"If You Leave Me Now" is the title of a popular hit ballad by the American rock group Chicago, from their album Chicago X. It was written and sung by bass guitar player Peter Cetera and released as a single on July 31, 1976.

In "Egg Drop", after Mitchell and Cameron sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" to Lindsay, a potential birth mother who is going to give them a baby, she comments that Mitchell is a better singer than Cameron. Cameron gets offended by that he tries to prove that he is a good singer singing "If You Leave Me Now". Unfortunately, after the song Lindsay changes her mind about the baby and she decides to keep it.


If you leave me now,
You take away the biggest part of me.
Ooh ooh ooh no,
Baby please don't go.
Ooh ooh ooh no,
I just want you to stay.
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