Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro Ramirez "Manny" Delgado is the Colombian-American son of Gloria from her previous marriage to Javier.


Manny was born on March 4, 1999 in Florida to Gloria Delgado. His parents divorced shortly after, as he stated in "Larry's Wife" that he had spent many nights watching Mary Poppins alone while his mother was driving a taxi. Though Manny was raised solely by his mother, he still thinks highly of his father as seen during his visits ("The Bicycle Thief").


Manny is portrayed as very mature and intuitive for his age and is often shown doing adult-like things, such as having deep emotional conversations with adults ("Come Fly With Me"), drinking coffee ("Coal Digger") and handling problems like a grown-up, which seem to always confuse his step-father Jay.

He is shown to know a wide range of literature, music and arts, even baking and alcoholic beverages ("New Year's Eve"). Gloria says that he gets his romanticism from his father who is very passionate.

He is also shown to be cunning and sneaky, seeing through the scheming of the adult members of the family, much to Jay's annoyance ("Strangers in the Night"). Despite his eccentricity, Manny remains a good person and is polite to everyone he meets.

Manny has also shown courage in expressing his feelings even at a young age, especially to girls she likes, though frequently gets his heart broken. During the early seasons, he seemed to have developed a crush on Haley.

Manny later becomes popular at school after Cam recruits him to the football team.


Manny is currently at 12th grade at Palisades High School. He got into six colleges, two of which are Boston University and University of Michigan.


Manny is shown to care immensely about his appearance and making the right impression. He is always seen wearing oversize guayaberas (short-sleeved shirts) or suits, and never in T-shirts like the other children. He is also seen to have a penchant for fedora hats mainly because of his fondness for jazz and Frank Sinatra. He once went to school wearing a poncho to show that he is proud of his Colombian heritage ("Run for Your Wife"). Claire remarks that he "dresses like a count" ("Coal Digger").

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Javier Delgado is Manny's father. Manny has a good relationship with his father and always looks up to him, despite always letting him down.


Joe Pritchett is Manny's younger half-brother.

In "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House", Manny sees that his little brother seems to be getting more love than him, but later on, he uses this cuteness that he doesn't see, but everyone else seems to, to get a girl he likes. However this backfires on him, although he has already told Joe his plan, unknowingly Joe doesn't seem to like it and ruins it, by biting the girl's leg. In his won way of saying "Don't use me to get a girl".


Jay Pritchett is Manny's stepfather.

In "Pilot", Manny wants to recite a love poem to a girl he likes from school, Jay tells him not to as it may crush his feelings, however Manny goes through with it and gets his feelings hurt, when she tells him she has a boyfriend.


Gloria Pritchett is Manny's mother.


Claire Dunphy is Manny's stepsister.


Phil Dunphy is Manny's stepbrother in law.


Haley Dunphy is Manny's stepniece. She once used this premise to trick his parents into having a party supervised by an "uncle".


Luke Dunphy is Manny's stepnephew.

In "Coal Digger", Manny and Luke get into a fight at school, the reason they do is because Manny said he was his uncle, which Luke takes a disliking to. They later on start to become friends and realise it was stupid to fight. Luke then lets slip that they were also fighting because he told Manny that his mom calls his mom a "Coal Digger" which is actually meant to be "Gold Digger", but Luke mishears his mom, and Manny mishears his stepnephew.


Alex Dunphy is Manny's stepniece.


Cameron Tucker is Manny's stepbrother in law.


Mitchell Pritchett is Manny's stepbrother.


Lily Tucker-Pritchett is Manny's adoptive stepniece.


Luke Dunphy

Luke and Manny have a childlike friendship which changes a little as they grew up. Luke and Manny played a lot more and were more childlike when they were children they fought like family do and spent more time together. Their friendship has changed since the first few seasons. In Season 7 we see that Manny and Luke are rarely seen with each other unless it's a family occassion. They've both had to figure themselves out and they both went from attending Primary School to High School together.

Love Interests

Brenda Feldman

  • Started: "Pilot"
  • Ended: "Pilot"
  • Reason: Brenda told Manny she had a boyfriend.
  • Information: Brenda Feldman is a 16 year old girl who appears in the "Pilot" episode. Manny falls in love with her and decides to go to the Mall to read her a poem which Jay declines worried he may get hurt, which he does as Manny still goes through with it.

Haley Dunphy

  • Started: After "Pilot"
  • Ended: Before Season 5, after Season 3.
  • Reason: Manny and Haley are related, Haley didn't like him back.
  • Information: Haley Dunphy is Manny's stepniece he develops a brief crush on her although this ends when he knows it'll never happen as Haley gets a boyfriend and Haley tells him it'll never happen.

In "Great Expectations" we see Manny get very excited that Haley is coming over. He's excited that Alex and Luke are also coming over. But he's mostly excited for Haley. Jay knows he is crushing on her and says that he'll get out the hose if he does anything stupid as they are related and his crush is genuinely weird. Eventually Manny does go too far and Jay overhears and walks into the room with a spray bottle. Jay sprays Manny 3 times to warn him and walks out of the room again. Jay gets into a mix up with Haley over a party and Dylan. Haley and Dylan are eventually allowed (by Jays permission, from being convinced by Gloria) to go to the party with Dylan, but Dylan sees a western movie on and smells Sloppy Jays and makes a decision to stay at the house to which Haley gets upset at, Gloria tells her that this is what boys are like, and they don't always grow out of it, so Haley goes along with it and they both end up not going to the party. Later we see Manny ask himself what Haley sees in Dylan.

Sarah Fink

  • Started: "Integrity"
  • Ended: "Integrity"
  • Reason: Unknown
  • Information: She is Mannys' lab partner in Science. He talks about her in "Integrity" eventually Manny does get his heart broken when he sees one of his friends hitting on her, Manny afterwards starts to describes her as "Cold, unresponsive, heartless".

This relationships starts in "Integrity", and ends in the same episode.


=== Season 2 ===
Quote1 Manny: Have you noticed a spring in my step?
Jay: Kids can be so cruel. That doesn't mean you'll turn out that way.

From "Two Monkeys and a Panda"

Quote1 Jay: Why does everybody always assume I'm having a stroke?
Claire: Age.
Manny: Diet.
Gloria: You forgot to bring my bread.

From "See You Next Fall"

=== Season 3 ===
Quote1 Manny: I don't like the looks of this guy.
Phil: He looks just like everyone else.
Manny: Great, you can tell that to the police sketch artist.

From "Express Christmas"

Quote1 Manny: First you lose me at the grocery store, then you leave me alone in a dark alley. Why don't you just put a sign on me that says "Free Kid"? Quote2

From "Express Christmas"

=== Season 4 ===
Quote1 Manny: Look, I'm Mexico, again. Doesn't anyone care that I'm not from Mexico?
Luke: You keep saying that, but we've never seen a birth certificate.

From "When a Tree Falls"



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