Gideon is a boy who picks on Manny in their cooking class in "Fight or Flight".


Gideon is seen as being a kid who harasses Manny in their cooking class. The only bad thing we see him doing is punching Manny near his groin, which causes a boy and girl who are also students in the cooking class to laugh.

Gloria tells Jay to teach Manny to fight so he should stand up for himself.

He is finally seen physically walking behind Manny asking him if he 'wants a piece of this'. Manny ends up punching him twice in the nose and Manny has finally stood up fo himself. But it turns out that Gideon was offering Manny some apple crumble which Manny initially disbelieved, but Gideon tells him he was because he felt bad about teasing Manny and his therapist said he was acting out because of his parents' divorce and he was trying to be nice. Manny apologizes just as Jay shows up and congragulates Manny on his shot and Manny tells Jay that Gideon's parents are getting divorced and he made Manny the dessert as an apology. Jay confesses to Manny that the whole thing was Gloria's idea. The punching results in Manny being expelled from the cooking classes and the expulsion results in Jay and Manny realizing that Gloria is the bully in their life and they end up standing up to her when they get home.

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