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Larry is the name of at least three male cats owned by Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker. They bought the original cat in "Bringing Up Baby" after Lily demands a kitten after finding out she won't get a new brother.

In "Larry's Wife" Larry hasn't shown up for a while, and Cameron presumes he is dead. He then makes up a story about Larry getting married and moving away with his wife to explain to Lily why he wasn't coming back. However, just as he was finishing the story Larry comes home so Cameron tells Lily that the wife died and they host a funeral that quickly gets out of hand.


  • In "Pig Moon Rising" Mitchell and Cameron reveal to each other that both of them have replaced Larry without letting the other one know so there are at least three white cats that have lived with the family as Larry.
  • Larry was dyed pink with Cherry Kool-Aid by a drunk Mitchell in "Heart Broken".
  • Lily was insistent on calling him Larry.



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