Jillian is a masseuse whom Phil and Claire meet on their flight in "Fight or Flight".


Jillian introduces herself as she is to sit next to Phil on the flight when there is another man in her seat because he sat in the wrong one. After he heads off to his right seat, Jillian sits down with Phil and Edward Legrand, a professional magician. She has fun watching Edward's tricks and in one of his acts, he asks her what's her initial for her middle name and she answers "'C' for 'Catherine'". She is later seen giving Phil a back rub as Edward is performing card tricks until Claire comes and finds out Phil lied to her and blew her off so he can keep having his fun while she suffers in first class from her neighbor's obnoxiousness.

Later, when Phil is in Claire's seat, he says that Jillian is waiting for Claire in his seat to give her a little back rub and she soon walks off to Phil's seat to have some peace and quiet, where Jillian presumably gives her a back rub.

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