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Fulgencio Ramirez was the husband of Pilar, the father of Gloria Pritchett, Sonia and 2 unnamed males, the father-in-law of Jay Pritchett and ex-father-in-law of Javier Delgado, as well as the maternal grandfather of Manny Delgado and Joe Pritchett. He died at an unknown period before Season 4, most likely before the show began.

In "Fulgencio", Gloria and Pilar were looking through wedding pictures of Gloria's parents and he was described looking handsome when he was young. Meanwhile, Jay and Pilar clash about the naming of Jay and Gloria's son, Joe. Pilar is wanting to call him "Fulgencio Umberto Pritchett" (Fulgencio after her late husband and Umberto after her late father), but Jay disagrees and near the end, he is called "Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett", but Jay insists that they will never call him "Fulgencio", but "Joe".

In "A Tale of Three Cities" Gloria and Sonia realize that the reason Gloria has taken so much from Sonia is because Fulgencio liked Sonia better. It's then implied that Gloria fell in love with Jay because he's older and looks like her father and she was unconsciously looking for a replacement for the love she lacked from her father.


  • Sometimes Fulgencio's son-in-law, Jay is mistaken for him whenever he (Jay) and his (Fulgencio's) daughter Gloria are together.


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