Pam is the lesbian mother of Connor, a student of Watson Elementary, the school Lily goes to. 

In "Schooled", she and her girlfriend, Susan, are called up to the school because Cam threatened her son that was pulling on Lily's hair. In the meeting with the principal, she is belligerent because Cam made her son cry. The Principal invites them to have a four party play date with Lily and Connor to set a example of good behavior. At the play date Connor and Lily go to her room. Cam offers both mothers vegetarian spring rolls, which Pam takes offense to because it's a stereotype. They start sharing what kind of jobs they have and both her and Cam smirk at each other after saying what they do because of how it fits the stereotype. Susan invites Lily over to their son's birthday next week, and Cam asks them if they are having a clown. After he makes a smart remark she wants to leave. Pam and Susan go to get their kid and find out the door was locked to Lily's room. They shortly talk them out of the room.

In "The Wow Factor", Cam later invites Pam to help them out with a house he and Claire were selling on whether or not to include a water feature in the back yard. Claire realizes she is a lesbian after Pam offers to help her with her "cans", the paint cans she was holding. While Cam tries to convince her to get what he wants, Claire also does the same by taking off her jacket, showing off her body. Pam tells them that since it was just a flip that they should save the money. Later that night Cam shows both Claire and Pam a water fountain that he had installed himself. Cam shows them two streams of water that shoot into each other and he then turns on two more but the goldfish end up getting sucked into the streams and cause all 3 of them to get wet.


  • She is a vegetarian.
  • She is scared of clowns, something she has in common with Phil.
  • She shares the same first name with Cam's sister.

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