Palisades High School, is the high school that where Haley Marshall and Alex Dunphy and Luke Dunphy and Manny Delgado used to attend during they were in High School. It first appears in First Days. Cameron started working at Palisades High School, in an attempt to find a job, Cameron worked as a Gym Teacher. and in Season 11 Cameron is now a vice Principal in Palisedes High Before He and Mitchell Pritchett and Lily Tucker-Pritchett and Rexford Tucker-Pritchett Moved Away


Haley Marshall (Graduated) (Season 1-Season 3)

Alex Dunphy (Graduated) (Season 3-Season 6)

Luke Dunphy (Graduated) (Season 5-Season 8)

Manny Delgado (Graduated) (Season 5-8)

Dylan Marshall (Graduated) (Season 1-Season 2)

Sophie Chambers

Reuben Rand (Graduated)

Sanjay Patel (Graduated)


Prince Brown (High School Principal)

Cameron Tucker (Vice Principal;Unknown)

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