil is about to leave, Cam asks Phil if he's getting a clown for Lukes' birthday party. Phil replies with an implied no, when Cam asks 'Really?' Phil affirms and Cam asks "Has he ever seen a good one?". Phil questions 'Has anyone?' and chuckles the awkwardness off. Phil finally leaves and Cam exclaims: "No clown? No clown!?", Mitch tells Cam to let it go. However Cam doesn't "Who throws a party without a clown?" Mitch tells Cam: "Since the late '30s, I'd say most people", Cam tells Mitch they haven't got Luke a present and that maybe a clown could be their present. Mitchell tells Cam to calm down and that if Phil an Claire wanted to get Luke a clown they would've and then tells Cam that "it's not our party". Cam exclaims "But-", and is cut off by Mitch telling Cam that it's not their party again. Cam asks what Mitch would suggest and Mitch tells him they will get him a gift card, Cam, surprised by Mitchs' words, asks "a gift card?, who hurt you?".

We are now with Gloria and Jay at their house, where Jay asks Gloria how to wrap a crossbow. Gloria asks him if it's a crossbow to check, Jay affirms and asks if he's "the best grandpa in the world or what?" Gloria tells Jay that he can't give Luke a crossbow as she says "he pokes himself in the eye every time he uses a straw", Jay tells Gloria that he had one when he was Lukes' age, and tells Gloria that his Dad used to give him a quarter for every cow he bagged. Gloria tells him that she used to have a machete, but times have changed. Jay tells Gloria that Luke will be fine if he teaches him. Manny walks in and asks if he's charming to which Jay sighs and says: "Oh, boy", Gloria tells Manny he is and asks who told him he's not charming, Manny tells Gloria that no one told him he wasn't but there's a girl in his school that he wants to like him. He then asks for Jay's advice. Jay asks "Really?" and Manny tells him that the girl will be at Lukes' party. Jay implies he's surprised that Manny would ask him for advice, as he wouldn't go to him he would go to his Mom. Manny then tells Jay that it seems to be an area in which he's done pretty well (pointing to Gloria). Gloria tells Jay he has a point. Manny states that he's tried everything to get her attention: "...Opening doors, having a milk sent over in the cafeteria. Nothing's worked.", Jay tells him that girls do go for all that romantic stuff, they go for power and success and Jay then tells Manny that since he doesn't have any one of those he tells him to be the funny one.

We are back with Phil, who is at the front of his house talking to a zookeeper named Tanya, asking for the most dangerous reptile she has, she tells him that she has an iguana that eats crickets. Phil tells her that it'd only be scary if it was a birthday party for crickets, and then tells her to step it up a notch. He asks if there's anything that scares the crap or as Phil puts 'cocoa' out of her. Tanya tells him that there isn't much that scares her, she then says that she has a bearded dragon, Phil is about to ask her if it breathes fire, which she latches onto and tells him no. Phil then says that he's back to square one.

We are now back with Cam, in an "interview" he says: "I know I made a promise to Mitchell, but some things are bigger than promises. Fizbo would be at that party." While Cam is saying this we see him in the bathroom staring at the mirror whilst putting on makeup to turn into Fizbo the Clown. Cam then says: "Hello old friend.".

We are back at the hospital where, Haley says it all happened so fast. Jay then says "I keep thinking there was something I could've done", Mitchell tells Jay not to blame himself, as no one could have possibly seen it coming.

We, again, see 'earlier that day' appear on the screen as we are flashback to being back at the household of the Dunphys', we are outside at the front, where Claire and Phil are, Claire notices a rockwall being carried and asks Phil if it's going to be safe, Phil asks the rock climbing operator if anyone has ever gotten hurt on them, he tells Phil and Claire that he doesn't know and it's his first day. Phil misreads Claires' worry and tells her: "See? They wouldn't let the new guy do it if it-" but is cut off by Claire telling Phil that what the operator said did not make her feel any better. Phil tells Claire to relax. Claire asks Phil when they decided all this and tells Phil that she thinks it's a little too much, Phil tells her that he didn't tell her about it because he knew she'd say that and tells her to just relax and grab a snow cone. Claire asks "There's a snow cone machine?" and Phil tells her yes. Haley comes up to Claire and Phil telling them that Dylan cannot have mayonnaise. Claire says: "That's random. Why are you telling me that?" and Haley informs them that he's coming to the party. Claire, not liking Dylan very much, asks: "Is that absolutely necessary?", Alex who has just appeared, tells Claire: "Yes, because she can't go 10 minutes without her boyfriend's tongue in her mouth. It's like he's feeding a baby bird." Haley tells her not to be so jealous and that she'll meet someone at 'Computer Camp'. Claire tells off her girls. Phil asks what Claire has been holding for the past 2 minutes. Claire tells Phil that it's supplies for the crafts table: "I finally figured out what we're gonna be making.", Phil jumps in with: "Kids bored?" which receives a look from Claire. Phil laughs the awkwardness off again: "I'm teasing, I'm teasing! It looks good, what is it?", Claire pulls it out and says "Comb sheaths", which receives a look from Phil. Claire says: "I know. I know. But we made them when I was 11 years old at Donna Rigby's birthday party. At first we thought it was really stupid, and then we had a blast, so-" Phil interrupts with: "How could you not? You combined the two things that kids love the most- combs and sheaths.". Claire walks away from him, and Phil shouts that he's kidding. Claire is then "interviewed" where she says: "Where's my comb? Oh! Here it is in my incredibly convenient beaded comb sheath that I made at Luke's awesome birthday party. Hole in one, Mrs. Dunphy. Hole, in, one."

We come back to the household of Cam and Mitch, Mitchell has just arrived home telling Cam that he's home and he "got Luke a video game, but it's about math. So I guess we're those kind of uncles" and calls out for Cam, Cam comes out and says don't be mad, he comes out in his Fizbo costume. Mitchell sighs an "Oh, Cam uh". Mitch and Cam are then "interviewed", where Cam says: "I've known I wanted to be a clown since I found out clowns were just people with makeup. Um, as a matter of fact, by the time I was a teenager, if I wasn't in school or fishin', I was clownin'. There are four types of clowns- a tramp, an Auguste, a whiteface and a character. I am a classically trained Auguste clown named Fizbo." Mitch is trying not to laugh the entire way through his speech and after Cam is finished he can feel Mitch laughing at him: "What?" Mitch tells him "Nothing" but says "Between the clownin' and the fishin', I'm surprised you had time for the schoolin'.", "Aw, and there's the fifth type- 'the sad clown'." Cam corrects Mitch: "A sad clown is a tramp, so there's still only four types." Cam and Mitch swap looks twice; Cam seems very sassy during the looks. We come back to Mitch standing in his living room with Cam dressed as Fizbo. Mitch says: "Cam, I thought we discussed this", Cam tells Mitch that they did discuss it but "this isn't about you or me. This is about a little boy who deserves some happiness." Mitch asks if he's gonna get that from his "weird gay clown-ncle", Cam corrects Mitch: "Fizbo is not gay, he's asexual", "he's an innocent, whose only drive is to bring people joy and laughter and balloon animals. He's-He's the least sexual being on earth.", Mitch tells Cam that at least they agree on something. We see Fizbo make a sad face.

We come back to the Dunphys', Phil is filming the bouncy castle. Phil says "If this tape is found in the future, this is how we humans celebrated birthdays.", Luke shouts "Hey, Dad" whilst coming down a zipline. Phil turns the camera around to Luke, and says "Yeah, there's my boy. Zip-line extreme-" and is cut off by Luke slamming into the camera. Phil gets hit and is on the floor, he gets up and says that he's good while the zipline instructor has taken Luke off the zipline already. Phil says: "Lesson learned. Don't stand-Don't stand there. Let's go and rope this area off. Excellent. Thank you.", Luke comes back and Phil asks if he's having fun, Luke tells him yes and that he loves his new belt. They are interrupted by Claire calling Luke asking if he wants to make a comb sheath, which no one seems to want to, Claire explains, "It's a cool leather holder for your comb. And you can decorate it. I've got beads and glitter and all kinds of stuff." Claire again asks if he wants to and Luke tells her no and explains that he wants to rock climb. Claire then tells Luke that it's fine and it's his day. Phil then mocks Claire "Honey, let me know if you get low on supplies. I'll make a quick run back to the 1950s for you." Phil then gets hit again.

We come back to Cam and Mitch, Mitchell is driving them to Lukes' birthday party. Cam asks Mitchell if he remembered to switch the whites to the dryer and Mitch tells Cam he forgot, Cam informs Mitch that they're going to smell musty. Mitch tells Cam that he knows and he's sorry. Cam tells Mitch that he'll get out and fill the car up with gas. Mitch tells Cam to stay and he'll do it, Cam says that he gets it: Mitch is worried about people seeing him. Mitch affirms "without question" and Cam tells him that everyone will stare anyway, since they're not used to seeing one clown in a car. Mitchell then slams the door.

We are back at Lukes' birthday party, where Jay, Gloria and Manny have arrived, the camera focuses on Bianca before blurring her out and focusing on Jay, Gloria and Manny. Manny points her out to Jay and Gloria, Gloria tells Manny that Bianca is so cute, Manny informs them that she has good handwriting and is the complete package, Manny asks Gloria and Jay to wish him luck. Jay tells Manny that he doesn't need luck, he just needs to remember the jokes he told him, Manny walk forward and approaches Bianca and her set of friends. Manny tells Bianca that they "have to stop meeting like this", Bianca asks what he's talking about, Manny tells her that they go to school together and Bianca then understands who he is. Manny asks Bianca if she likes jokes to which she says yes and Manny starts making them, awkwardly and badly. Manny says: "So a grasshopper named Gary walks into a bar" and then Manny realizes he's made a mistake as Bianca isn't supposed to know the grasshoppers name. Manny then tries another joke: "Knock, knock." to which Bianca replies "Who's there?" and Manny says "Interrupting Cow" Bianca replies "Interrupting Cow who?" Manny then replies "Moo" and then realizes he's made a mistake again.

We come back to Mitch and Cam, where a guy has just arrived in his car, which we see he bumps Mitchell with, Mitchell says "Hey!" and he replies "Hey yourself, move", Mitchell then tells him that he just bumped him with his car, the guy replies with "I don't think so", Mitchell then makes it evident with evidence: there's grease on his pants, and he felt it. The guy then tells him to call an ambulance. Mitchell then tells him that he though the guy might want to know in case he wanted to be a decent human being and apologize. Mitchell then calls him an 'ass' under his breath, the guy gets angry and asks aggressively 'What did you say' to which Mitchell calms down and tells him to forget about it. We then see Cam as Fizbo start to get out of the car, the guy says: "Listen, Carrot Top. I didn't touch you. So do the smart thing: Shut your hole, get in your car and drive away.", we see Fizbo (Cam) ask if there's a problem between Mitch and him. The guy asks what Fizbo is and Fizbo tells him that he is an "ass kicking clown that'll twist you like a balloon animal" and tells him: "I will beat your head against this bumper until the air bags deploy. So apologize to my boyfriend right now!" the guy gets confused asking "Apologize? Boyfriend?" Fizbo gets impatient and says "Apologize!" the guy gets scared and apologizes to Fizbo but Fizbo points to Mitchell and the guy apologizes again, this time to Mitchell. The guy then walks away and Fizbo pulls out a clock and says: "Let's go we're gonna be late". As Mitch and Fizbo get back into the car, we see evidently smile hard as he is impressed by Fizbo's actions and it seems that he's finally starting to be fine with Camerons' 'Fizbo'.

We come back to Lukes' birthday party, where Manny is on the bouncy castle, Gloria asks if Manny would mind if she came in, Manny tells Gloria to come in and Gloria then tells him to sit down with her and asks why Manny bounces so sad. Manny tells her that he told all his jokes and got nowhere: "It turns out, I'm not the funny guy", Gloria tells him that the right girl will find him when it's time even though she's going to hate losing her son to another woman, Manny reassures her that she'll never lose him and he'll always love her no matter what. Gloria hugs him, smiling and laughing, she tells him that it's right there. Manny doesn't need any tricks he just needs to be himself, a sweet little boy, Manny then says: "Sweet little boy, got it, she won't know what hit her", Manny then gets off the bouncy castle as Gloria tells him "Vaya para allá!" which means "Go over there!". Manny walks past Claire as she asks whether or not he'd want to make a "sweet comb sheath" and Manny tells her "Could not be a worse time, Claire", Phil walks up to her and says "it's peaceful and quiet over here", Claire tells Phil that if he's come over here to gloat, she already knows it's dud. Phil tells her that he came over to give her a blue flavored snow cone. Claire gives mahalos to Phil, Phil then compliments her hair, Claire then says that she's been combing it all day.

We are now inside the house of the Dunphys', where Luke has an Pogona on his head, Tanya then tells the crowd to applaud Luke for being so brave. Luke says that the Pogona feels weird, and asks what the Pogona eats and Tanya says "just little boy brains" trying to scare everyone. We then see Alex standing by Haley and Dylan, Alex says "Well at least Luke's got nothing to worry about", Alex then walks off and Dylan asks Haley if there's Mayo in what he's eating, to which Haley replies with a no. Haley then says: "So I was thinking that maybe we could go slip away" but is interrupted by Tanya asking if anyone wants to pet the Pogona, which Dylan gets excited to pet and walks over leaving Haley alone. Dylan then says that he loves lizards while holding the Pogona and asks what his name is, Tanya corrects him saying that her name is 'Lizzy', Dylan then says "Wow, I totally get that." Alex is now back with Haley and says "You don't deserve this" and Haley asks what, Alex tells her that Dylan and Tanya may be hitting it off, Haley corrects her saying that they're just talking, Alex then says that she's right and Dylan is far too sophisticated to get sucked in by a single lady with tons of cool tattoos, we then see Dylan tell Tanya that he thinks the Pogona just peed on him, they laugh it out and we see Haley smile and then take the smile off of her face and start to wonder if Alex is right.

We're back outside, with Jay who sees a bunch of men circled around the bouncy castle while someone is jumping on it, Jay asks what he;'s missing and then realizes that Gloria is jumping up and down on the bouncy castle, Gloria then says: "Jay, look! I go high! Look! Look!", Jay then tells all of the guys to go away: "Guys hit the road. Come on. You're family men. Come on. Scat.". We then see Luke climbing the rock wall and Phil giving Luke encouragement, Phil then says: "Now comes the fun part. Rappel down." Luke then says that it's seems really high, Phil then tells Luke that he has nothing to fear but fear itself.. and the concrete, but he's right there and will catch him. Phil is then "interviewed" where he says: "I am brave. Roller coasters? Love 'em. Scary movies? I've seen Ghostbusters, like, seven times. I regularly drive through neighborhoods that have only recently been gentrified. So yeah, I'm pretty much not afraid of anything." we then see Fizbo and Mitchell arrive, Fizbo says: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, everybody! Quit your clownin' around. That's my job" and we come back to Phils' "interview" where he says "Except clowns, ever shared that with the fam, so shh. Do have an image to maintain. I am not really sure where the fear comes from. My mother says it's because when I was a kid, I found a dead clown in the woods, but who knows?" We come back to Fizbo, Phil, Cam and Luke, Fizbo sees Luke and says: "Well, you must be the birthday boy." Luke asks "Is that you, Uncle Cam?", Fizbo chuckles and then denies it: "No, I'm Fizbo the Clown, I don't know who this Uncle Cam is, but he sure sounds handsome, doesn't he?" and then asks who likes balloon animals, we then hear Phil says: "It's just Cam, it's just Cam", Mitchell over hears this and asks if Phil is ok, Phil tells him that he has a complicated relationship with clowns, and Mitchell tells him to join the club, implying that he has a complicated relationship with Cam as Fizbo.

We are now back inside the house, where Manny is about to approach Bianca again, he opens with: "Look, I came on strong with that whole funny guy bit. This is me just being myself." However Bianca is only concentrating on Haley's boyfriend, Dylan,: "Hey, do you know who that boy is over there?", Manny then points out that she is looking at Dylan, Bianca then says he's tall and cute, to which Manny replies, "I'm still growing. Give me a break.", Manny walks off and Fizbo walks in, talking to Bianca, "Pardon me, miss, but this little doggy needs a new home." Fizbo gives Bianca the balloon doggy and Bianca thanks him, we see Phil in the background walk into the room and steadily try to be comfortable with the fact that there's a clown in the room, he grabs a bowl of popcorn. Jay walks in and starts to talk to Fizbo: "That's quite an impressive getup you got there.", Cam thanks Jay, and Fizbo tells Jay that he has something on his shoulder, and pulls out the word 'something' and puts it on his shoulder, Jay laughs and tells him that was good and then Fizbo says never mind it was nothing, doing the same thing with the word 'nothing'. Jay then says 'we're done' implying things turned bad and he's now bored. We have a cut scene.

We are then in the same room of their house, back with Haley, Alex, Dylan, Tanya and the rest of the kids. Dylan and Tanya are still talking, Alex then says that she was messing with her sister before but they really haven't stopped talking to each other, Haley realizes this and says that she's on it. and lets out a poisonous scorpion, however she doesn't know that, she takes a step back after wards and then informs Tanya that one of her bugs go out and shows her which one, Tanya goes into panic mode and Dylan asks her if everything is okay she tells Dylan that she lost a poisonous scorpion and really needs to find it, she tells the kids to tuck their pants into their socks and play a game of: 'Look at where we step'.

We go forward, where the family are at the hospital, Claire comes through a door and Haley, Alex, Jay and Mitchell are waiting for her, Haley asks; "Is he OK?", Mitchell asks: "Can we see him?" and Claire informs them that he is in with the doctor and says: "These things happen right? No matter how careful you are?"

We again flashback on the screen 'one hour earlier' appears and we see Luke tell Claire that Jay bought him a crossbow and Claire says that it seems dangerous but Luke tells her not to worry and that Jay is going to teach him, however that's what Claire is worried about. We see Luke run off and Jay says: "Come on, ya ready?!", Mitchell appears and walks over to Claire, "Oh, my God. You are not making comb sheaths!", Claire then says "I am and I know it's really lame, everybody hates it", Mitchell then says "No. It's just like, uh, Donna Rigby's party." Claire then says "Exactly! Yes! And I have the beads and everything." They sit down and start to talk whilst making comb sheaths. Claire then says: "So Cam's a clown.", we then see Phil running around saying "I got you", Mitchell affirms and Claire then says "and there's mine" seeing Phil. Claire then says "You think it's weird that we both chose people who were so-" and is cut off by Mitchell trying to finish her sentence "Uninhibited?", Claire then says "I was gonna say 'embarrassing,' but yeah. Look at them now., they're the life of the party.", Mitchell then says "You know, I gotta say, for all his craziness, I love my clown", Claire then agrees with "me too" and then says "They're good for us. I would've totally tanked this party" Mitchell then says that he would've got his butt kicked at a gas station, Claire then asks for an explanation and he says "Turns out Fizbo is a real bad-ass.", but just as he says this, we hear Fizbo in the background scream "Scorpion! Scorpion! Scorpion!", Fizbo bursts through, knocking down everything that's in his way, as he escapes terrified. He shouts some more "Scorpion! Scorpion! Scorpion!" Fizbo turning into Cameron then starts to scream at a much higher pitch, Fizbo then runs into Phil, Phil then says "Too close, too close" being afraid of clowns, Phil then backs into Jay and Luke, Luke fires the crossbow by an accident and the crossbow goes into the bouncy castle, says "What the hell! Oh! Crap", Claire and Mitch then rush over to Jay and Luke, Claire tells Luke and Jay to calm down asks what happened and Luke says "We fired the crossbow", Claire tells them "No, I know", and then says "Oh, my God" realizing that the situation is dire, spotting the crossbow Claire tells everyone "It's right there", all of the kids are running about terrified and screaming whilst Claire is trying to let kids out, each kid escapes, Manny then sees this and says "Bianca, I'm coming", Manny gets onto the zipline and rides all the way to the bouncy castle, Manny is then "interviewed", where he says: "It turns out I'm not the sweet guy or the funny guy." and we come back to Manny swinging on the zipline and Gloria shouts to tell Manny not to go into the bouncy castle, Manny then shouts "I must!", and removes his shoes and shouts to Bianca saying "I'm coming!", we go back to Mannys' "interview" where he says "Manny Delgado is a man of action." we come back to Manny and he is pulling Bianca out, Bianca then says "Wait, my dog is still in there", Manny says "I'll be right back" and dives into the bouncy castle again to go and get Bianca's balloon dog, he holds it up and gives it to her. We see Claire and Phil run over to an in-pain Luke and Claire asks 'what happened?' Luke explains that he slipped on "these stupid beads", Claire and Phil attempt to pull their son up as Claire says "Oops" realizing that she is the one who left the beads there" after Cam as Fizbo knocked them down.

We then see Gloria arrive at the hospital with Manny, Gloria asks "How is he?", Claire says that he'll be fine, Phil then walks into their room with Luke, who has a cast around his arm, everyone then all talks at once, everyone then goes to crowd around Luke, and Luke says "Wow, everybody's here" Jay then says "Of course we are, how's that busted flipper?" Luke tells them his arm is fine, Phil then says he's sorry about his birthday party this year and that they'll try again next year, Luke then says "Are you kidding? This was the best birthday ever." Claire then asks what he mans by that and Luke explains that he got a cast from being injured and Claire asks "You like the cast?" Luke tells her that he's always wanted one after a few weeks they start to smell, Gloria then says "Eww" and Alex tells Luke "You are so weird, you know that?" Manny then asks Luke if he can sign it to which Luke is much obliged. Alex grabs the pen and says "Hey, me first" and Manny says OK, we cut to an "interview" with Phil and Claire and Phil says: "If you'd asked me before the party if I wanted there to be a chain reaction of disasters that led to Luke breaking his arm, I probably would've said no." Claire interrupts with "Probably?" Phil then stumbles on correcting himself "Prob- Definite- Definitely not. Would not want that.", "But, one way or another, Luke was the center of attention on his birthday, and the whole family was together, just the way it should be." we see everyone signing Lukes' cast over Phils' voice. We then see Fizbo appear with a cake with candles in it. Fizbo states "Fizbo delivery! I brought the cake!", we see Phil say "I can't do this! I'm out!!" we see him stumble and fall on his way out as he takes in deep breaths, but everyone else cheers "CAKE!".

The ending clips are of Mannys' "interview" where he says "Bianca Douglas called me three times tonight. I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm starting to feel smothered.", we then enter Lukes' "interview" where he says "I really like my cast, but it's starting to itch. Good thing my mom made me this personal scratcher. Oh, that's good stuff.", we then enter Haley's "interview" where she says "If another woman is messing with your man, you have to get proactive. I don't care how pretty she is or how many stupid reptiles she has. She tries to take what's mine, girlfriend's gonna get stung." we then see that the scorpion has actually found its way into Haley's bedroom, and we hear her scream after it drops onto the floor.

Main Cast

(The characters striked out do not appear in this episode)

  • Jay Pritchett
  • Gloria Pritchett
  • Manny Delgado
  • Claire Dunphy
  • Phil Dunphy
  • Haley Dunphy
  • Alex Dunphy
  • Luke Dunphy
  • Mitchell Pritchett
  • Cameron Tucker

Guest Starring


  • Eric Stonestreet won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in this episode.
  • The episode was inspired by the fact that Eric Stonestreet actually once performed as a clown; Fizbo was a nickname that his father gave him. Fizbo's clothing is Stonestreet's real clown clothes.
  • Nolan Gould considered this episode his favorite of the series.
  • This is the first episode to have Fizbo. Also, this is the first episode to have a character's birthday and a character injured (Luke in both cases).
  • The episode was viewed by 7.12 million households becoming the lowest rated of the series, low ratings some attribute to airing the night before Thanksgiving.
  • Phil is afraid of clowns. Also, Fizbo's first appearance.
  • This episode using a Framing Device.
  • In the Greek version of the show, there are some parts of the episode that change:
    • "Fizbo" in Greek is "Melenios".
    • In the original version, we see that offscreen, Haley finds the scorpion in her room and gives a scared shriek. In the Greek version, this doesn't happen to Danai (Haley), thus the scorpion scare is omitted.

Dylan is revealed to be allergic to mayonnaise in this episode.


  • Dylan's fifth appearance.

Cultural References