Dr. Iris Fennerman is the mother of Arvin Fennerman and the wife of Malcolm Fennerman. Iris is first introduced when she and her husband Malcolm visit Los Angeles from London to see their son and meet his girlfriend Haley Dunphy. Malcolm was originally supposed to be on his own, but there was a change of plans; At the last minute, Iris decided to join Malcolm on the trip since he wasn't able to go anywhere after a weekend in Brighton. Arvin wasn't pleased by his mother's presence. He revealed that she is a judgemental snob and Arvin was worried that she won't approve of Haley because of her low work status. Arvin tries to get Haley to play along to pretend that she is an academic, but it doesn't play too well and Haley leaves. Later, in the hospital where Haley is in after she passed out because of the stickers on her arms being filled with all sorts of chemicals, Arvin tells Haley that he panicked and that he told his mother the truth about Haley and her job and that if Arvin wants to turn down a job to be with Haley, then that's his right. But Haley and Arvin quickly made up.
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