Miura is a pediatrician and Lily Pritchett-Tucker's doctor. She originated from Denver, and her mother had apparently always wanted to her be "some Asian stereotype" though her father supported her in her dream of becoming a doctor.

In "Run for Your Wife", Lily's adoptive parents Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett accidentally bang her head against their roof, and take her to Dr. Miura. While she examines Lily, Cam tries hard not to be racist but ends up offending her despite her constant reminders about being from Denver. As a result, Dr. Miura finds some enjoyment in having Mitch reenact the accident.

Later, in "Fears", Cam invites her over for brunch to make connections in the event of a tamiflu shortage. However, while she is holding Lily, Lily appears to call her Mommy. Over brunch, the three talk about it, with Cam once again being inadvertently racist despite his best efforts not to. Mitch and Cam decide that it was because the orphanage Lily was from was run by Asian women, while Dr. Miura insists Lily was just making noises. However, as they come to these conclusions, Lily says Mommy again. Dr. Miura soon goes to leave, and as she does talks to the two parents about how her mother just wanted her to be an Asian stereotype and her father supported her dreams of becoming a doctor. She tells Mitchell and Cameron that with two fathers like them, Lily is the luckiest girl in the world. However, pulling out of the driveway, she hits their trashcan, yelling "I didn't see that!" before carelessly speeding away.

After she leaves, Mitchell and Cameron find out that Lily that got the word Mommy from her talking doll.


Season 1

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