Frances is or was DeDe Pritchett's pet cat.

In "Arrested", DeDe tells her ex-husband Jay and his current wife Gloria that she recently discovered Frances buried in the backyard. DeDe prayed that she died first, to which then Gloria then tells her that she (DeDe) can maybe "dog-sit for the shoe-eater one day, to which DeDe replied that she is a funny looking thing when Jay told Stella to ignore Gloria and DeDe because he thought "she's beautiful".

Frances was last mentioned when DeDe tells Gloria that DeDe doesn't remember Jay changing a single diaper when their children Claire and Mitchell were babies, to which Jay replies that she can't even remember killing her cat to which DeDe replies that she didn't think she had done it, but she was sure that Jay never changed any diapers. This all led to DeDe doing things herself, like getting baby equipment. When Gloria heard this, she was sympathetic towards DeDe with the latter accepting the former's sympathy and Gloria now realising why DeDe became so crazy and to get angry at Jay, only for Jay to later explain that the reason he wasn't around was because he was working all the time.