Laura is a client of Phil Dunphy's who likes to speed drive through the suburban streets in "Slow Down Your Neighbors".

Claire is trying to catch and stop a sports car that is speeding through the suburban streets, while Phil sells a house nearby for a difficult client, Laura, who happens to be the car driver. Claire prints out several posters, intending to say "slow down," with the license plate of the car below, signed "your neighbors". However, the rest of her family point out the posters actually state "slow down your neighbors". Regardless, Claire orders Phil to put them up. Later, Claire chases the car on a bicycle, but loses it. She meets Phil at the open house he has arranged for Laura and is introduced to her. Laura is just about to leave and offers Claire a lift back to her home. She enters the car realizing too late that Laura is the driver she despises, which makes Claire to get very angry at Phil, so he buys her a dozen Mylar balloons to apologize.

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