Jeremy Reed is Alex Dunphy's crush in "The Kiss".

When Claire finds out that Alex has been texting with a boy, she sends Haley to give Alex advice about love, however, Haley says that if she doesn't kiss him soon, he will think she's a lesbian, so she rushes to Jeremy's house and rambles on about their feelings and wanting to kiss him. Jeremy is left stunned and, before he is able to reply, the door to their house opens and it is revealed that his friends have just overheard their conversation.

Alex runs off in embarrassment. The news quickly spreads, humiliating both Alex and Haley as she is known to be her sister. That night after Claire comforts Alex, Jeremy appears by their house, waiting for Alex. He tells her that if his friends weren't there, he would have said yes to his offer of a kiss. When he asks her if she still wants to, she tells him that she wants to hang out with him in person more first instead of just over text, to which Jeremy sighs with relief.

In "Bixby's Back", Alex mentions that she has a phone date with Jeremy to see Love Actually.

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