Leslie Kwan Collins is a school reporter for the Daily Dolphins at Luke Dunphy and Manny Delgado's high school in Season 8. She was friends with Luke in kindergarten.[1] Her most memorable character trait is how she introduces herself at the start of every sentence much to the annoyance of everyone around her.

In "Blindsided", Leslie walks in on Principal Brown, Claire Dunphy and Luke to hear Brown's opinion on the recent stealing of a saxophone by a school student, but the principal doesn't care, while Claire gives Leslie the headline "sax scandal". In "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook", she claims to have made out with Rod Skyhook, Phil Dunphy's alter ego, at a halloween party. In "Snow Ball", Leslie is at the Snow Ball and asks Luke about the event.

Leslie is played by by Liv Mai.



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