Jorie was Haley Dunphy's college roommate in "Schooled" until the latter's expulsion.

Jorie only appears in her dorm unpacking a box when Phil walks up behind her, thinking it's Claire, then says "I'd like admission to your student body." then squeezes her butt which surprises Jorie who then turns to Phil and he when he sees whose butt he squeezed, he realizes that he made a mistake. Her father enters and Jorie tells him he grabbed her and squeezed her butt.

Jorie then sees Haley's 'My Little Pony' sheets on her bed and asks if they're hers (Which Claire had ordered online and must had sent the wrong ones) and is surprised to see the condoms that Claire bought Haley which makes Haley even more embarrassed.

Jorie's father then suggests that he and his daughter let Phil and Claire finish and they'll come back later, to which Phil and Claire accept, so they leave and Phil says to Jorie's father "See you on parents' weekend!".

She is never seen again after this, so she and Haley obviously had the dorm room to themselves and were roommates until Haley got expelled five episodes later. After that, Jorie likely had the room to herself, although it's likely she'd have gotten a new roommate, but likely we may never know.

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