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Mr. Pritchett was the father of Jay Pritchett, Donnie Pritchett and Becky Pritchett, the father-in-law of Gloria Pritchett and ex-father-in-law of DeDe Pritchett, as well as the paternal grandfather of Claire Dunphy, Mitchell Pritchett and Joe Pritchett.

Character Info

From everything that is mentioned about him, it appears that Jay didn't have a very close relationship with his father.


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  • Mr. Pritchett died at the age of 63, as mentioned and fonied in "Hawaii".
  • In "Patriot Games", Jay mentions that his father fought for the country (U.S.), thus indicating that he had fought in the war.
  • On the 25th anniversary day of his death, his grandson Mitchell got married.
  • Growing up, Jay did not recieve as much emotional support from him as he would have liked which may have been a contributing factor on to why Jay is a cold person often.