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I had to actually come out to my dad three times before he acknowledged it. I'm not sure if maybe he was hoping he heard it wrong, like I said 'Dad, I’m grey.'


Mitchell Vincent "Mitch" Pritchett is Jay and DeDe Pritchett's son, Claire Dunphy's younger brother, Manny Delgado's stepbrother, Joe Pritchett's half-brother, adoptive father of Lily Tucker-Pritchett and Cameron Tucker's husband. He and Cameron eventually get married in "The Wedding (Part 2)".


Before the show

Mitchell was born on February 10, 1972 in Sacramento as the second child of Jay and DeDe Pritchett. He was born premature, and was given the middle name Vincent because of Shorty, who stayed by Jay's side for two days at the hospital. His older sister, Claire, was born approximately 2 years before him. Timid but smart, he is closer to his mother, as opposed to the fiery Claire who is closer to their father. Many relate Claire as the son of Jay and Dede and Mitchell as the daughter.

The siblings were figure skating partners in their youth, known as "Fire and Nice". When he was 9, he went to a terrible theatre camp, where Jay let him suffer through to "toughen him up" ("Spring Break"). At 10, his father offered to teach him self-defence, but he quit shortly afterwards saying all he needed to learn he can learn from West Side Story. In junior high, he was part of the drama club with Ben Dugan ("Travels With Scout").

Mitchell attended Cornell University and Columbia University, where he topped his classes in both ("Benched"). He was working for a law firm in California at the start of the series.

Growing up in the closet, he dated several girls, including Tracy, in high school before eventually coming out (three times, to Jay). Shortly after, he dated a doctor named Teddy. He also dated Langham, whom he broke up with in an email ("Las Vegas"). He eventually met Cameron at a charades party, whom he initially dismissed because the latter grew up at a farm. During the game, however, Cam was the only one who was able to guess Mitchell acting out Casablanca, and the two bonded afterwards. They eventually became a couple ("Come Fly With Me").


Mitchell is shown to be a Type A, high-strung individual. At most times, he is the exact opposite of Cam, which usually causes disagreements but their resolutions are always because they counterbalance each other. He used to suffer from ornithophobia, the fear of birds, until he becomes acquainted with one at the park in "American Skyper", though he still he still seems to show discomfort when one is around ("Promposal"). Like his sister Claire, Mitchell tends to show obsessive compulsive behavior, especially in raising his daughter. Cam says that Mitchell's strength lies in making preparations in welcoming Lily rather than actual childcare, and that is what makes them a great team ("Run for Your Wife").

It is revealed in the season 2 episode "The Kiss" that Mitchell has had problem with public displays of affection, due to his father being aloof during his childhood. This was in response to criticisms that Mitchell and Cam have not been physically affectionate during the first season. Claire says that Mitchell has had an issue with boundaries since they were kids ("Mother Tucker") and Cam says Mitchell is a snob ("Come Fly With Me").

Although he lashes out during arguments with the family, Mitchell is generally not confrontational and prefers professionalism in difficult situations. And though highly critical in nature, he tries his hardest to stray away from disappointing people and his family unless he is pushed to the edge to tell them the truth, as seen when he could not bring himself to shut down Phil's jokes in "Strangers on a Treadmill", and when he forces himself to be supportive of Cam's attempt to direct a musical for kids in "The Musical Man".

In various episodes, Mitchell helps out his family members in need of legal aid, such as when Gloria crashes a car and Haley is jailed. He is especially eager to earn his father's recognition as a serious lawyer, partly because of their difficult relationship growing up ("Moon Landing"). In several situations, such as the first of these incidents, Mitchell is often used as a scapegoat by family members (Jay volunteered Mitchell as Gloria's attorney because Jay preferred that his son took the bullet and not him).

Physical Appearance

Mitchell is a redhead with blue eyes and, according to Luke, strikingly resembles Vincent Van Gogh. He is usually seen wearing preppy clothes, which Cameron mentions is style fitting of a "small-town detective" ("The Late Show"). At work and during formal events, he is always seen smart sporting suits.

Season Summaries


Mitchell, Cam and Lily.jpg

Mitchell and Cam adopt Lily in the very first episode. Mitchell finds it hard to tell his family the news at first, as he knows that his family can be very judgemental. However, Cam persuades him to tell his family. When Mitchell breaks the news to his family, Jay initially thinks that the reason Mitchell has adopted a baby is because he and Cam broke up. Jay then begins saying that he knows Cameron can be a very dramatic without hearing Mitchell tell him that they haven’t. Mitchell has had enough of Jay criticising Cam and defends Cam telling Jay that Cam is not a dramatic person. Cameron walks in and confirms Jay's thoughts when he dramatically brings in Lily by heralding her with a spotlight and to the music “The Circle of Life”, Lion King style. In Benched, Mitchell is adjusting poorly to his recently-changed status as an unemployed man. After quitting his inflexible job, their family is now running on Cam's income as a part-time greeting card store salesman. Mitchell struggles with being a stay-at-home dad to Lily. He tries to get another job at a new law firm, owned by one of Jay’s golfing buddies.

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Mitchell finds himself in a difficult position. He has recently gotten laid off after his company made some budget cuts, and he has not told Cam for a month. He instead has been sending out résumés secretly while spending time with an old man, Spencer, and his pet cockatoo, George, in the park. After being mistaken for having an affair, Mitchell comes clean to Cam, who suggests that he treat his period of unemployment as a break. Mitchell unfortunately takes Cam’s advice too far, as he proceeds to spend months painting (and he’s not very good), while Cam hold downs two jobs as the high school football coach and the summer school’s Driver’s Ed instructor. Becoming exasperated by Mitch’s lack of motivation to find a job, Cam stalks Charlie Bingley and convinces him to take Mitch back. However, that plan falls through when Charlie sees how much at-ease Mitch is with his life. Mitchell finally tries to get another job after Jay tells him to, observing that his son is experiencing a mid-life crisis and convincing Mitch that he would only feel better when he starts working again.





Mitchelle has a strained relationship with Jay, as he was closer to his mother in his childhood. When they were younger, him and Claire used to sit around, doing each other's hair and talking about boys.

Jay is Mitchell's father. Jay was a tough father growing up and took a while to accept that his son is gay (even though it was apparently obvious in childhood). This and the fact that Mitch is closer to his mother, has led him to very much want to appeal to Jay. Mitch says that he had to come out to him three times ("Fifteen Percent"). It is stated in "The Kiss" that Mitchell has had a hard time showing affection because Jay remained emotionally reserved while they were growing up. Jay has recognized his mistakes with his son and has tried to reflect better understanding with his stepson, Manny. Despite Mitchell's complaints, he learned patience in dealing with his father and strength in acceptance.


250px-En Garde (Modern Family).jpg

Claire is Mitchell's older sister, whom he is close to. Though they had different personalities growing up, Claire enjoys how much she has in common with her brother. They share similar hobbies, such as exercise, craft-making, figure-skating and persnickety habits with high standards for their families and themselves. Claire and Mitchell once got into a small fight where Claire stated that Mitchell was a Mommy's Boy as he is closest to DeDe and always does everything for her. Mitchell also states that she's a Daddy's Girl as she says the word "Daddy" instead of "Dad", both these statements are actually true as Claire doesn't get along with her mother and Mitchell doesn't get along with his father very well.

In "En Garde", it is revealed that Claire and Mitchell formed an ice-skating team when they were younger. Claire quit before a major competition, losing Mitchell's chance to impress their father. After Claire reveals she did it to protect Mitchell from humiliation, Mitchell confesses that he has always hated the sport but still participated because they didn't hate each other as brother and sister when they were ice skating.

In "Aunt Mommy", during a dinner with Phil, Mitchell, and Cameron, Claire offers her egg to Mitchell and Cameron so they can have a half-Pritchett and half-Tucker baby. But the two couples are really regretting it in the morning and try to tell each other that they changed their minds. Mitchell and Claire finally decide to definitely to not do it even though they love each other very much.



DeDe is Mitchell's mother. She is implied to be very close to Mitchell that when DeDe attempts to rectify her reputation with the family, she asks her "beautfiul boy" for help ("The Incident"). Cameron says that even a fish in nature that swims around with its babies in its mouth and would still consider Mitchell and DeDe's relationship as messed up. And needless to say, DeDe always goes to Mitchell first when she visits as he always does things for her. Claire has once referred to him as a Mommy's Boy



Lily is Mitchell's adopted daughter. Lily was born in 2009 in Vietnam. Mitchell is very committed in raising his daughter properly but is often distracted by work, missing a several milestones of her growing, which drives Mitchell to quit his job in "Truth Be Told". Lily would display quick wit in "The Big Guns" which leads Mitchell to conclude she would make a good lawyer.



Gloria is Mitchell's step-mother. Mitchell often asks Gloria's help in babysitting as she adores Lily. In "Someone to Watch Over Lily", Mitchell and Cam choose Gloria and Jay to adopt Lily if something happens to them.

In "Moon Landing", Gloria seeks Mitchell's legal advice for hitting a car. After Gloria becomes offended that Mitchell insinuates that she may be a bad driver, she storms out but comes back later apologizing, after she crashes into a cupcake sign.

In "Goodnight Gracie, he helps her again to settle her case in Florida.

In "After the Fire", Mitchell reveals that they have grown closer after spending more time together and Gloria tells Claire that she prefers Mitchell over her.



Phil is Mitchell's brother-in-law. They don't have very much in common and don't always have scenes with each other. But it is assumed and evident that they think of each other as family and/or brothers.

In "Strangers on a Treadmill", Mitchell makes a deal with Claire and tries to tell Phil that his jokes are unfunny, but is unable to go through with it after seeing Phil's sad face.

In "Tableau Vivant", Phil fires Mitchell from the volunteer job he does at his real estate agency before Mitchell gets stuck inside an elevator.

In "Diamond in the Rough", Claire and Cam try their hand at flipping a house. Phil and Mitchell, however think they are setting themselves for failure and fight over who will be the bad guy and tell them this.

In "Goodnight Gracie", Phil's mother Grace dies and Mitchell goes to Florida with the rest of the family for the funeral.

Haley Marshall

Haley is Mitchell's Niece. they have a good relationship as they like to meet up and gossip about tea as they go out for tea for every year. as Haley likes to vent about her problems to Mitchell.

Alex =

Mitchell and Alex.jpg


Main=Alex is Mitchell's niece. They seem to have a lot in common, both being academic overachievers. Mitchell and Alex have multiple times proved that they are the only two family members who can communicate effectively. Mitchell and Alex seem to really love being around each other. Which is shown in different episodes.

In "Express Christmas", while they go to buy a Christmas tree with Lily, discover that they have a lot of similar interests, including hatred of shopping.

In "Lifetime Supply", Mitchell feels undermined by Cam's achievements and opens up to Alex who agrees with him, saying she feels the same way with her intellectually inferior siblings. This makes Mitchell realize that he was acting like a 14-year-old girl and apologizes to Cam.

In "Yard Sale", Mitchell, together with Claire and Cam try to make Alex understand that her boyfriend, Michael, is gay, but she doesn't believe it.

Luke Dunphy

Luke is Mitchell's Nephew.


Mitchell and Cameron frequently mentions their friends, some of which have peculiar names including Pepper Saltzman, Longinus, Jamarcus, L'Michael, Jeoux (pronounced like "Joe"), couples including Steven and Stefan, and Anders and Cooper.


Mitch and Cam meet Sal's new breasts.jpg


Main=Sal is Mitchell's and Cameron's party girl friend.

Sal first appears in "Great Expectations", where it is implied that the three used to be very close before the couple adopted Lily, during which Cam says Sal is basically their "baby". She is seen to have some sort of hilarious rivalry with Lily because of this.

Mitchell and Cameron serve as best men at Sal's wedding in "Best Men".

She tries to officiate their wedding in "The Wedding (Part 2)" while heavily pregnant but her water breaks before she could start.


Mitchell, Cam and Pepper.jpg

Pepper is one of Mitch's and Cam's close friends, whom the latter used to date. Pepper is known for throwing themed brunches which the guests eventually grew tired of after they become too much work. Mitch met his future husband at one of Peppers' game nights and started dating after they shared a moment playing charades ("Come Fly with Me"). As a wedding planner, Pepper would later help out in Mitch's and Cam's wedding.


Longines is one of Mitch's and Cam's friends.

He is first seen in "Dance Dance Revelation". He usually appears with Mitchell during night outs drinking with their other friends.

In "Snip", he helps out Mitchell find a new job for Cam at the boutique he works for without Cam knowing.


Mitchell and Crispin.jpg

Crispin is one of Mitch's and Cam's friends who seems to have a penchant for making fun of people.

In "Fulgencio", Mitch and Cam try to teach Lily that Crispin being snarky is not a good example which causes their invitations to his party revoked.


Mitchell and Brett.jpg

Brett is one of Mitch's and Cam's friends who is seems to care too much about how he looks. This is shown in iSpy when he asks Mitchell not to tell anyone else about his secret. He also seems to only completely trust Mitchell with a secret.

He shows off his perm in "Fulgencio", and his calf implants in "iSpy" to Mitchell who could not keep the secret to Cam who also could not keep the secret to thier other friends.

Love Interests

Mitchell has had one previous "serious" relationship before Cameron. Mitchell and Teddy dated before Cameron and Mitch met, and it is seen that Teddy and the Dunphy-Pritchett Family unit has an overly friendly relationship with him despite the relationship ending years prior.



  • Started: The relationship started before the show started. Cam and Mitch have both said it started after a game where Cam and Mitch instantly clicked with eachother, during the game and afterwards.
  • Reason: They fell in love and decided that they were right for each other.
  • Information: Cameron was Mitchell's boyfriend of five years at the start of the series. The two men are opposites in personality because of their contrasting upbringings. Cameron grew up on a farm in Missouri in the United States and was very good in athletics, had a supportive family and isn't afraid to be flamboyant which contrasts greatly with Mitchell's conservative, contemporary childhood. This has worked well over the years because Mitchell's good sense levels out Cameron's theatrical whims and Cameron's assertiveness has helped when Mitchell shows meekness. Cameron and Mitchell got married in "The Wedding (Part 2)".

A good example of Cameron being a strange but great boyfriend is in Season 1's "Fizbo". Cameron is a classically trained clown, which bothers Mitchell, but even in costume Cam is effectively protective when Mitchell gets in a tiff with a rude man at a gas station. Cameron is often concerned with Mitchell's bad habits, such as hiding affection in public, overthinking or becoming over competitive, or holding onto baggage from his parents.

In Season 5's "Suddenly, Last Summer", gay marriage is approved in the state of California so the couple consider and plan out how the other would propose to one another. Later, they eventually find themselves on one knee in front of each other while changing a tire under the stars. Right then and there they mutually agree to marry.

In Season 5's "The Wedding (Part 2)", after a lot of misdeeds, they officially get married.



Quote1.png You (Cam) saw that, right? Everybody fawning over Lily, and then you walk on and suddenly it's all "Ooh, SkyMall? I gotta buy a motorized tie rack.". Quote2.png
Quote1.png [Mitch and Cam arrive home with Lily in a bassinet]
Mitch: This doesn't worry you? She barely slept on the plane and she's still wide awake.
Cam: Oh, stop worrying.
Mitch: Hey, Cam that orphanage-it was all women, maybe she just-she can't fall asleep unless she feels a woman's shape?
Cam: Well, I guess that's possible.
Mitch: So here. [Mitch lifts up the bassinet to give Lily to Cam due to his body shape]
Cam: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Quote1.png [Mitch and Cam while being interviewed]
Cam: Yes, I've gained a few extra pounds while we were expecting the baby, which has been very difficult. But apparently your body does a nesting very maternal primal thing where it retains nutrients. Some sort of molecular physiology thing. But that's science, you can't fight it so..
[Mitch and Cam both remain silent]
Mitch: I'm not saying anything.
Cam: You're saying everything.
From "Pilot"

Quote1.png Cam [holding up a pair of clown shoes]: Okay, gun to your head, which pair should I bring?
Mitch: Gun to my head? I'd say pull the trigger.
From "Princess Party"
Quote1.png [On the concept of Fizbo]
Cam: I just think waiting for a prince to make your dreams come true sends the wrong message.
Mitch: And a grown man taking boxers out of his mouth doesn't?
From "Princess Party
Quote1.png [Claire and DeDe are arguing at Lily's birthday party]
Mitch: Claire, Claire, Claire! Not now, not now, not now! No, stop, please.
Claire: She accused me of trying to steal my old boyfriend from her.
Mitch: Okay, fine. But make it quick.
From "Princess Party"
Quote1.png When I was twelve my father walked in on me doing the most embarrassing thing a boy can do: dancing to Madonna's Lucky Star. Quote2.png
From "Boys' Night"
Quote1.png Cam: Disabled interracial lesbians with an African kicker.
Mitch: Did not see that coming.
From "Unplugged"

Quote1.png Mitch: I'll get the tree. Because if you get the wrong one, you know, people get upset.
Claire: You get upset.
Mitch: I'm people.
From "Express Christmas"
Quote1.png Alex: My mom tells me it's "Xmas" in a text.
Mitch: Yeah, well, my mother canceled in a voicemail and told me she had a boyfriend in a newsletter, so join the team.
From "Express Christmas"
Quote1.png Mitch: Why don't we ever go shopping together?
Alex: Because I hate shopping.
Mitch: I do too!
From "Express Christmas"
Quote1.png Cam: I'm playing a new drinking game. It's called "Every time I'm depressed, I take a drink."
Mitch: That game exists. It's called alcoholism.
From "Aunt Mommy"

Quote1.png I had a pretty good hat run, but then I saw a photo of myself in a dude ranch. I looked like Reba at the Grammys. Quote2.png
Quote1.png We've had my dad's baby 45 minutes and he's already in a dress. Quote2.png
From "Bad Hair Day"
Quote1.png Easy Duchess, it's just one room, not Gosford Park. Quote2.png
From "Flip Flop"
Quote1.png Cam: Well obviously the tooth fairy made a mistake.
Mitch: Maybe it's cause the tooth fairy had a little too much chardonnay last night.
From "Career Day"
Quote1.png C'mon does Gloria really look like the kind of woman who would run a brothel?... Yeah I better go with her. Quote2.png
From "Goodnight Gracie"

Quote1.png Mitch: I'm so nervous. Are we gonna see Hugh Jackman in a bathing suit? What do we say to Hugh Jackman in a bathing suit?
Cam: Oh my God, it's so big.
Mitch: That's a bit direct but you know he might be flattered- oh you're talking about the boat.
From "Australia"
Quote1.png Mitch: Hey, Best Man.
Claire: Hello, blushing bride.
Mitch: I feel like I should hate that more.
Quote1.png Jerry: Where did she (Lily) come from?
Mitch: Because she doesn't look like us? That’s offensive.
From "The Wedding (Part 1)"
Quote1.png [to Cam]
Don't cry, you'll streak your bronzer.
Quote1.png Mitch: This is my second favorite suit of yours.
Cam: Second?
Mitch: Right after your birthday suit.
Cam: Hey! Cut it out, I'm practically a married man.
From "The Wedding (Part 2)"

Quote1.png I can be challenging finding playmates for an exceptional child. I don't mean to brag, but that's why i didn't have any friends. Quote2.png
From "The Cold"
Quote1.png Well that's attractive. You look like a puppy with a slipper Quote2.png
From "Marco Polo"

Quote1.png Everyone has their strengths. I'm a great gift-giver. Quote2.png
From "Summer Lovin'"
Quote1.png Claire: You know Luke has failed that driver's test twice now right?
Mitch: My options today are frat house, duck village, or car crash. I'm feeling very comfortable with my decision.
Quote1.png We have been renting the upstairs unit to some frat boys from Cam's old college. They're here for some big game and to try to get on the Price is Right. Unfortunately for me it's brought out Cam's bromosexual side. Quote2.png
From "She Crazy"
Quote1.png We should be careful, this market might be a trick to get a whole bunch of white people together in one spot. Quote2.png
From "The More You Ignore Me"
Quote1.png Mitch: How about a show to go with it?
Cam: Mitchell?
Mitch: Who's Mitchell? I'm Magic Mitch. Welder by day, stripper by choice.
From "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House"


Quote1.png Cam: The doctor says absolutely no sun while I'm on these antibiotics.
Mitch: What would happen? Because if it's anything short of death, I think you should risk it.
From "Lake Life"

Quote1.png Cam: Okay, Cal, let's say hi to Mommy. Say "Hi! Mommy!".
Mitch: Whoa, whoa, if I'm in that shot, back up and turn the lights down, we had Chinese food last night, I look like a blowfish.
Quote1.png Cam: We have been watching my big-for-his-age nephew, Cal. While my sister Pameron is back in Missouri paying off a little debt.
Mitch: To society, she's in prison.
Cam: For a tiny parole violation. She tried on something in a store and accidentally walked out.
Mitch: It was another woman's purse...
Cam: The silver lining is, Cal is benefitting from our parenting experience, Mitchell is molding young Cal's brain, while I handle the young boys body.
Mitch: It's a miracle we're not in prison.
Cam: Yeah...
Quote1.png Cam: Movie tricks come easy to me, you know clowns being naturals at deception.
Mitch: It's true, a couple months into dating, Cam told me he was a clown, did a little performance for me and I-I did feel deceived.
From "I Love a Parade"

Quote1.png Cam: Mitchell? Judge... Judy!
Mitchell: Your talent. It's like you were touched by a Gayngel.
From "The Last Halloween"
Quote1.png I can't go to jail. I'm a gay prosecutor, there's no prison gangs for that! Quote2.png
From "Finale (Part 2)"



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