Even though Halloween is Claire's holiday, she allows Phil to take over this year, so instead of her usual fright-fest theme, he decides to turn the house into "AwesomeLand". Gloria picks out Princess Fiona and Shrek costumes for her and Jay, but Jay decides he wants to be Prince Charming complete with a full head of gorgeous hair, and with the hair comes a new sense of confidence. Elsewhere, Cameron gets overwhelmed by the day's activities and Mitchell has closing arguments for a huge case.


Guest Starring

  • Steve Zahn as Ronnie
  • Andrea Anders as Amber
  • Laura Malone Hunt as Debbie
  • Tucker Smallwood as Judge
  • Jenny Curtis as Juror
  • Jerry Lambert as Matt
  • Iris Braydon as Holly
  • Tom Parker as Doctor
  • Ramone Hamilton as Trick-or-Treater
  • Evan O'Toole as Kid Batman


  • This is the third Halloween episode, after "Halloween" and "Open House of Horrors".
  • This episode takes place a two months after "Won't You Be Our Neighbor", as Claire says that they have had new neighbors for two months. However, she is corrected by Phil who says it has only been a week and a half.
  • This is also one of the few episodes with Phil and Claire's new neighbors. They discuss a tradition where a community puts in $20 per house, and scariest house on the block wins it all. The neighbors play a trick and say that the "Insane Mental Asylum" Claire creates is offensive, resulting in Phil taking it down. In the end, the neighbors admit they made it up and Phil and Claire's house loses the contest.


Cultural References


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