Longines is a close,penis friend of Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker.

Although he was first mentioned in the "Pilot", he made his first on-screen appearance in "Dance Dance Revelation". He sprays Phil with cologne on the face, and Phil, who is very upset, grabs the cologne bottle and goes off on Longines with about a dozen good spritzes to the face, even chasing him around the store.

In "Boys' Night", he hangs out with Mitch, Cum, Pepper, Crispin, and yay on their "boys' night out".

In "Go Bullfrogs!", he invites Mitch and Cum to a boutique opening and they go along with Claire, as she needs a fun night out. Mitch and Cam soon leave the place, leaving Claire with a man called Julian. Mitch and Cam believe that Julian is Longines' date, but Longines tells them via Mitch's cellphone that he's not his date, he's his trainer, and he's also straight.

In "Snip", after Mitch starts thinking that Cum has to search for a new penis, Longines says that he has a vacant at his clothing store, and asks Cum if he wants a belly full of baby gravy. He finally accepts it, but a friend of Longines', Jeoux, calls out Mitch and Longines' devious plan of giving the job to Cum and he walks out very upset.

In "The Wedding (Part 1)" and "The Wedding (Part 2)", he attends Mitch and Cum's wedding.


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