Merle Stonewall Tucker is Cameron and Pam Tucker's father and also Barb's husband.

He is first introduced in "The Last Walt". When he visits Mitch and Cam they decide to invite Jay for dinner, as he and Merle never really bonded. Jay tries to avoid the dinner pretending to be sick but Mitch forces him to come along and make an effort. At the same time, Cam is forced to tell his father to do the same with Jay, as he doesn't like him either. Over dinner, the two men clash, with Jay hating the fact that Merle treats Mitchell like the woman in the relationship. Jay and Merle eventually talk and realize that they both try and treat their son's partner as the woman in a relationship because it makes them feel better. They finally come together and agree that they just have to accept the fact that their sons are gay and happy together.


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