Quote1 I suppose you could say the only ring you didn't master was the ring of life. Quote2
- Mitchell Pritchett ("Ringmaster Keifth")

Keifth Banks is a character who appeared in Season 8. He is a former love interest of Cameron Tucker who left him in the middle of the night. Years later following Cam's marriage to Mitchell Pritchett, Keifth delivers a fully roasted pig to the family after Cam messes up the first pig.

He is played by Kelsey Grammer.


Keifth used to be a circus ringmaster. Prior to Cameron Tucker's marriage to Mitchell Pritchett, Cam noticed Keifth in one of his circus performances and began to frequent circus bars and ended up dating him. Cam claims Keifth shaped him into the man he is now. Cam once broke into Keifth's cabin and saw him for the first time "without his top hat". However, their relationship came to an end when Keifth ran away in the night. Keifth later states he left Cam because he felt that the latter could do better than him.[1]

In "Ringmaster Keifth", Keifth is no longer a ringmaster and now works for a delivery company. After Cam messes up a thanksgiving meal, Keifth delivers them a fully roasted pig not knowing that it was Cam and his current husband Mitch. In order to hide their preparing the new pig from Cam's family, Keifth lets loose a peacock to distract them. Cam and Keifth end up discussing their relationship and Keifth explains his reasoning for leaving and apologizes.[1]



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