Gunther Thorpe is Gil Thorpe's father, and also Jay Pritchett's rival. He is seen in "The Feud".

For whatever reason, he has the knack for showing up when Jay is at his absolute worst. Each time he berates Jay and calls him a wuss. At Luke's wrestling match, Jay and Phil tell him that no matter the result they will be proud of him and he should just have a good time. However, when Jay and Phil realize that Luke is wrestling Gil's son, they change their mind and tell him that he has to win, but Luke is only pinned in a few seconds. Later, when they go out to eat, Luke seems to be taking the loss really well until Gil's son begins choking. The adults interpret it as Luke attacking him, which resulted in a funny grabbing sequence, but he is actually saving his life. However, Luke later reveals that he really tried to attack him because he thought that he was mocking his wrestling with his choking sign.

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