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Haley Gwendolyn Marshall (née Dunphy) is the eldest child of Claire and Phil Dunphy, the sister of Alex and Luke, and the wife of Dylan Marshall and mother of their twins Poppy and George Marshall. Haley has worked multiple jobs since the series began and currently works as a style editor for the wacky Internet lifestyle brand NERP.


Before the show

Haley was conceived before her parents got married after a Duran Duran concert in the car ("Message Received"). Claire and Phil married while Claire was four months pregnant with Haley ("Moon Landing"). They eloped and told everyone that the pregnancy was a surprise. They also had to suspend their honeymoon to Hawaii because of the pregnancy ("Hawaii"). It is mentioned that Haley was very close to her parents when she was younger, but they grew apart once she hit adolescence ("Chirp"). Claire has stated that Haley used to hug Phil coming home from work ("See You Next Fall"), indicating that she was an affectionate child.


Haley is petite and pretty. She's of average height and very maverick. She is usually seen as stylishly-dressed with makeup and loose, styled hair. Her style evolves from a fashionable teen style to a more mature one through the seasons.


At the start of the series, Haley is portrayed as a ditzy, irresponsible, rebellious, unhelpful and carefree. She snuck out to parties or concerts, broke curfews and drank under-aged. One recurring theme with Haley is that she seems to inherit a lot of Claire's personality when Claire herself was in her rebellious teenage phase, with both even describing their mothers as "psycho control freaks" ("Earthquake"). Haley is portrayed as somewhat slow and ditzy, often needing some time to understand things which her sister, Alex, immediately gets, such as the time when Phil almost revealed that he and Claire got married while Claire was four months pregnant with Haley. Her lack of intelligence is a constant point of mockery and condescension for Alex and especially Claire, who is almost mean in her derision of her daughter's slow wit. It is also the catalyst of her surprising self-reproach as she is aware of how slow she can be and is heavily marred by her family's mockery and derision of her as a failure ("Party Crasher").

She is very popular in her high school and, as a stereotypical popular teen, she behaves carefreely and irresponsibly, especially in her academics. Haley is also very likeable, and, as a result of her sociable nature, she knows what she wants. She has many love interests throughout the series, the main ones being Andy Bailey and Dylan Marshall, the latter she later marries and has kids with. She is very wild, which she is aware of ("She Crazy"). Haley is shown to gradually mature throughout the series and begins to take responsibility for her actions, think seriously about her future, and take more care of her parents and siblings with bouts of unexpectedly revealing moments of wisdom and uncommon prescience ("Queer Eyes, Full Hearts", "Do Not Push"). Even so, she takes pleasure in using her shrewdness to occasionally take advantage of her parents and people around her for her benefit ("Suddenly, Last Summer"). She is also still pretty slow.

Haley developed a liking of drinking alcohol as an adult, she immediately drank all of a drink she was given with no hesitation before anyone else drank anything, however realizing it burned afterwards, which her family were surprised by ("Haley's 21st Birthday"), although she drank under-aged before, this was the first time she properly drank with her family and got deeper into alcohol, considering she was now of age to go deeper. Haley continued to show maturity, being helpful with Lily for Mitch and Cam, and being street smart as well as an independent adult who would do anything for her family and be there for them. When she discovers her pregnancy, she questions whether or not she would be a good mother, especially after seeing her boyfriend-turned husband, Dylan, excel in their prenatal classes ("Red Alert"). Her doubts escalate after the birth of her twins, Poppy and George Marshall, but she proves that she, too, is capable of maternal instincts when, upon hearing her babies crying, she dangerously climbs back into the Dunphy home after getting accidentally locked out ("New Kids On The Block").

Season Summaries

Season 1
Haley is described by Claire as being very much like her when she was a teenager, so she tries to make sure that Haley won't make the same mistakes. Haley starts dating Dylan (he gifted her a digital painting made out of a photograph of them laying down on a bed with himself half naked while she is fully clothed in "My Funky Valentine"). Claire is disappointed with Haley's choice of boyfriend, due to Dylan's low intelligence and manners. Phil is happy with Haley dating Dylan as he likes him but is wary of Dylan and Haley going too fast and tries to make sure nothing sexual happens. Claire keeps an eye on Haley's relationship, which Haley is continuously annoyed by, but usually ends up grateful for how protective she is. Haley can be slow to understand things mentally, and Claire believes she may be their dumbest kid (Phil once taught Haley how to use the TV remote to prove a point to Claire in "Fifteen Percent") Phil is highly protective of Haley but can sometimes be slow with keeping up with her, which makes it easy for Haley to manipulate him, however she rarely gets anything past Claire.

Haley gets her learners permit and learns how to drive from her parents, but she is a dangerous driver who doesn't learn from them so they get another instructor, she has a fear of failing her driver's test but she passes it. Haley and Alex are at odds sometimes. Alex tends to have the upper hand being able to manipulate and annoy Haley with her intelligence (once convincing Haley she would lose Dylan to a girl with tattoos in "Fizbo") but Haley also annoys Alex (falsely believing Alex read her journal, she defiled Alex's signed poster and Alex stated she would never forgive her in "Not in My House"). She has a better relationship with Luke as he never intentionally does anything to annoy her. Her step-uncle, Manny, develops a crush on her ("Great Expectations") which she finds gross and shuts down but also uses to her advantage at times.

Season 2
Dylan wins Haley back after performing a song outside her house on Valentine's Day. Haley tells her family that she does not want to go to college because she believes it's a waste of time. But she later explains to Alex that she's scared about leaving high school since she's barely passing the 11th grade.

Season 3
While vacationing with the family in Wyoming, Dylan proposes to Haley in front of her entire family. Claire immediately says no for her, causing tension in their relationship since Haley believes that her Mother won't let her make her own decisions. However, Haley reveals to her Mom that she was going to say "no" to Dylan's proposal anyway but wanted the choice to. Dylan ends up going missing, but he's later found after getting a job as a ranch hand. So they break up once again. She is afraid that she won't be accepted into a college, but she is wait-listed by a college at the end of "Election Day". After months of waiting and finally accepting that she won't be accepted into a college, she decides to move in with Dylan after she graduates. Luke confesses though that he hid her acceptance letter (along with a lot of other mail) because he doesn't want her to go. After finding out that she is, in fact, going to college, she and Dylan decide to go to prom.

Season 4
Haley finally goes to the college ("Schooled"). But is kicked out for underage drinking and (accidental) battery of a police officer. She then moves back in with her family and starts having to deal with the pressure from her parents to attend community college, go to work and get her life together in general before she is able to re-apply at the college next semester.

Season 5
Haley is back living with her parents and attending community college. In "Three Dinners" she is pressured by her parents who do not believe she has any future plans or aspirations, but she proves them wrong by revealing her interest in fashion photography, and the blog she is keeping to earn extra money. In "ISpy", her work is featured in a photography exhibition (one of only five in her class chosen) and one of her photographs is sold. In "A Fair to Remember", Haley encounters Andy for the first time. Although, initially, they don't completely hit it off; as the day continues, they seem to have developed a mutual liking for one another as evidenced by their playful banter and friendly teasing. As the season progresses, so too does Haley's feelings for Andy. In "Other People's Children," Haley steps in as a stand-in for Andy's girlfriend Beth for the video love letter he's making for her with Phil's help. Andy lifts Haley up and holds her in his arms and looks deep into her eyes as he recites how much he loves his girlfriend. The look on Haley's face confirms she is beginning to fall for the nice guy.

Later, Haley watches Andy lovingly as he and Phil reenact the movie "Gravity." She tells Alex, "It's weird. There's something about him." Alex replies, "Yeah, he's just like Dad." Despite this comparison grossing Haley out initially, she can't seem to stop the feelings she is developing for Andy. In "The Wedding (Part 1)", Haley agrees to drive Andy to the airport. When Andy's phone rings, he asks Haley to answer it because he doesn't want to put their lives at risk since he's driving. Haley reads a text that his flight has been delayed and also sees a text from Beth telling Andy that it's over. At the coffee shop, Haley confronts Andy about the text message and if he is sure about getting on that plane. Andy tells Haley that Beth just likes the drama and that Haley should drop the issue. In "The Wedding (Part 2)," Haley can't stop checking her phone due to concern about Andy. Alex confronts Haley about her feelings for Andy, which Haley denies. Alex finds the whole thing hilarious because Andy is not Haley's usual type.

Haley returns to the coffee shop and tells Andy he "deserves better" than Beth. After returning to the new wedding venue (Cam and Mitch's house), Haley keeps checking her phone for updates on Andy. She tells Alex she is going to invite Andy to hang out at the wedding. Alex warns Haley that she better know what she is doing. Alex tells her, "Here's the thing about nice, quiet dorks like Andy. You get over us much faster than we get over you." With Alex's warning fresh in her mind, Haley lies and tells Andy she was speaking generally when Andy calls her to ask if she meant anyone in particular when she said he deserved better. She tells Andy, "The hardest part is just figuring out what you want." Andy says that's what he thought and they say goodbye to each other disappointed. Unbeknownst to Haley, Andy pulls away in a taxi that was waiting right outside the house.

Season 6
Haley is still living in the basement of her parents' house. On her 21st birthday, her Dad buys her a brand new car. She gets a job working as the assistant to fashion designer, Gavin Sinclair after she and Andy help each other prepare for job interviews. In "The Cold", Andy and Haley share their first kiss, which visibly affects Haley. Despite kissing, Andy and Haley continue to be just friends. It's revealed throughout the season that they have been spending a lot of time together. They attend a carnival ("Closet? You'll Love It!") and a Radiohead concert ("American Skyper"), get cronuts together ("Connection Lost"), and even help each other prepare for job interviews that help them to secure job positions ("Queer Eyes, Full Hearts"); however, both secretly have stronger feelings than just friends for one another. When Haley visits Andy in the hospital before his appendectomy surgery and believing Andy is unconscious, Haley confesses he has a shot with her ("Closet? You'll Love It!").

A couple of weeks later, after Andy can't stop thinking about Haley, he decides to have the big talk with her about what she had told him in the hospital, but, unfortunately, she's now dating a doctor she met on that same day ("Grill, Interrupted"). Later, she tells Andy that she isn't looking for anything serious so Andy decides against telling her how he really feels. Without knowing how Haley really feels about him and due to Phil's encouragement to propose to Beth, after Andy told him he has a "serious connection" with another girl, Andy decides to propose to his girlfriend, Beth, in "American Skyper." Haley confides in her Dad about how she thinks Beth is after her because Beth thinks Haley is in love with Andy. Phil asks her if she is and Haley says "no" and then goes on to say that she cares about him, he makes her laugh, and she likes spending time with him.

Phil asks if she thinks about Andy when he is not around. She replies, "Sometimes I see something funny and I think, 'Oh, Andy would love that; I wish he were here so I could share it with him.'" Phil replies, "That sounds like love to me." With tears in her eyes, Haley says it doesn't matter anyway because he's in love with someone else. Andy knocks on the door and enters the room as Haley wipes her eyes. He has come to say goodbye. Haley and Andy hug, and Phil, who is watching them, realizes based on Andy's facial expressions that Haley is the girl Andy was talking about earlier. Phil tries to tell them that they love each other and that Andy is making a huge mistake by proposing to Beth, but they cannot hear him as the sound on his iPad has gone off. Andy leaves with Beth to head to the beach where he is planning to propose to her that day. Haley closes the front door behind them and stomps off upset and frustrated.

Season 7
In "Express Yourself", Haley is still living in the basement of her parents' house while working in fashion. She is no longer attending her two-year community college because she graduated after spending three years there. In "Summer Lovin", in May, Haley tries to stop Andy proposing to Beth, but Claire makes her consider if she's sure about what she's about to do. Andy proposes to Beth, and Haley watches, heartbroken. Two months later, a depressed Haley starts dating Dylan again, Andy accidentally overhears Phil and Claire talking about how Haley tried to stop the proposal. He becomes so distressed that he eats his feelings, gaining weight. Haley is made aware of this, who confronts him but he brushes it off and they continue their respective relationships. In "The More You Ignore Me", Haley and Dylan run into Andy and Beth at the movies, Andy has lost weight but things are awkward between Andy and Haley, however they all go out for burgers and beers together. Afterwards, Haley breaks up with Dylan in her car while driving back home.

In "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House", a couple of weeks later, Haley encounters Andy again in a house Phil's trying to sell. They almost kiss on the couch before they hear other intruders and hide. When everyone leaves and it's safe for them to come back out, they blame their almost kiss on the sexiness of the house. Once Haley exits the house, she immediately runs back in to give Andy a passionate kiss, which he willingly reciprocates. In "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer", it's revealed that Andy and Haley continued their affair, but no one is aware of it except from them. In "White Christmas", they are eventually caught by Haley's family due to Lily believing she heard a noise from a closet. Phil encourages Andy to break up with Beth if he wants Haley, or stop with Haley if he wants Beth. Andy and Beth break up, and he starts dating Haley. It's also revealed that Andy passed his real estate license test after Haley helped him cram.

In "The Storm", Andy tells Haley he wants to slow things down a bit between them in order for them to catch up emotionally to where they are physically so they don't burn out and wants to wait for the perfect moment so they can start their relationship right. Haley points out that they are in a perfect moment and they share a romantic kiss out in the storm. In "Express Yourself", Haley tells Andy, "I love normal Andy. Tomato-soup-and-grilled-cheese Andy. Still-in-bed-by-11:00 Andy. Uses-the-word-tummy Andy... I like the me I am when I'm with you.". In "Double Click", Andy's cousin Evan offers him his dream career as a real estate agent, but he'd have to relocate back to Utah. Phil and Haley tell Andy to take the job so he does. Haley and Andy decide to do a long-distance relationship. As they say goodbye to each other at the airport, Andy tells Haley he doesn't regret a single minute he spent with her and Haley tells Andy he is the first man she ever loved.

Season 8
In "A Stereotypical Day", Haley got fired from her job as an assistant fashion designer, and planned to hide it from her parents until she got a new job. But when Alex came home from college because she has infectious mononucleosis, she worked it out and told their parents after Haley lied that she would quit her job and nurse her sister back to health. In "Blindsided", Haley decided to stop looking for a job and becomes a Social Media Club Promoter. Phil was more accepting than Claire was, but later changes his mind and takes her to see Merv Schechter to apply to be his new assistant. This makes Haley annoyed so she gathers her team to promote the house Phil can't sell to make a point to him, a ton of people show up for it, and Phil finally sees her job is actually something. In "Weathering Heights", Haley meets Rainer Shine while doing her father's makeup for TV. Later, Phil and Claire open the door to find Rainer and Haley kissing. When Haley says Rainer said Phil gave him her number, he realizes that he unknowingly set them up. Phil accepts them and Haley continues dating him.

In "Thanksgiving Jamboree", when Rainer informs Phil and Claire that he and Haley have booked a trip to Cabo, Phil becomes passive aggressively mad at them that she's leaving her family to go on a trip with Rainer. He later confides in her that more of her life is happening away from him and "it's normal and good, but it's hard.". In "The Alliance", Haley begins to attempt to bond with Rainer's teenage daughter, April. However, it proves to be difficult as April already doesn't like Haley or think their relationship will last. After taking every single mean comment from April all day, she snaps and begins being tough on her, which works as April begins to do what she says. Haley then receives parenting praise from Claire. In "Do You Believe in Magic?", Haley goes drinking with her uncles and Sal, she sees Rainer with a woman. Mitch and Cam encourage her to confront him about it, and push her to stand up for herself. She confronts them and the woman says they're on a date, she breaks up with him, walks off and goes with Sal to trash Sal's exes' boat. Rainer explains to Mitch and Cam that he was pretending to be on a date with her to get her to take down a really bad looking photo of Haley, in which Cam described her look as "Bedhead, sneeze face, and UGG slippers?". Mitch and Cam inform Haley, she becomes mad at them for encouraging her to confront him and calls Rainer to apologize.

In "Do It Yourself", when Claire cooks a meal badly, replacing sugar with salt while not really watching the chef she's supposed to be following, Phil asks Haley to fix Claire's cooking. She can't do it, but she finds out that the person Claire watches cook was in town teaching lessons and takes her so he can tell Claire how bad her cooking is. When the chef informs her she's just a bad chef, Claire brings Haley to confirm her food is fine. Haley feels sorry for her and lies that it's good after Claire explains that she does so much away from her family that her cooking is the way she expresses her love for her family. As Claire continues cooking badly, Phil scolds Haley, telling her she had one job. In "Heavy is the Head", after lying to Rainer that she loves Game of Thrones, he invites her to Comic Con and she realizes she's in trouble and can't watch Game of Thrones in enough time. She sits with Manny, who informs her about everything she needs to know in the series. In "Finding Fizbo", Haley works out that Alex is in a secret relationship, and encourages her to be public with him because she deserves to be loved and not ashamed of the romantic, sexual side of her. Alex thanks her and finally informs her family she has a boyfriend but won't let them know who he is. It's also revealed that Haley once told Manny in confidence that she once got into a fight with a parrot, over a cracker.

In "Basketball", Haley and Mitch go out for tea and Haley attempts to inform her uncle of something Rainer asked her to do in the bedroom that she wasn't completely comfortable with, however, Rainer arrives and she manages to only get out one syllable. Cameron arrives and they try to figure out what she was going to say, Rainer finally leaves and Haley says that Rainer asks her to candle him. Cameron googles it and informs Mitch. Rainer comes back and sees the google search on Cam's phone, this prompts Haley and Rainer to talk about what they're comfortable with. They confide secrets and strengthen their relationship. In "Pig Moon Rising", Haley gets The Barnacle stuck on her car due to unpaid parking tickets, Mitch helps her move her car down the street so her parents don't see, he agrees, if she asks Cam to use his connections to get tickets to a concert but secretly give them to him. She agrees, but he dangerously discovers that Haley really shouldn't have her license. Haley asks Cameron for tickets, who makes a deal with her to give them only if she recreates a painting of Lily's that he accidentally destroyed. It falls apart because Cam misheard his friend and doesn't actually have the connection he thought he did. Later, the family's lies are exposed one by one, Manny gets sent a video of Haley and Mitchell moving her car, Claire scolds Haley for having many unpaid parking tickets, Lily see Haley's finger and realizes that Haley actually recreated her painting, Cam informs her he accidentally destroyed her original painting.

In "Five Minutes", at dinner, Rainer proposes to Haley, however when a storm begins to happen, Rainer is confused because it wasn't what he predicted on the weather news and questions what else he was off about today. He panics, and raises multiple questions: Where are they going to live? How would his daughter feel? Does Haley want kids with him? Is he able to have more children? Haley informs him that he is spinning and needs to think about it in smaller sections, they should take it 5 years at a time, but when he informs her that in 5 years he will be 50, she too panics about his age, which makes him spin again. She brings them back and says it's natural to freak out about making a lifetime commitment. However, when saying this, Haley panics and realizes she doesn't yet want to be committed to one person for the rest of her life. They try to take off her ring and Haley realizes she doesn't want to get married to him yet, she wants to continue just dating him, but he decides he's either getting married or not in a relationship. Leaving them to break up for good.

In "Alone Time", a newly single Haley bumps into Dylan who is now married with step-kids. Dylan insists on stopping by the Dunphy household, and a freaked out Haley introduces her family to Dylan's new family. She is visibly freaked out and panicked by the situation throughout the day hoping Dylan will get divorced and want her back. In "The Graduates", Haley and Alex help Phil cry it out about Luke's childhood and him leaving so he does not become a mess at his graduation the way he was a mess at both of theirs. However, this just fully brings out Phil's emotional dad side and he doesn't stop being emotional. When he gets to Luke's graduation, they actually have helped him because he cried so much and so hard at home, that he got it out and according to him it made him "dead inside". However, Haley, Claire, and Alex are instead the ones who become emotional. At night, the parents send off their kids with Luke driving his new $2,000 car. The parents cheers to their kids being independent and venturing out on their own, and ironically, Haley is the only kid who comes out of the house to ask to be refilled on her drink.

Season 9
In "The Long Goodbye", Luke and Haley are now working together at Jay's country club. Haley must choose between her job obligations to her brother, and the promise of a glamorous life being a wealthy woman's assistant. She takes the assistant job. However, it ends badly when the woman realizes Haley is hotter than her and fires her. Luke witnesses what happened, and gives her back her job. In "Catch of the Day", Haley has been losing her keys a lot lately and is made to sleep outside to stop her from being irresponsible. She breaks her phone while sleeping outside, realizes she can live without her phone and begins reading books, opens her eyes further to nature, and the success of her parents. She later makes enough to buy a new phone, and goes back to her old self. In "It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy", Haley auditions to be a dancing singer on a boat, but, it goes awry when the casting director shows her the tape back, and she recognizes she's a very out-of-sync dancer. In "Winner Winner Turkey Dinner", Haley helps her father out with filming and doing magic tricks, acting as his assistant. The entire family come out to watch his final trick as Haley warns them he could die. As things look like they are about to go awry, he impresses them by finishing it successfully.

In "In Your Head", Haley meets Arvin Fennerman in Alex's class. Later, he makes a speech telling her that the universe is telling him that they're going to get married and AirDrops her his number, however, she thinks it's dumb. She later goes for a job interview at NERP, and uses Arvin's speech to her when Nicole Rosemary Page rejects her. She hires her based on the speech. Haley leaves the building, and accepts Arvin's AirDrop of his number. In "Written in the Stars", Haley goes on a date with Arvin and he shows her the stars. He reveals that he made his first telescope when he was 10, which later makes Haley realize that he is too smart and good for her. She walks out of the date, making an excuse to use the toilet, but doesn't come back. He calls Alex later questioning where she might be, Alex mistakes this for his attraction to her. Haley eventually comes back to explain things as she felt bad for just leaving, he comforts her as they talk things out, and then kiss. Alex finally arrives, unfortunately for her, she sees Haley and Arvin kissing.

In "Wine Weekend", the family goes on a wine tasting trip and stays in Haley's new boss' country house where the only rule is: Don't touch the tiara. While she continously tries to be careful, she is the only one who end up messing with the tiara. She lets Manny investigate each family member, before secretly revealing she was wearing it while singing and dancing, and it dropped from her head and cracked. In "Royal Visit", Haley and Alex bring their respective partners home to meet Phil and Claire. They've noticed that Haley has become smarter while dating a professor, during the dinner they argue over who's the smarter partner in their own relationship. When Alex belittles her boyfriend due to his less intelligent nature, Haley warns Alex that she will lose him if she makes him feel dumb, as Arvin never makes her feel that way. In "CHiPs and Salsa", Haley attempts to get Gloria to sell her sauce to Nicole for NERP, Jay mistakes Gloria's speech trying to sell her sauce for her trying to get him to call off the deal. Haley questions them, and Gloria says she still wants to sell the sauce but Haley informs them that Nicole doesn't give out second chances. They go back, to realise Nicole is allergic to the sauce, although she herself is unaware so they still sell it to NERP.

In "Mother!", the Dunphys try to deliver different bad news to Claire, within the 1 hour window a month when she is in an exceptionally good mood, but they panic when they mess up the order they are supposed to go in. Haley was invited to the Met Ball by her boss, and Alex is going on a trip with her boyfriend, so they wanna miss Mother's Day with her. Phil and Luke accidentally flew their drone into a professional painting of Claire. In "The Escape", Haley prepares to meet Arvin's parents. Nicole tests new anxiety stickers on staff because she can't legally test on animals. Haley wears them to meet his parents. Things go wrong when Arvin paints a fake smart version of Haley, offending her. She leaves, and ends up in the hospital when she faints due to the chemicals in the stickers. Dylan, Andy, and Rainer arrive because they're all still listed as emergency contacts. Dylan and Andy force her to talk things out with Arvin. In "Clash of Swords", Haley encourages Manny to be less afraid of driving alone across the country on a trip. It doesn't work because he attempts to kidnap her to make her tag along with him, she rejects and warns Alex as he goes to convince her instead.

Season 10
In "I Love a Parade", Arvin and Haley say goodbye as he's going on a work trip. Haley reveals that Dylan told her that he's divorced and in nursing school while she was hospital. He unintentionally made her question her relationship with Arvin. She kisses him at his place of work, as she thinks Dylan still feels attraction. Although there isn't any for him, she walks away realizing that there is for her. In "Kiss and Tell", Haley's guilt about Dylan and the kiss she shared with him makes her confides in her uncles, but they aren't on the same page. Claire questions Mitchell and Cameron what Haley's issue is, but they don't. When four out of nine of the family vote to tell Arvin about the kiss. Haley calls him and he gets upset. Although she doesn't like him, Claire encourages her to talk to Dylan. Haley goes to tell Dylan the kiss was a mistake, but she finds that he was always in love with her and will continue making himself better to fight to be with her. At the end she states: "I guess we have to start with being honest with ourselves, and if I'm being honest: I love two people."

In "Torn Between Two Lovers", Haley now has two boyfriends, Arvin and Dylan. Phil and Claire each want to convince her to make the right choice. In the end, Haley breaks up with Arvin and gets back with Dylan, as he sees a future with him. In "Good Grief", Haley's grandmother, DeDe Pritchett, dies and the family cope with grief differently. Haley eats her feelings and the family finally find out that DeDe had an eventful but dangerous day before peacefully dying in her sleep. In "Did the Chicken Cross the Road?", Haley and Dylan have fun at bumper cars until Dylan's stupidity sends Haley to the hospital with a piece of lipstick up her nose. Although she is not injured, due to test and scans, they find out she's pregnant. In "Kids These Days", Haley and Dylan try to figure out what to do about their newly-discovered pregnancy. Dylan remains nonchalant, while Haley panics. He attempts to propose, but Haley quickly shuts him down. Haley discovers she's late for work and leaves, telling Dylan to give her space. Haley is unexpectedly given a promotion. Later, Claire and Haley begin to discuss Phil, and how he was a mess before stepping up and acting responsible once they became parents. Haley realizes Dylan is the same, and confronts him to express her fear of being a mom, but is happy to go through it with him by her side.

In "Putting Down Roots", Alex, Luke, and Haley all observe what they were left from DeDe-a chest of toys from when they were children. Haley discovers her old doll, which she gets emotional due to her pregnancy. Haley is disheartened when she mangles the doll due to her irresponsibility. Alex and Luke get into a fight, which Haley breaks up. Alex later questions Haley's odd behavior, who then tells Alex the truth: she's pregnant. Luke overhears, and they comfort her. In "Stuck in a Moment", while Haley and Dylan plan on how to tell Claire and the rest of the family about their baby, Alex is extremely stressed about keeping it a secret. Claire is in a stressed mood, preventing Haley and Dylan from sharing their news. Haley and Dylan try to reveal it in the form of Dylan coming down the chimney as Santa. However, Dylan gets stuck. Haley, knowing there is no perfect moment, blurts it out to the family. The family is shocked at first, especially Claire, who together with Phil, wonder if everything will work out alright. In "A Moving Day", Haley and Dylan move out of the Dunphy house with the help of Phil and Claire. Phil remains optimistic about his upcoming grandchild, but, Claire is less than thrilled. Claire is horrified at the size, and how much renovations are needed of their new home. She scolds Haley, who insists she is more grown-up than Claire believes. Haley later discovers she is having twins at her scan and panics, but is calmed by Claire, who apologizes.

In "Blasts from the Past", Phil and Claire are cycling in their living room, Haley and Dylan interrupt them, by revealing they are moving in that day. Not only that, but Dylan's mother, Farrah, has come over for a visit. In "SuperShowerBabyBowl", Claire throws Haley a baby shower, however Haley is stressed by how she looks due to her pregnancy symptoms, Alex tries to fix this by inviting a friend more pregnant than her, but the friend just looks more radiant. Claire and Dylan finally bond due to him running away believing the family don't care about him. In "Red Alert", Haley fails at parenting classes, while Dylan exceeds. She attends with Phil, who realizes she is bad. When she tries to help Lily out as she gets her first period, her fears increase as she doesn't help. Dylan comforts her that when the babies arrive her instincts will kick in. Phil comes home after work stressed out, Haley looks after him and swaddles him, he praises her that she's getting good at parenting. In "The Wild", Claire attempts to build two joining cribs for Haley's twins, but fails realizing her weakness is visualization of space and scale. Haley finds that the symptoms of her pregnancy are including her eating junk food a lot and becoming unrecognizable to her face scan at her work. Haley and the girls of the family help Carl, a pizza delivery man, deliver 10 pizzas on time when the crib crashes into his leg.

In "Can't Elope", Haley has braxton hicks, they leave the hospital and she proposes and Dylan accepts. Dylan and Haley come back home and tell Alex and Claire that they're going to elope without the family there, except Alex. Alex is excited but Claire is upset about not being invited. Due to guilt, Haley invites her parents too. Luke arrives and finds out, Dylan tells his parents and Haley has to invite Luke and the Marshalls too. Later, each member of the family find out from Claire and the wedding guest size gets out of hand, annoying Haley. Claire sees the mess her family makes and drags Haley into the kitchen, telling her to leave and get eloped because she sees she's stressing her out. At night, Haley wakes Phil and Claire up, she hasn't got married yet, she pulls them down to the kitchen to witness her get married. Phil acts as the minister, Claire, Haley, Luke, Farrah, and Frank are witnesses. In "Commencement", when Alex wants to miss graduation from CalTech, she spirals about leaving college not knowing what to do for her future, Luke and Haley comfort her and she attends. In "A Year of Birthdays", it's revealed Mitchell and Cameron were actually the first to find out about the pregnancy. Haley's waters break and she gives birth in the hospital and Mitchell and Cameron come full circle presenting the twins the same way Cam did with Lily in the very first episode.

Season 11
In "New Kids On The Block", life is hectic around the Dunphy household as the family adjust to the 'new normal' following the arrival of Haley and Dylan's twins, Poppy and George (Haley loves poppy seeds while George came out looking curious... like Boy George). Everyone around the house is exhausted as the twins can't sleep and perpetually cry. Phil and Claire try to persuade Haley to stop following parenting books and learn from their experiences, but she's stubborn. Claire feeds them formula and tries to calm them down, to Haley's annoyance. The trio lock themselves out, Haley complains she has no motherly instincts and can't do anything, but then climbs to the roof and enters a window to finally calms her twins. In "Perfect Pairs", Haley's parents and siblings fake looking after the twins to fulfill their own issues, Haley finds out and lectures them. In "Pool Party", Claire tries to show her daughters that she can be both a mom and a businesswoman, things go awry with an error at her own work. One of Claire's staff complains that she should have just stayed home with her babies as the company almost crashes, which panics Haley. Claire pulls things back together, showing Haley things can be done. In "A Game of Chicken", Gloria tries to secretly get the twins baptized. Haley finds out and refuses, Jay arrives and makes Gloria, Haley and Dylan talk it out, Haley decides that they can get baptized, just not right now. Gloria apologizes for not asking them.

In "The Last Thanksgiving", Haley attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a thank you for Claire and Phil's support with the twins. Alex and Luke try to help, and end up calling Alex's new boyfriend who is a chef. However, Alex gets annoyed and he lectures her, Phil becomes defensive and injures him. The siblings end up finishing the meal themselves with the help of the chefs previous directions. In "The Last Christmas", The family have dinner together for Christmas, Haley is excited to be finally be drinking wine again, while Dylan's Christmas present to her is a night off from mommy duties. Haley tries to help Mitchell figure out what Cameron's secret is, at dinner Haley reveals that she has told NERP she would be open to working in Paris, and take Dylan and the twins there. Most of the family state that next Christmas they could all be apart as they have different plans in life. The family become a little sad they most likely won't be together again for a few Christmasses. In "Spuds", Haley and Dylan fall asleep in front of a Lullaby on TV, as Haley falls asleep she changes the channel accidentally, they wake-up to see their twins watching a gore film. The two worry about the effect this has had on Poppy and George, especially as the babies now start crushing insects and laughing at people getting hurt. So, Phil and Claire decide to take them to Spuds, a restaurant she and Mitchell liked when they were kids. They meet Cameron and Mitchell there, supervising Lily on a date. Phil, Claire, Mitchell and Cameron stress that Haley and Dylan need to let the twins get messed up a little so it toughens them up for adulthood.

In "Baby Steps", Alex is sent to a recruitment fair at CalTech since she's a successful graduate, and Haley tags along hoping to sell the NERP brand while there. In "I'm Going To Miss This", Haley, Luke and Alex decide to throw a party at the Dunphy house when Claire and Phil leave for a trip, things go awry and when Phil and Claire come back they ask for help getting out of trouble. Phil fixes the Haley's issue while Claire fixes Alex's issue. In the "Finale", Phil and Claire make the kids decide which one needs to move out because Phil and Claire can no longer sleep in their own bedroom and have been sleeping in an RV in the front garden. Later, the kids each find reasons to move out, and they all end up leaving, leaving Phil and Claire with an empty nest as Haley and Dylan own their own home, Luke moves to Oregon for university and Alex's boss is moving her to Switzerland. The Dunphy siblings have a heart to heart before leaving. The entire family get together at the Dunphy household and take a picture before Haley, Luke, Alex, Dylan, Mitchell, Cameron, Lily, and Manny separate from the rest of the family.




Haley and Alex.JPG

Alex is Haley's younger sister, she also happens to be her polar opposite. While Alex is smart, quick-witted, and geeky, Haley is popular, outgoing and shallow. At the beginning of the series, Haley and Alex had a much more strained relationship with Alex always trying to stand apart from her sister and Haley constantly mocking Alex on her life choices, such as clothing, homework, boys, and Alex would return the mocking. As the series have progressed the two girls have grown closer as Alex asked Haley about advice and Haley asked Alex about advices


Haley and Luke are happy.jpg

Luke is Haley's younger brother, Haley and Luke don't have as many fights as she does with Alex. In fact, Haley rarely interacts with although she does call him names sometimes. Even though they sometimes tease each other, Luke and Haley have a good sibling relationship and they love each other. At his graduation, she was proud of his achievement and reflected on fond memories of him until this point. they have a sibling bond relationship


Haley and Claire.jpg

Claire is Haley's Mom, Claire makes sure that her daughter does not, in her words, "wake up on a beach in Florida half-naked". Claire tries to keep her daughter safe and protected. Although she doesn't do this with Alex as Alex is smarter than her family and knows what not to do. Claire and Haley had a very close relationship as Haley grew up, but when she became a teenager Claire and Haley grew apart and Haley became like her Mom, which is something that Claire fears, although they did grow apart they prove each time that they still have a very strong loving relationship.


Phil and Haley.

Phil is Haley's Dad and makes sure that he tries to keep his daughter safe and protected, but usually, he fails in the process, sometimes humiliating her. Phil tries his best to keep up with her, although gets scared he's going to lose her to boys. Phil has tried multiple times to keep Haley's virginity safeguarded although he failed, evidently. Haley and her father Phil love each other deeply.

Virgin Territory
Phil finds out that Haley has lost her virginity, which bothers him, realizing his 'little girl' has grown up. Haley later comforts Phil, telling him she'll always be his girl, she just isn't little anymore, and she'll always need him. It is implied later that her first time is with Dylan.


Jay is Haley's Grandpa, Jay doesn't have a lot of interaction with her, but they seem to have a great friendship.

Great Expectations
Haley would rather go to a party than stay the whole night with her grandpa while they do a thing called 'Jay's Night', where all the kids in the family stay over at Jay and Gloria's house, eat Jay's Sloppy Jays and watch a western movie. Jay finds out that Haley wants to go to a party but restricts her from going. He takes her shoes to stop her from walking outside and he makes her stay there. Gloria convinces him to let her go and he does. Haley then thanks her Grandpa and Jay tells her that he will track her down and Haley tells Jay that she knows he will.



Mitch is Haley's uncle. They seem to have a great friendship. Mitch was invited to celebrate Haley’s 21st birthday party at a bar (“Haley's 21st Birthday”) and he and Gloria were going to go out with Haley to some late-night clubs before they both got too tired and couldn’t go (“Knock 'Em Down”). Haley even feels comfortable enough discussing her love life with her uncle Mitch (“Connection Lost”). They regularly meets up for tea and talks gossip and how it's going. and every year they go out to have a tea. as Haley Vents To Mitch about her.

Connection Lost
Claire wants Mitch to tell her who Haley has been recently dating since Haley usually goes to him to talk about boys. Mitch tells Claire, “There was one boy that she thought she might like, but she was weirdly secretive about him.” Based on past episodes, it’s pretty obvious that Haley was talking about Andy to an oblivious Mitch.


Cam is Haley's Uncle . they both have great relationship . as Haley likes to ask Cam for advice and they both have fun together.



Gloria is Haley's Step-Grandmother ... they both have a lot in common... they both love fashion and makeup. and have boys flaunt all over them .. they go to hair salons,and do some nails done and even went to the mall Gloria is very helpful with Haley as she baptized Haley's twins kids at Season 11 of Modern Family. and helped haley with her spanish. and Haley invites Gloria along with her Uncle Mitchell go clubbing at Season 6 in Modern Family..

Joe Pritchett

Joe is Haley's half step-uncle.

Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Main = Lily is Haley's Adoptive cousin from Vietnam. Haley used to babysit Lily when she was little


Main=Manny Is Haley's Step Uncle. he has had a huge crush on Haley. as Haley was annoyed about but they are good friends and have a familial relationship.

Love Interests

Haley has a few boyfriends from Season 1-7; however, two of her boyfriends stand out from the others: Dylan and Andy. Dylan was Haley's high school boyfriend and they've had an on and off (currently married) relationship throughout the series. Haley's relationship with Andy was more of a "will they or won't they" type thing until they finally got together in Season 7. Haley told Andy that he is the first man she ever loved ("Double Click"). Information about her love interests is listed below.

Dylan Marshall


Dylan is Haley's on-and-off boyfriend and the new newlywed husband & father of the twins - Poppy & George Marshall. He is featured frequently throughout the series, especially in the first season where he is introduced as Haley's first real boyfriend. He still maintains a close relationship with Phil, though Claire is not very fond of him.

Dude Ranch
Dylan goes with the family to a ranch in Wyoming. After Haley (and Claire) rejects Dylan's marriage proposal, he runs away and subsequently gets a job at the ranch.
Dylan and Haley get back together after she sees Dylan in Disneyland, working as one of the Dapper Dans. Post-Disneyland Dylan worked as a limo driver, during which time he has contact with Haley. Although they don't seem exclusive, he seems to be the only consistent guy who Haley dates back then.
Virgin Territory
It is implied that Haley's first time is with Dylan. This is then confirmed by Claire, her mother, who knew about it but kept it a secret from her husband, Haley's father, who doesn't want his little girl growing up, Claire was trying to spare his pain. Claire then tells Phil and Phil tells her to thank you for not telling, him until now.

Summer Lovin'
Haley begins dating Dylan again because she is heartbroken over Andy proposing to Beth.
The More You Ignore Me
Haley breaks up with Dylan in her car after attending a movie and going out to dinner with Andy and Beth. Haley says she feels like everyone in the world is moving forward and they are moving backward. Dylan exits the car upset.

A Game of Chicken
Haley & Dylan Marshall are now for the 1st Time are both getting suspicious about the twins' baptism with the Spanish priest & The Pritchetts are made mixed judgments and overheard about the God and they Don't Believe in it and the end of the show, Haley & Dylan Marshall Wants The Whole Family to come to church this Sunday, November 10, 2019, to have their baptism for The Full Marshall Family and make them change their terrible & awful ways in the past & present and by November 20, They're All in either Saints & Sinners...



Ethan is a boy Claire invites to go to Disneyland in "Disneyland" with the family because she wants Haley to fall for him and completely get over Dylan, who had moved to Wyoming in "Dude Ranch". Haley, adamant that she wasn't going to babysit him, quickly changes her opinion after meeting him, much to Claire's delight. But then much to Claire's chagrin, Dylan shows up at Disneyland completely unannounced. Claire tries to get Haley not to see or notice him but fails. He rushes off after running into them, and Haley realizes that she still likes Dylan. So she ditches Ethan, leaving Alex with Ethan, another thing that Claire did not like. After seeing Dylan as a 'Dapper Dan', Haley ditches Dylan and begins talking to Ethan again, bumping Alex out the way. After some time, Dylan meets up with Ethan and Haley again in his Little John costume declaring his love for Haley. Ethan and Dylan get into a minor scuffle. At the end of the day, Haley eventually dumps Ethan, Ethan leaves with someone he ran into, and Haley and Dylan get back together.

Trivia: Ethan is played by Haley's portrayer's (Sarah Hyland) ex-boyfriend, Matt Prokop.


Vincent, though we never see him, is mentioned in Season 6. He is apparently an ex-con who works at a florist shop. She intentionally did not tell her parents about him because she knew they wouldn't approve of her dating an ex-con.



Kenny is a temporary love interest seen in Season 4’s "Party Crasher" whom Haley met at work where he designs jeans for their boutique. Kenny lives a bohemian lifestyle and sports a ponytail and a bushy beard. Claire soon realizes that Haley is dating the older and disgusting Kenny just to get back at Phil (something she is guilty of herself when she was younger) and warns Phil not to do anything to make it go away. Phil, however at the last minute was not able to resist and tries to go after them, saying no guy on earth is good enough for her "little girl". Witnessing this, Haley hugs Phil and subsequently dumps Kenny.



Scott is a temporary love interest seen in Season 5's "Other People's Children." Haley waits all day for him to come to pick her up for their lunch date. He shows up hours later in his car outside Haley's house. His excuse for being late is that he fell asleep. He tells Haley, "You were the first or second person I texted after I woke up." Haley replies that he should have been rested enough then to come to the front door. Haley tells Scott off by repeating comments Andy made earlier that day. She says, "I would rather wait for someone who would walk through a blizzard for me and who only honks to support the troops." She storms back into her house instead of going on her lunch date with Scott.



Chase is a temporary love interest seen in Season 6's "Closet? You'll Love It!." He doesn't seem like the brightest person in the world. Haley attends a carnival with him and Andy. Haley seems to be enjoying her time at the carnival with Andy more than she is with Chase. Chase seems to be the third wheel, not understanding Haley and Andy's jokes and a shared sense of humor. Chase works at the Sunglass Hut so he picked out the new sunglasses Haley is wearing that day. When Chase's manager calls him, Chase says he can't wait until the Fall when his manager is off to college. Chase leaves to take the phone call and when he returns he has a foam finger with him. He asks Haley to help him find his keys but then realizes his keys are in his jacket that he is no longer wearing.



Will is a temporary love interest seen in Season 6's "Grill, Interrupted." He is a doctor who Haley met the same day she went to visit Andy in the hospital for his appendectomy surgery. Will asks Andy to help him write a card for Haley and Andy agrees. Later, when Andy reads the card to Haley, Haley is disappointed that her boyfriend seems so into her. Will also got Haley a present, a gold heart necklace. Haley tells Andy she just wanted something fun; she wasn't looking for anything serious.



Andy is Joe Pritchett's former manny (male nanny), Phil's former real estate assistant and Haley's boyfriend. Andy and Haley have had a "will they or won't they" relationship ever since Andy was first introduced in Season 5. They finally started dating in Season 7.

Season 5=A Fair to Remember
Haley encounters Andy for the first time. She has come over to her grandfather's house to drink his beer and sunbathe by his pool. She lies to Andy claiming she is Alex, but Andy instantly sees through it when she confuses him being a manny with him claiming to be her Uncle Manny. Andy warns Haley he is going to call Mr. and Mrs. P to tell them where the two missing beers went. He even tries to get proof by taking a picture of Haley out by the pool, drinking one of the beers. Haley calls him a "perv" and Andy tries to get the beer out of Haley's hand, which causes her to drop it. Shards of glass fall into the pool and Andy is forced to go in to retrieve them since Haley refuses to do so. Haley teases Andy about the existence of his U.S. Coast Guard girlfriend. Andy insists she is not imaginary and says it has not been a pleasure meeting Haley. However, when Andy cuts himself on glass he is getting out of the pool, Haley holds his finger to put some pressure on it. Haley asks him why he is a manny anyway, to which he replies that he likes kids and he's saving up for college. Later that night, unbeknownst to each other, Haley calls Gloria to confess she had a couple of beers by the pool and broke one of them, and Andy lies to Jay, saying he had a sip of beer by the pool after Joe went to sleep and a bottle broke. Andy lied in order to take the blame for Haley and protect her from getting into trouble. However, Jay doesn't care because when his kids were small he used to drink beers after they went to sleep.
Other People's Children
Phil offers to help Andy make a video love letter as an anniversary present for Andy's girlfriend Beth, who Andy says he barely ever gets to see. Andy accepts enthusiastically. While the two are making the video at the Dunphy house, Haley waits for her lunch date who is running a few hours late. Andy says her date's behavior is so rude and that a real man would be more considerate of her time. She mockingly counters with, "That's why every year People magazine names the most considerate man alive." Andy tells her to make fun of him all she wants, but when she grows up, she'll find out what qualities make up a real man. Phil then shows up to apply make-up to Andy's face. Later, Haley steps in as the stand-in for Beth. Andy lifts Haley up and holds her in his arms and looks deep into her eyes as he recites how much he loves his girlfriend. The look on Haley's face confirms she is beginning to fall for the nice guy. When Haley's rude and inconsiderate lunch date finally arrives, Haley tells him off by repeating comments Andy made earlier that day. She yells at him that she would rather wait for someone who would walk through a blizzard for her and who only honks to support the troops. Later, Haley watches Andy lovingly as he and Phil re-enact the movie "Gravity." She tells Alex that there is something about Andy and Alex says he is just like dad, which then grosses Haley out.
The Wedding (Part 1)
Haley agrees to drive Andy to the airport. He is planning to go to Utah to visit Beth. As they drive, Andy tells Haley that she is funny, pretty, and smart in an original way so why shouldn't a guy feel lucky to love her. Although she pretends to shrug them off, Haley is secretly flattered and touched by his sincere compliments. When Andy's phone rings, he asks her to answer it because he doesn't want to put their lives at risk since he's driving. Haley reads a text that his flight has been delayed and also sees a text from Beth telling Andy that it's over. Andy says he'll wait for a taxi to pick him up at a coffee shop and Haley tells him she'll grab a coffee with him. As they sit in the coffee shop, Haley takes a picture of Andy and Andy compliments her by saying that it is honestly the best picture anyone has ever taken of him. Andy asks if he can send the picture to Beth and Haley decides to breach the subject of the text message she read and whether or not Andy is sure about getting on that plane. Andy tells her that Beth does this from time to time because she just likes the drama. Andy doesn't want to discuss it anymore and gives Haley the keys to his car. Haley leaves.
The Wedding (Part 2)
Haley can't stop checking her phone due to concern about Andy. Alex confronts Haley about her feelings for Andy, which Haley denies. Alex finds the whole thing hilarious because Andy is not Haley's usual type. When Haley returns to the coffee shop to talk to Andy. His flight has been delayed again and the wedding has been moved due to a fire. Andy flirts by saying the fire explains Haley's "smokin'" dress. Haley then invites Andy to hang out at the wedding since he's just sitting around. He replies that he isn't dressed for it, but, if he was with her, nobody would even notice him. Haley tells Andy that he "deserves better" than Beth before she heads back to the wedding. At the new wedding venue (Cam and Mitch's house), Haley keeps checking her phone for updates on Andy. She tells Alex she is going to invite Andy to hang out at the wedding since his flight has been delayed again. Alex warns Haley that she better know what she is doing. Alex says, “Here's the thing about nice, quiet dorks like Andy. You get over us much faster than we get over you.” With Alex's warning fresh in her mind, Haley lies and tells Andy she was speaking generally when Andy calls her to ask if she meant anyone in particular when she said he deserved better. She tells Andy, "The hardest part is just figuring out what you want." Andy says that's what he thought and they say goodbye to each other disappointed. Unbeknownst to Haley, Andy pulls away in a taxi that he was waiting in right outside the house.

The Cold
Haley and Andy talk about what happened between them the day of the wedding. They both agree that they are better off as friends. Andy says it would have been a disaster if they had kissed and that the kiss would have affected Haley more than him. Haley seems offended so Andy clarifies by saying that kissing her would have rocked his world since she is so pretty and out of his league, but he still insists that it would have hit her harder. Haley tries to prove Andy wrong by planting a kiss on him in the disguise of a hug. However, it seems Andy is proven right as Haley appears to have been extremely affected by the kiss.
Queer Eyes, Full Hearts
Andy and Haley help each other prepare for job interviews. When Claire wants to know why Haley is spending so much time with Andy, Haley lies and tells her that she and Andy are having sex. Haley thought that lie would be the quickest way to get her Mom off her back. Andy interviews with Phil who hires him as his real estate assistant. Claire confronts Andy about what Haley told her about them sleeping together, but Andy assures her that nothing inappropriate is happening between him and her daughter and that they have only been helping each other get ready for job interviews. Andy tells Phil and Claire that Haley is interviewing with fashion designer Gavin Sinclair as they speak. When Haley comes home and tells them she got the job working as Gavin Sinclair's assistant, Andy hugs her and tells her he never doubted her. Haley tells them that after she was turned away initially, she went to her car and cried, but then she thought about how brave Andy was talking to her dad so she went back in there. Phil points out to Claire again that "sometimes a boy can be a good distraction." Claire agrees by saying, "Yeah, he might be exactly what she needs right now. And, I don't know about you, but I'm sensing a little heat over there." Haley and Andy break their hug and Andy tells Haley's parents that he can finally start to save up and get Beth an engagement ring. Phil and Claire are surprised and disappointed that Haley and Andy are really not together.
Connection Lost
Haley's family comes to the false conclusion that Haley has married Andy in Vegas because she is pregnant with his baby. In reality, Andy and Haley had gotten Cronuts (doughnut + croissant) together and Andy posted a picture of the two of them on Facebook enjoying the dessert and smiling happily at one another. Haley had forgotten her phone in Andy's car, Andy then drove to a friend's wedding in Vegas. But since her phone has a tracker, they thought she was with him.
Closet? You'll Love It!
Andy and Haley attend a carnival together with Haley's new boyfriend. Beth texted Andy saying she couldn't make it because she was too tired from Coast Guard training. Andy tries to win Beth a stuffed penguin and Haley tells him if he really wants to impress her he should try for the big stuffed elephant instead. Andy says the penguin is just as good. Haley seems to be enjoying this time with Andy more than she is with her boyfriend. The boyfriend seems to be the third wheel, not understanding Haley and Andy's jokes and a shared sense of humor. Andy keeps having sharp pains in his abdomen, which Haley teases is from him stuffing his face with all the fried food he's eaten that day. However, Andy ends up in the hospital later with appendicitis. Haley rushes to the hospital to be with him before his surgery because she doesn't want him to be scared and alone. When she thinks Andy is unconscious, she tells him, "If I'm your elephant, you have a shot." Beth then arrives and Haley leaves hurt. Andy opens his eyes and watches as Haley exits.
Grill, Interrupted
Andy says he tried to go on with Beth but hasn't been able to stop thinking about Haley. He says he is going to have the big talk with Haley when he sees her. However, when Haley arrives at her grandfather's house, she now has a new doctor boyfriend whom she met the same day she visited Andy in the hospital. Andy tries to talk to Haley a couple of times about what she said, but every time they are interrupted by Haley's new boyfriend. Haley's boyfriend asks Andy if he will help him write a card for Haley and Andy agrees. Andy tells him to write what he feels and, unbeknownst to Haley's boyfriend, Andy recites his own feelings for Haley. Later, when Haley is about to leave, she asks Andy to read her the card because her boyfriend "writes like a doctor." Despite his reluctance, Andy reads the card. The card reads: "Dear Haley, I know how eyes work, but I never knew how they sparkled until I met you. I know how hearts work, but I never knew they could sing until I met you." Not realizing Andy wrote the words in the card, Haley criticizes it because she's disappointed that her boyfriend seems so into her. She just wanted something fun; she wasn't looking for anything serious. Andy is disappointed that Haley feels that way about relationships so he replies that it's good that she figured out what she wants before anyone got hurt. She thanks Andy and kisses him on the cheek in farewell. Andy, looking crestfallen, watches Haley walk out the door.
American Skyper
Beth is visiting Andy and she is acting passive-aggressive towards Haley because she seems jealous of Haley's relationship with Andy. She even sets Haley's hair on fire at one point during the day. Andy tells Haley that Beth is very concerned about her, asking him where Haley works, where she goes at night, and whether she hikes alone. Later, Andy confides in Phil about how Beth has been sending him signals to propose, but that he is conflicted because there is another girl whom he has a serious connection with, he just doesn't know how she feels. Phil advises Andy to propose to Beth if he truly loves her. Haley confides in her dad about how she thinks Beth is after her because Beth thinks Haley is in love with Andy. Phil asks her if she is and Haley says "no" and then goes on to say that she cares about him, he makes her laugh, and she likes spending time with him. Phil asks if she thinks about Andy when he is not around. She replies, "Sometimes I see something funny and I think, 'Oh, Andy would love that; I wish he were here so I could share it with him.'" Phil replies, "That sounds like love to me." With tears in her eyes, Haley says it doesn't matter anyway because he's in love with someone else. Andy knocks on the door and enters the room as Haley wipes her eyes. He has come to say goodbye. Haley and Andy hug, and Phil, who is watching them, realizes based on Andy's facial expressions that Haley is the girl Andy was talking about earlier. Phil tries to tell them that they love each other and that Andy is making a huge mistake by proposing to Beth, but they cannot hear him as the sound on his iPad has gone off. Andy leaves with Beth to head to the beach where he is planning to propose to her that day. Haley closes the front door behind them and stomps off upset and frustrated.

Summer Lovin'
Phil is on the phone with Cam. He tells Cam he wants to talk to Haley and that his message is urgent. Cam throws his phone to Claire who puts it on speakerphone for Haley and the whole family to hear the message. Phil reveals that Andy is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Beth. Everyone thinks this is cute until Phil tells them to stop thinking that it's cute because Haley and Andy love each other but don't know it. When Haley asks Phil why he thinks Andy is in love with her, he tells her that he saw it in the way that Andy hugged her goodbye; he knows what the look of love in another man's eyes looks like. Since Haley knows what beach Andy likes, she races to the beach to stop Andy from proposing to Beth. However, this plan goes awry when Claire stops Haley to ask her if she is sure about what she is about to do and whether Andy will be a short-term thing or a long-term relationship. Haley says she doesn't know and asks shouldn't they get the chance to see what they are. Haley then turns back around to see Andy down on one knee proposing to Beth; before Haley can stop them or even walk up to them, Beth says yes. Haley then realizes that their fate has been decided for them. A couple of months later, we see a depressed Haley who seems to have been crying quite a lot since the incident. Phil plans on stopping Claire and Haley's pity party and ends up taking the Dunphy family (excluding Alex Dunphy) out to the movies. Phil sees Dylan and calls him over, which results in the reconciliation of Haley and Dylan's on-and-off relationship. A couple of months later, we see Andy visit the Dunphys with some completed paperwork for Phil. Haley walks into the kitchen to see Andy. Andy and Haley then have an awkward encounter; they are now both in relationships. Dylan then greets Andy as "Haley's boyfriend" letting him know they're back together. After Andy leaves, Phil and Claire discuss how Haley rushed to the beach to stop Andy's proposal as she had feelings for him. Andy accidentally overhears them when he comes back to return Phil's pen. Andy says he's fine and then questions aloud how crazy life is because he had feelings for Haley and, at the same time, Haley had feelings for him and he had no clue. Andy then grabs a cupcake that he had declined earlier and shoves it into his mouth and grabs a second one as he walks out of the kitchen, eating his feelings. In September, an overweight Andy attends a Pritchett-Dunphy family get together. Haley overhears her Mom and Dad discussing how Andy found out that Haley tried to stop his proposal and it is the reason Andy got fat. Haley wonders if she should talk to him about it and they tell her it's her decision to make. Haley ends up talking to Andy, but he questions why she is bringing all this up now. She asks if he has feelings for her and he replies he is engaged, which Haley says is not an answer. This leads to them sharing insults about each others' significant others. Andy and Haley agree it was a good thing they never got together and stomp off angrily in opposite directions.
The More You Ignore Me
Haley and Dylan run into Andy and Beth at the movies. There are no other seats together so Haley is forced to sit next to Andy. Haley says it has been awkward between them ever since Andy got engaged. The zombie movie hits too close to home for Haley because the movie couple seems to be in the same situation as Andy and Haley (the only difference obviously being, that Andy and Haley have no zombies to contend with). After the movie, Haley and Dylan go out for burgers and beers with Andy and Beth. Haley pulls Andy aside to ask him why he wasn't as affected as her by the movie. He tells her that if he had watched that movie a few months ago, it would have been really hard because he was pretty hung up on her, but it's all good now since he started seeing Beth in a whole new way. Haley says that makes sense, but she is visibly disappointed. After leaving the restaurant, Beth suggests they invite Haley and Dylan to the wedding and Andy says that is a good idea. At the same time, Haley breaks up with Dylan because she feels like everyone in the world is moving forward and they are moving backward. Dylan exits the car upset.
Phil's Sexy, Sexy House
Andy catches Haley, who he originally thought was Phil, trying to drain the bathtub because she forgot to turn the faucet off the night before when sneaking into the house that Phil and Andy are the only ones authorized to be in. Andy offers to help Haley clean up. When the faucet gets stuck, Andy tries to help Haley with it, but they end up accidentally falling into the bathtub together. Their clothes are soaked so they have to take them off and put on robes as they wait for their clothes to dry. As they wait, Andy asks why Haley was taking a bath at the house anyway. She replies that she wanted some time to herself since she lives in her parents' basement, broke up with Dylan, and ate too much at Thanksgiving. Andy seems visibly interested in the fact that she and Dylan broke up. Haley tells him they broke up after running into Andy and Beth at that movie; she just thought they seemed so good together that she wanted that. Andy assures her that he and Beth are not perfect and that things come up when planning a wedding like how Beth doesn't want him to have a bachelor party. Haley says he should live it up and Andy agrees to say he should have one crazy adventure before getting married. When Andy sits down on the couch beside Haley, he accidentally sits on the remote that turns on different sexy features of the house, like starting a fire for them, turning on some music and mood lighting, folding the couch back into a bed, and opening a wine cabinet. As Andy and Haley lie facing each other on the couch-bed, they start to lean in for a kiss, but they are interrupted by Mitch and Cam arriving at the house. Andy and Haley hide in the laundry room before they are seen. After everyone leaves, Andy and Haley reappear from their hiding place, now dressed in their clothes instead of the robes. Andy tells Haley he feels bad because he felt like something could have happened between them if everyone hadn't shown up. Haley blames their almost moment on the house and Andy willingly agrees with her. Andy also tells her that he got his one last crazy adventure before getting married. She says she's glad and it was fun before saying bye to him. Andy lets out a long breath he had been holding as Haley exits the house. Haley then immediately rushes back into the house and leaps into Andy's arms to give him a passionate kiss that he enthusiastically reciprocates.
Clean Out Your Junk Drawer
Haley tells Alex that she had sex with Andy when they were alone at the sexy house Phil was trying to sell for his client. She texts Andy to meet up so they can talk. When they meet up in Haley's car so they can talk, Andy says he feels really guilty about what happened. Haley says she is trying to be a better person and, ironically, he is one of the reasons why, but a better person does not hook-up with an engaged person. She says it is not goodbye forever because he works for half her family, but, when they run into each other from now on, they'll keep their clothes on. Andy agrees and tells her, "You know if things were different" and trails off, to which she responds sadly, "I know." When Alex calls Haley later to see if she ended things with Andy, Haley lies and says she did. She is really taking the phone call while in bed with Andy after having just had sex with him again. They both appear to be feeling guilty for what they just did and Andy quickly lays face-down a picture of Beth on his bedside table.
White Christmas
Gloria invites Andy to celebrate Christmas with the family at a rented cabin because Beth has to work. Nobody knows that Haley and Andy are secretly having sex. After Phil confuses Andy and Haley staring into each others' eyes as a staring contest, Phil gives Andy an old gold blazer that used to be his as a present for passing his real estate license test that Haley helped him cram for. When things start to heat up between Haley and Andy a second time, Phil interrupts them again to help Andy get some firewood. Later, Andy finds the key to the secret room and Haley says she'll meet him there in two minutes. Lily hears noises coming from the locked room and when she realizes it's not Luke and Manny, she screams. This alerts everyone to come and help her. Phil pushes open the door to the room as Haley and Andy are putting their pants back on. After the children are told to go outside and play where snow would be, Claire asks Haley and Andy how long this has been going on and if this is the first time. Haley lies and says yes, but Andy says no and confesses that they have been having "improper relations". Gloria appears with a surprise for Andy; Beth is here. Claire pushes Haley back into the secret room and Phil says he wants to talk with Andy. Phil tells Andy if this is a fling, it's over, but if this is something real, then it is time for him to step up and be a man and talk to Beth. Before Andy is able to break things off with Beth, Beth tells him that she has been cheating on him for a few months now with two other guys. They then break up and Beth leaves the cabin. Haley is upset because Andy seems hurt that Beth cheated on him. Gloria tells him to stop moping and be grateful that Haley likes him because she is a stone-cold 10 and he's a Utah 7. As the "snow" falls outside the window and Gloria proclaims it to be the perfect Christmas, Andy puts his arm around Haley's shoulder and she strokes his hand as they smile softly at each other.
The Storm
Haley tries to greet Andy with a hug, but Andy just gives her a pat on the arm. Haley is confused with Andy's behavior towards her since they started out so hot and heavy. She guesses that Andy is probably feeling neglected so he's acting cold since she has been so busy the last couple weeks. In reality, Andy is trying to slow things down with Haley so they don't burn out. He wants to get to know her more emotionally. Haley tries seducing Andy in Joe's room with wine, but Andy suggests he make them some tea to help them open up emotionally. Haley is confused about why Andy is rejecting her because she claims everybody wants her. Then she spots Beth's Coast Guard uniform in Joe's closet and jumps to the conclusion that Andy is still in love with his ex. (Andy really has Beth's uniform out because he's sending Beth back her things and had the uniform pressed because he loves his country.) Haley runs down the stairs and throws Beth's uniform at Andy who is carrying two cups of hot tea. He puts the cups down and chases a hysterical Haley outside into the storm. Haley asks him if he is still in love with Beth because he won't kiss her or touch her anymore. Andy says, "There is no Beth; there's only you." He then tells Haley why he's been acting the way he has, that he wants to slow things down a bit in order to catch up emotionally to where they are physically so they don't burn out. Haley argues that they are not going to burn out because she liked him way before they ever hooked up. Andy tells her he wants their relationship to be as good as their affair. He points out that they haven't even gone on a romantic first date. He just wants to wait for the perfect moment so they can start their relationship right. He wants it to be something special and magical, like in the movies. Haley replies, "What do you want me to do? Chase you through an airport? I think we got it." With that, Haley makes Andy aware that they are currently experiencing one of those magical cinema moments right now out in the rain. They laugh at this realization as they lean in to share a romantic kiss out in the storm.
Express Yourself
Andy and Haley are having dinner at Elwood Grill. Andy decides to order the chilidog because his deceased father had bought him one at his first baseball game. Haley says that’s weirdly sweet and comments that it’s cute that Andy’s hair never moves, like a LEGO. They’re then interrupted by a guy named Tom who recognizes Haley from when she danced on top of his van at Coachella. Haley introduces Andy as her boyfriend to Tom and, after Tom leaves, she apologizes to Andy. Andy tells Haley that he knows she’s a little wilder than him, but that’s one of the reasons he fell for her; it’s exciting. Andy suggests that they forget about dinner and a movie, and instead do what Wild Haley would do. Haley says they can start at this western place where she knows the bartender and, if Andy hangs back, she can get them free drinks all night. In Haley’s interview, she says she wants to give up her partying ways, but if that’s something Andy liked about her, then she doesn’t want to disappoint him. In his interview, Andy admits he’s not usually so quick with party talk and he always had this fear that Haley would think he couldn’t keep up with her; he wants to just survive the night and not barf on his dad’s old church shirt. At Slim’s bar, Andy and Haley do alcoholic shots with a couple named Clint and Bianca. Haley asks Andy if he drank his shot when it was still on fire. Andy replies that it’s an old habit; it’s how he used to eat his marshmallows. Clint says he’ll give Haley 20 bucks if she’ll make out with Bianca. Haley does it but says she didn’t enjoy it because Bianca is a smoker and has wandering hands; it’s all a part of the Wild Haley experience. Haley, Clint, and Bianca cheer Andy on as he rides a mechanical bull, which he falls off after 12 seconds. When Haley, Clint, and Bianca rush to Andy, Andy lies and says it was so fun and that’s why he was screaming. Clint and Bianca excitedly ask if Andy and Haley want to go to Vegas with them, despite the late-night hour. Andy lies and says he loves that idea and Haley, who wants to please Andy, agrees that it’s a great idea and that she was scared that they were done. Unbeknownst to Haley, Andy is in pain from the mechanical bull ride. The next time we see Haley and Andy they are in Vegas playing Roulette. Andy pretends that he loves gambling; he says it’s the best: “You hand your hard-earned money to strangers and pray it comes back.” Andy says to Haley that he knows he had a lot to drink, but that’s not Bianca anymore with Clint; he doesn’t want to believe Clint sold her. When Clint asks them if they want to get really crazy, Haley blurts out frightened, “People know where I am!” Clint goes all-in on one number. Andy guesses that’s no scarier than when that glow-stick broke in his mouth so Andy goes all-in too. Haley tells Andy that’s a month’s rent. Andy is surprised that the black chips are not $1 chips and tries to take them back, but the croupier won’t let him. Haley starts to freak out and asks Andy why he’s doing this. Andy is surprised she’s asking because he thought she loves Wild Andy. Haley says, “No, no! I love normal Andy. Tomato-soup-and-grilled-cheese Andy. Still-in-bed-by-11:00 Andy. Uses-the-word-tummy Andy.” Andy tells her that he’s been doing this whole thing because he was afraid she’d get bored and dump him if he couldn’t keep up. Haley replies that she knows he can’t keep up, but that she’d rather slow down. She says, “I like me I am when I’m with you.” Andy replies that he wishes she would have told him that about a minute ago. He says the stress of the gambling is murder on his tummy. By the time the sun has come up the next morning, Andy and Haley are back at Elwood Grill having breakfast. Andy assures the waitress that they got this and then asks Haley if she’s got a nickel or a dime. Haley says she doesn’t. Andy then pulls out a big wad of $100 dollar bills from his pocket and apologizes to the waitress as he hands her one because she’s going to have to make change. Andy and Haley giggle over their newfound riches before they’re interrupted by a text message from Haley’s parents saying they’re heading to Paris.
Double Click
Andy wants Phil’s advice about whether or not he should take a job in Utah that his cousin Evan, a real estate developer, is offering him after the VP is leaving to start his own company. Before Phil can give Andy his advice, they’re interrupted by Alex and later Luke. Andy comments on Luke’s good mood saying that there’s only one reason a teenage boy is ever like that and that’s because The Harlem Globetrotters must be in town. Later that afternoon, Andy and Haley are waiting for the valet to drive Andy’s car back to them. Andy thinks the valet probably slid the seat back because of his “weirdly short arms.” When his car arrives, Andy gets a phone call from his cousin Evan about his earlier job offer. Haley uses the money from Andy’s wallet to pay for the valet and then waits in the car. Andy tells Evan he still doesn’t want the job. Due to a technical difficulty, Haley overhears the rest of Andy’s phone call while she’s waiting in the car. Evan can’t believe that Andy is turning down his dream job, an actual career back home, because of a girl. Evan then says, “This Haley must be something special.” Haley seems stunned about what she just overheard. The cell connection is lost so the call is dropped. When Andy joins Haley in the car, he exclaims, “I knew it!” because his seat has been slid back by the valet. A couple of hours later, Andy comes over to Haley’s house because she said she wanted to talk. He came over right away due to how paranoid he says he can be. Haley suggests they talk in her room, but before they’re able to leave the kitchen, Phil stops Andy to give him the advice Andy wanted earlier. Phil tells Andy to take his dream career in Utah because if their bond is as strong as they think it is, then they will find their way back to each other. Haley, who had been listening, tells Andy, “What he said.” Andy’s face falls at Haley’s words. Later that day, Andy and Haley are at the airport so Andy can make his flight to Utah. As they approach the security line, Haley tells Andy that he can come back to visit and she’ll go to Utah to visit him. Andy agrees that this is "not goodbye-goodbye.” Haley says they’ll leave the drama to a couple they see across the room who are currently saying an emotional goodbye. In mocking tones, they joke about what the other couple is saying to each other. Andy says, “I don’t regret a single minute I’ve spent with you.” Haley says, “I think you’re the first man I ever loved.” As they speak those words, they both realize they mean what they are saying, so when they speak again their tones are much more sincere and genuine. Andy says, “Not a single minute” and Haley says, “You really are the first.” They share a goodbye kiss before Andy walks towards the security line. Andy turns around to see Haley walking away in the other direction. When he turns back around to face the security line, Haley turns around to see Andy walking away. Both are visibly saddened by this farewell.

Haley Lost Andy Bailey Forever as since after she got fired from GAVIN SINCLAIR-The Fashion Experts and went onto KJQS-TV 12 to meet Mr. Rainer Shine and unfortunately Their relationship went really stormy after having a short engagement and break it, Dump Rainer, Quit Her Job and eventually got fired again from the station.

Dr. Turned Prof. Arvin Freeman went short-lived as she got a new job at Nerp, working for Nicole Page. She also started dating Dr. Arvin Freeman but that was short-lived when Haley went to the hospital and reunited with her old boyfriends(Rainer, Dylan, and Andy). There she kissed Dylan and it reignited an old flame.

Haley breaks up with Arvin and gets together with Dylan. She soon finds out that she's pregnant two days after her 25th birthday. On Christmas Eve, she and Dylan announce to the family that she's pregnant and they're thrilled, though Claire is slightly afraid since she knows what it's like to be a young mom. Haley and Dylan move into an apartment but when they find out they're having twins, they move back in with the Dunphys. Everyone finally meets Dylan's mother Farrah Marshall and on the episode "Can't Elope" Dylan and Haley get married. They have their twins, Poppy and George Marshall on Phil's birthday(April 3, 2019) "A Year of Birthdays."

Rainer Shine


Rainer is a weatherman that first meets Haley in "Weathering Heights" when Phil is preparing to appear on TV. He asks Haley out on a date after Phil suggests he hires Haley as a makeup artist and Rainer misunderstands him as Phil inviting him to ask Haley out. Despite their age difference Rainer and Haley have surprisingly much in common, including caring a lot about their appearance, even having a box of hair products shipped to the location of their vacation in Mexico.

Five Minutes
Rainer proposes to Haley while they are in a restaurant for Rainer's 45th birthday. She enthusiastically accepts but after Rainer realizes that he was wrong about the weather forecast that night both of them start spiraling and end up breaking off their short engagement.

Dr. Arvin Fennerman

Arvin is a professor at Caltech who meets Haley when she sneaks into Alex's class to get her to read over her writing sample before she goes to an interview at Nerp. Arvin later finds them in the schoolyard and tells Haley that the two of them will get married one day, that he doesn't understand it but he just knows because all the probability scenes he's been running in his head end up with the two of them marrying.



In Season 6 Haley is eating cronuts with Andy Bailey and says they are so good she wants to marry them, she changes her Facebook status to married as a joke, which has a chain of reactions.


Season 1

Season 2

Quote1.png Haley [after breaking up with Dylan]: I miss him.
Phil: Yeah. He was your first real boyfriend.
Haley: I keep expecting him to show up. He used to come by at night and I'd sneak out to see him.
Phil: Yeah, I know.
Haley: You knew?
Phil: His car's thirty years old and doesn't have a muffler. And he honked.

From "Mother Tucker"

Quote1.png Dylan: [about his shoes] I think I left them at your uncle's house.
Haley: Oh, my God! This is a disaster!
Dylan: Maybe they'll think it's theirs.
Haley: They're gay, they know what shoes they own!

From "Boys' Night"

Quote1.png Alex: Last week she wore my sweatshirt.
Haley: I was doing it a favor. It was the first time the top half got any exercise.

From "Two Monkeys and a Panda"

Quote1.png Haley: To do a speech, you just choose a song title and speak it, like "Don't stop believing" or "Get this party started."
Alex: That makes no sense.
Haley: Of course not. No one wants to think at graduation! It's graduation, the time when we celebrate being done with thinking.

From "See You Next Fall"

Quote1.png Haley: You know what? Give your stupid little speech. Be an outcast. But you're only doing it to yourself. Because you're smart, pretty, and sorta funny in a way that I don't really get but other people seem to enjoy. You can either start fresh next year or be the freak that flipped off her class.
Alex: You really think I'm pretty?
Haley: Shut up!

From "See You Next Fall"

Quote1.png Haley: You think you have everyone figured out, don't you? Everyone has stuff that they're working through.
Alex: What kind of stuff do you have? Too many boys chasing after you? Too many parties?
Haley: I'm flunking biology, and now I have to take summer school. And all my friends are talking about going to college, while I don't think I'll even be able to go to college! Is that enough stuff for you?

From "See You Next Fall"

Season 3

Quote1.png Phil: [seeing Haley and Alex scrubbing the kitchen] Whoa. What's all this?
Haley: Mom heard us say we were bored.
Phil: Suckers.
Alex: She heard us from outside!
Haley: She has super-good hearing, like a seeing eye dog. They have overdeveloped hearing to make up for the fact... wait, the dogs aren't blind. Wait, are they? No, that wouldn't make sense.
Alex: [to Phil] You're right. If I wait long enough, she can get there by herself.
Phil: [his cell phone rings] Quick, girls. Famous Danny from "Moonstruck". Aiello?
Mitchell [on the phone to Phil]: Hey, Phil, I'm glad I caught ya.
Phil: What's up?
Mitchell: Uh, it's about Steven and Stefan. They want to see that house on Briar again.
Phil: Really? I showed it to them five times. Last time we were there, I think they got mail.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, that's why I'm calling. They hate upsetting people. Unless, of course, it's me. Then they don't mind waking me up at 7 a.m., asking me to call you.
Phil: It's no problem. I'm just hanging around. Kind of bored, really.
[Haley and Alex gasp]
Phil: What?
[Phil gasps as he realizes what he just said].

From "Aunt Mommy"

Quote1.png Haley: Mom, don't do it! She'll be in the same class as I am! Why are you even taking second year Math?
Alex: You're a senior. Why are you still in second year Math?
Haley: Not still, again.

From "Phil on Wire"

Quote1.png Everything I touch turns to detention. Quote2.png

From "Phil on Wire"

Season 4

Quote1.png Luke: Dad is getting an assectomy. I hear things.
Haley: You're getting your tonsils out?
Alex: Oh, my God! This family needs a dumbassectomy.

From "Snip"

Quote1.png [to Alex] Are you going Goth? You can't go Goth. You still have a stuffed panda. Quote2.png

From "Snip"

Quote1.png Alex: Don't throw this in my face someday, but sometimes you can be really smart. Like smart.
Haley: Oh, my God. Thanks. And by the way, I'm totally throwing that in your face someday. Are you kidding?

From "My Hero"

Quote1.png Haley: His name is Zack, and he went to college at a place called Mit.
Alex: MIT.
Haley: I know how to spell it.

From "Flip Flop"

Season 5

Quote1.png Haley: You know what? I'd rather wait for someone who would walk through a blizzard for me and only honks to support the troops.
Scott: I don't understand you.
Haley: Neither do I!

From "Other People's Children"

Quote1.png Haley to Andy: Sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out what you want. Quote2.png

From "The Wedding (Part 2)"

Season 6

Quote1.png This crazy bitch just messed with the wrong crazy bitch. Quote2.png

From "Fight or Flight"

Quote1.png Haley to Andy: If I'm your elephant, you have a shot. That's what I'm trying to say, dummy. Quote2.png

From "Closet? You'll Love It!"

Quote1.png Haley about Andy: I care about him. He makes me laugh. I like spending time with him.
Phil: Do you think about him when he's not around?
Haley: Sometimes I see something funny and I think, 'Oh, Andy would love that; I wish he were here so I could share it with him.
Phil: That sounds like love to me.

From "American Skyper"

Season 7

Quote1.png Andy: Maybe we should wait for the perfect moment so we can start our relationship right. Something special and magical, like in the movies.
Haley: What do you want me to do? Chase you through an airport? I think we got it.

From "The Storm"

Quote1.png Haley to Andy: I like the me I am when I'm with you. Quote2.png

From "Express Yourself"

Quote1.png Andy: I don’t regret a single minute I’ve spent with you.
Haley: I think you’re the first man I ever loved.
Andy: Not a single minute.
Haley: You really are the first.

From "Double Click"

Season 9

Quote1.png Haley: Hey, there's that guy's jet ski!
Luke: That girl's jet ski.
Haley: Whatver it was, it was into me, and I'm kissing it.

From "Lake Life"


  • Haley is allergic to lactose, like her uncle Mitchell ("Treehouse").
  • In Season 7, Sarah Hyland who portrays Haley gets a haircut. In a flashback scene in "Summer Lovin" she wears extensions to play Haley. She takes them out later after Haley gets a haircut.
  • Haley Used To Attend Palisades High School in her teenage years aka in the earlier seasons in Season 1-Season 3.
  • Haley tells Andy he is the first man she ever loved ("Double Click").
  • Alex suggests that Haley's brain isn't using its full capacity most of the time because she doesn't eat a regular amount.
  • It has been suggested throughout the series that Haley has an eating disorder. It was first mentioned in "Truth Be Told" when Alex says "Don't you have an eating disorder to attend to?", in "New Year’s Eve" when Haley says to Alex "My whole life is a Hunger Game. Why do you think I'm so mean to you all the time?" and in "Spread Your Wings" when Luke says that Haley's duck was just playing with the food and "pretending to eat". It can be presumed that Haley has Anorexia but not Bulimia since in "The Cold", after being sick and "throwing up for three days straight" Haley states that she "doesn't know how models do it" – implying that she's not used to constant throwing up.
  • Haley is likely bisexual. In "All Things Being Equal", Haley flirts with the homeless repairwoman & car thief Joan. Later, in "Lake Life", when Haley and Luke cannot decide on the gender of a stranger and which one of them the stranger was flirting with, Haley proclaims "whatever it was, it was into me, and I'm kissing it." This theory has been supported by Haley's actress Sarah Hyland in a 2017 Tweet, but never explicitly stated on the show.
  • Haley's iCloud password is Snoopy, her favorite literary character, as suggested by Phil. ("Connection Lost").
  • In the episode "The Closet Case" she is revealed to be ticklish.


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