Katie is a woman that Cameron Tucker tries to pick up at a bar pretending to be straight in "Treehouse".

Cam makes a bet with Mitch that he can get a woman's phone number at the bar, after Mitch tells him that he is clearly gay and that everyone can see it. Cam then approaches Katie and manages to take her number. Cam feels guilty that he made a woman believe he is straight and that now she'll be waiting for him to call her, so he decides to call her and tell her the truth. He calls her but instead of telling her the truth he invites her over. Katie comes and finally Cam tells her that he is gay. When she hears this, Katie is confused since she tells him that she knew, and that she just wanted a gay friend. Cam explains about the bet to her, and when Mitchell comes back home, she acts like she is furious and believed Cam was straight because she does not want Mitch to make fun of Cam. She leaves but before she does, she kisses Cam and tells him to call her, in front of Mitch who is in shock.

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