Franklin Bernard "Frank" Dunphy is Phil Dunphy's father. He jokes a lot with his son and is first seen during a video chat in "Undeck the Halls". He has a dog, Scout, who he gets really close to while traveling.

In "Travels with Scout", Frank visits the Dunphys to give them the dog, and he seems upset because later on they find out that he really wanted to keep the dog. Claire ends up missing the dog too when he leaves.

According to Phil, in "The Day Alex Left for College", Frank used to work in a grocery store.

In "Frank's Wedding", he marries his second wife, Lorraine, who he met while on jury duty. In "Ringmaster Keifth", he almost decides not to propose after finding out that Phil didn't like him being with his (Phil's) former babysitter.


Frank is known to be kind, easy going, incredibly and endlessly goofy. He has always had a good relationship with his son, Phil. It may be the reason why Phil and Luke have a mostly great father and son relationship.

He can be emotional sometimes however as shown in several episodes which Phil can be at times as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions, a soft trait he has inherited from his father.



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