"Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" is the seventh episode from Season 7 of Modern Family, it aired on November 18, 2015.

Plot Summary

Everyone is at Jay and Gloria’s for post-Thanksgiving leftovers brunch and after a conversation about the sexy and sleek house that Phil is helping Mitch and Cam’s friend sell, everyone gets the same bright idea to sneak in there and have a little “fun.” Unbeknownst to one another they all choose the same day to go, and then it quickly escalates into a game of hide and hopefully don’t get found. Meanwhile, back at Jay and Gloria’s, Gloria has successfully stolen copies of everyone’s drivers licenses during the brunch so Jay and her can buy them all a surprise family trip to Miami, but in actuality Jay has a surprise in store for Gloria, only to then get trumped by her surprise.

Episode Description

We have the entire family over at the Pritchett household eating leftovers from Thanksgiving on a Saturday. We see Alex get up and make a joke the doesn't go down well with the family, Haley then makes a joke mocking her joke. Gloria gets up and hugs Alex goodbye for college and says she can't believe she's going to college although she then says it seems like yesterday when she was a little girl reading at college level. Manny comes down and Claire compliments him on the way he's dressed. Manny starts to tell Claire he has a "hot" study partner coming over but she quickly ignores him and walks over to his half-brother. Claire asks Joe what he is making and he says he is making pasghetti, which is his toddler way of saying spaghetti. Claire then tells Joe he is adorable, leaving Manny with Joe. Manny then tells Joe that he remembers when he was a toddler and he had everyone in the palm of his hands thinking he was adorable and then tells Joe that he knows that he can say 'Spaghetti' properly. We cut to Phil giving gratitude to Cam and Mitch for helping him to get a listing for a house. Mitchell then points out that it's a sexy house. Phil then states that it makes the "Playboy mansion look like an old folks home", Phil then lists what the house has in it: "infinity pool", "killer views", "state of the art game room", "home theater". Cam then says it has a four person shower. Phil then says that even the security code is sexy, it literally spells out "S-E-X-Y". Luke then tells his Dad that he thinks that's trying to hard. Cameron then starts to talk more about the house and sparks an interest in Haley about the house.

Haley is first to be "interviewed" in which she says "When I was young I was a little embarrassed my Dad was just a real estate agent. But as I got older I realized. Hey!, He may not have the coolest job in the world. But he puts food on the table and has access to a bunch of empty houses I can sneak into'" We are now in the Dunphy household where Haley spots a three-bedroom house in Hillgrove and compliments the pool. Phil then thanks her for taking an interest in the family business. Haley then says that she doesn't know if she's smart enough for it as she would have to remember so much stuff and then says that she would have to remember the lock combinations Phil then says he uses a special birthday, thinking that it's hers, although it's not Phil says he uses Houdini's birthday. Haley is first to be "interviewed" as she says "I left my watch by Cyril's tub. I'm usually extra careful not to leave any trace that I was at one of my dad's houses, but this tub has 16 pulsating jets, and the whole floor vibrates with something called "Swedish release." It took me 20 minutes to find my car in the driveway." We come back to the main Pritchett household where Haley tells Jay she has to go to work lying about trying to sneak in to Phil's sexy house. Jay tells Haley that no one is leaving the house without a bag of meat, so she takes it and leaves. We see Claire tells Phil she's proud of Haley for becoming so conscientious as she's racing off to work on a Saturday, although she then says that there's a 30% chance Haley thinks it's a Friday. Phil gives Claire a boring "Mmhm" and Claire realizes that Phil is still mad at her for becoming the mother of his ducklings.

Claire is next to be "interviewed" where she says "I lost my cool on Phil last night. But in my defense, I had been traveling all day, and we had different ideas about how we were gonna spend the evening." we then flashback to last night where Claire has just come home and hears Phil say "Get in here right now. Get in this tub, you dirty girl." Claire then tells him "Oh, honey, that is so sweet, but I've been up since 5:00" Phil says not to overthink it and Claire comes into the bathroom and finds Phil bathing with his ducklings. Claire thought he was talking to her although it now seems he was talking to his ducklings. Phil then asks Claire to get the underwater camera and Claire sarcastically asks if he's bathingwith them now. Claire then rants to him "I spent the morning in Berkeley and the afternoon in Portland. I deserve to feel clean again. But now the nice, soothing tub that I've been dreaming about all day is filled with feathers and motor oil and probably bird flu. So, no, no! You just sit tight, and I will use the hose in the backyard." as Claire walks out Phil asks if she can still grab the camera she slams the door and Phil says "okay" to himself quietly. We come back to Claire's "interview" where she says "Okay. I was harsh. But the flight back from Portland was rough. The overheads were packed with foldable bikes, and I was sitting next to a guy using a typewriter. Still, Phil is really holding on to this one." we come back to the Pritchett household where Claire complains to Jay and Gloria that Phil is mad at her. Gloria then gives Claire a hug and and Mitchell walks in to say "You're not shy with those hugs today, are you?" Gloria tells them she doesn't know what it is but she gets very emotional around the holidays. Jay watches as Gloria takes their wallets out of their pants as she says this.


We are now with Haley Dunphy, she is at one of the estate houses, her Dad needs to sell, that she seems to have snuck into. Haley comes downstairs as she realises that the faucet is leaking and tries to stop it. We hear someone shout "Mr. Dunphy, is that you?" Haley seems confused as to who it is and we see Andy come in and realise that it's Haley, they both seem as confused as each other and wondering what they are both doing there. Andy tells Haley that he is getting set up for an open house. As he asks what she is doing here, he realises that the bathtub has been used asking "Splish, spash, who was taking a bath?!" Haley tells him that she was taking a bath telling him she snuck over last night but the faucet started leaking and she was too mellowed out to drain the tub. Andy smells something and asks if she was burning incense sticks. Haley tells him she was but in a suspcious way. Andy tells her that he'll lay towels down while she drains the tub. Andy sees Haley having trouble with the bath tub and asks her if the faucet is stuck, she sarcastically tells him yes. And he moves to help her, she tells him she can get it herself but he continues but when she vigorously tugs at the faucet she hits Andy and they fall into the tub together, after a few seconds, Andy tells her that he thinks this is the tub that was in the Lil' Wayne video.

Andy and Haley are now weraring robes and Andy tells her "I put our clothes in the dryer, I made executive decision- went with the Irish Mountain dryer sheets." Haley then asks what that must smell like so Andy tells her in an Irish accent that they'll know in 30, 35 minutes. Haley tells Andy not to tell her Dad she was here. Andy carries on in his Irish accent saying "I suppose I could do you that wee favor.", Haley corrects him "Do me a second favor" and Andy says that he doesn't love it either. Andy then asks Haley why she was taking a bath here. She tells him "I just wanted a few hours to myself. You know, I live in my parents' basement, I broke up with Dylan, I was depressed about how much I ate at Thanksgiving" Andy noticed one thing throughout her reply 'I broke up with Dylan' and says "You broke up with Dylan, huh?", she tells him that it was the day when they say him and Beth at the movies. She thought that Andy and Beth looked so perfect together and she wanted it. Andy tells her he is lucky but they aren't perfect, things come up when you plan a wedding. Haley then moves on to say "Really? There's such a thing as Mormon drama?" Andy tells Haley "There was when Beth's uncle found out we're serving coffee at the reception.", Andy then tells Haley, Beth doesn't want him to have a Bachelor Party. Haley is surprised as she asks "At all?" Haley then tells him that it's one night before the rest of his life and he should do it up. Andy agrees with this. Andy then sits down with Haley on the couch. But after he sits down flames whoosh and fire suddenly comes on inside a glass box. Haley says "Oh! Look what you did.", Haley goes back to saying that he has to do something fun. Haley presses a button on the control and sexy music comes on. Haley tells Andy that he should have control over the control. However when he does he makes a series of awkward events happen and then says that maybe they shouldn't touch any more buttons. They settle down and look at each other, when things get awkward, as they have sexy music on, flames on and now they have accidentally opened up a box full of wine all with the control, Haley tries to cut the tension on half by asking what they were talking about before. Andy then stops what Haley is starting by saying "Having an adventure" which only makes a little more less than awkward for them as they lean into kiss. Haley thinks that she hears her Dad about to come in and so they take cover in the laundry room. The TV comes on as they get into it and Haley shouts at him "Stop touching stuff!"

We are now back with Claire, Mitchell and Jay with Gloria, we replay Gloria taking out their wallets again and we continue from there. Jay then takes thier wallets from Gloria's hands and we see him walk off screen. Gloria and Jay are next to be "interviewed" as Jay says "So, this year, we're surprising the family with a trip to Miami. The travel company needs everybody's driver's license to book the flight. That's where 'sticky fingers (meaning Gloria)' here comes in handy. Gloria continues it "Everybody has a bad cousin that teaches you a few things. Like how to smoke, how to pick-pocket, how to hot-wire a car, how to put tacks on your shoe when you want to throw off a-a lie-detector test." Jay asks which cousin this was and she whispers, trying to be inconspicuous, "I am the cousin". We come back to the main Pritchett household where Luke tells Claire and Phil bye and leaves. Claire tries to get Phil to forgive her. Claire tries to show Phil that the gutter covers that they ordered a year ago and tells them they shipped however she is the only one excited about this, Phil glumly says "Wow. That's exciting." Cam and Mitchell walk in on this and Mitchell tells Cameron "Please kill me if I ever find gutter covers exciting.", Cameron agrees with this and says "That marriage is staler than a box of cupcakes at a supermodel retreat." they walk off screen and we hear Gloria shout for Phil and then see her walk up to him. Gloria hugs him and tries to get his wallett as she makes conversation she's not interested in. Claire walks in on this and says "Oh What the hell is goi-" Jay stops her from carrying on with what she was about to say and do and asks her what's going on so she tells him although he would be uninterested if Gloria wasn't doing what she was doing. Claire and Jay start a conversation, Claire says "well, I got back from Portland, and Phil was in the bathtub with all the ducks, and I just completely lost it. And, yes, I've apologized, but he's really not letting go of it this time." we hear Phil giggle in the background, being tickled by Gloria. Claire goes to turn around but Jay turns her back to him. Jay says "You know what?" we hear Phil in the background tell Gloria she's strong. Jay continues "Work's taking up a lot of your time, isn't it?" Claire asks "You're taking his side on this?" Jay tells her that he's been Claire on this, telling her "When I was bogged down with work, your mother and I fought all the time. I mean, maybe not about ducks- I'm not a weirdo- but maybe he's mad at you because you're not around." Claire then tells him that she only took two trips and Jay says that just because she is around doesn't necessarily mean she is around and Claire tells him that's one of those loopy things that Mom would say. Jay tells her that he used to pretend that he didn't undertsand it too, but he did. Jay tells her to make time for them both and Claire says that she'll take him for a weekend up North, and asks what he thinks, we see Gloria in the background grab Phil's wallet and show Jay and walk off, so he finishes the conversation with "Sure- or leave him. You're still attractive. Worked great for me." Jay walks off and Claire turns to look at Phil who looks fluffed and she sighs.

We are now with Mitch and Cam in the household, Mitchell tells Cameron that is still in shock about the deal they got on the ice cube trays. Cam makes a pun saying "I know. It's like we pulled off the great tray robbery." they both chuckle. Cam says "You know, it says we're supposed to throw them in the dishwasher, but I'm just gonna give them a rinse." Mitchell tells him he's so bad. "You know, since we got all of our errands done early and we do have a little extra time on our hands" Cameron continues "-And Lily's at a sleepover..." we cut to hearing words from Cam and Mitch that simulate sex we find them turning over a matress, Cameron says "I have been wanting to flip that matress over for months", Mitchell continues "It feels good to get stuff done" Cam agrees "Yeah! It does!" they high-five in the moment and both Mitch and Cam come to a realisation, Mitchell says "So other than Lily we have no real reason to be alive, right?", Cam sighs agreeing with Mitch.

We are back with Haley and Andy as we replay them, Haley thinks her Dad is coming through the door and they get to cover int he laundry room, this time we see who is coming through the door. We find out that it's Mitchell and Cameron. Mitchell asks Cam if he's sure they should be doing what they're about to do, Cameron boasts "Mitchell, we just high-fived over flipping a matress, that's way sadder than Phil and Claire's gutter covers" he continues "Plus, Cyril won't care. It's not like he hasn't had his fun in our place." Mitch is surprised "What? When?" Cam says "At your birthday party? He and Gregory were in the bathroom for like an hour." Mitch insists "Oh, no. That's 'cause Gregory lost a contact lens." Cam tells Mitch he is adorable for thinking that. Cam tells Mitch "All right, now, I'm gonna go make some cocktails, and then when that sun goes down you and I can get cozy in the hot tub, okay?" Mitchell agrees and says he'll put on mood music, he asks Cam if they have a remote control that control everything. Cam tells him yes, but Mitch asks where it might be kept, Cam tells Mitch theirs is always getting buried in the couch, before Mitch looks over at the couch, we see Andy pop his head out and throw the control over to the couch. Mitchell picks it up and turns on the music. Cameron says that he likes the song and Mitchell asks if he wants a show to go with it, so he puts one on and plays a stripper called "Magic Mitch", "Welder by day stripper by choice. My unwed sister is seven months pregnant. My mother has some uterine issues not covered by medicare. But if you want to make it rain, I will" before he can continues he falls over and Cam panics however Mitch is only worried about what broke, but not on him. He asks Cam if the lamp, he was pretending was a stripper pole, is ok. cam says it's fine showing that it still works and tells him "I'll go get the cocktails. You make yourself comfortable." Mitch says he will and he gets on the couch and does a Roly Poly, also known as a tucked in roll. Cam inpressed with it says "Wow!", we hear the TV come on and Cameron comes back with cocktails as he looks confused and walks over to Mitch. They lay on the couch together and Mitchell presses a button which seems to fold the couch, as they get flipped over onto the floor, Mitch and Cam look towards the door as they see Phil come in, he says "Don't worry about Claire. You've got me all afternoon.", Mitch puts his head back down and Cameron pops his up confused, Mitch then pops his head back up realising and now also confused, when he does this Cameron pops his head back down.

We replay Claire telling Phil the gutter covers shipped, and Phil telling Claire glumly it's exciting, Phil is "interviewed" where he says "Claire's been working a lot lately, and it's been great. It's given me a lot more time for "Battle Beasts of Gar," this massive online role-playing game. And with Cyril's state-of-the-art gaming system, I've been able to take my half-dwarf, half-ox fire mage 'Pyrominiyak' to a whole new level. Level 3! Our guild, Thugsquad, has been trying to plan a raid against our arch-rival guild, led by the ruthless Sexybeast, and I got a text saying it was finally happening. That is, if I could get Claire to be okay with me disappearing for a few hours.", we come back to the replay, another scene is now added, Claire walks up Phil and says he wants to apologise, Phil asks "For what? You haven't-" as he is about to say "done anything wrong" Claire interrupts as she continues for him "-been around at all, I know, I know, and I want to make it up to you" Phil then tells her what she did was very hurtful realising that she's talking about last night. Claire tells Phil what Jay told her, "It's just sometimes I get so caught up in work that even when I am around, I'm not around." Phil tells her she put it very well and he doesn't want to beat her up about it, but what he'd love is a few hours of Cyril's house this afternoon and Claire asks "With me?", Phil says "Actually I was thinking about that role-playing thing I'm into?" Claire is "interviewed" again where she says "Phil and I have, on occasion, adopted various alter-egos to spice up our marriage. Cyril's house does sound kind of perfect for some romance. And I like that Phil wants to move past this, so..." we come back to Phil and Claire, Claire asks Phil if he had a particular genre in mind, he replies with "Medival fantasy", Claire replies with "Ah, great" with a weird look on her face. Phil walks off as he is on his phone and says "Oh, Sexybeast, you are gonna get so spanked.".

We come to Manny teaching Joe to say "Refrigerator" but in his babylike voice meaning Manny wants him to say "fridger-frater", however Joe doesn't want to and sticks with the proper way to say it, Manny tells Joe to focus, "Fridger-frater, ­where we keep the sammiches.", we cut to Manny being "interviewed" where he says "People seem delighted by Joe- whatever- but I had that fetching study partner coming over, and I realized I could use Joe's by-the-numbers cuteness to my amorous advantage. Wow. Even for me, that was a lot of Manny." we come back to Manny and Joe, Joe tells Manny "But it's sandwich!", Manny grows tired of Joe not being adorable for him to use on the girl he has coming around, and tells Joe that he's not even trying. We then hear the doorbell ring and Manny gets a little nervous, he tells Joe "Okay that's probably her, look just be cute okay? For my sake, it's like when guys use puppies to attract girls", Manny then opens the door and we see his study partner, Olive. Olive tells Manny "Hi" and he tells her to come in, Olive notices Joe, and Manny tells her "That's my little brother, Joe, don't mind his little pot there", trying to get Joe to say the word pasghetti in front of Olive, he asks "Hey, what do you have in there again, some kind of pasta dish?", but Joe answers with a doggy sound, Olive thinks this is cute and asks him if he's a doggy, Manny then tells her "Yeah, he's always doing adorable stuff like that, cause I'm his hero", Olive tells him "I love that!", Olive then asks Joe if he is a bad or good doggy, Joe answers with a bad growling sound, telling her he is a bad doggy, Olive then says "Ohh, scary! Adorable!", Manny then tells her "I know, oh, so should we head up", Joe makes the bad growling sound again and this time Olive looks as if she's in pain and we see Joe biting Olives' lower leg as Olive shouts to Manny to get it off her, Manny starts to whack Joe with a newspaper, but Olive tells him that it's making him bite her harder, Manny insists "A person is not a sammich Joe! Joe what are you doing- Joe let go!"

We come back to the house everyone is trying to sneak into, we are with Mitchell and Cameron, Cameron asks Mitchell "Did you know Phil was gonna be here?", Mitchell tells him "No. I-I wear a t-shirt in the pool. Do you think I want him to see me in the middle of this?", Cam and Mitch stand up and Cameron starts to run quietly out of the room telling Mitchell to "Go", as they run we hear multiple beeps and we see someone at the door trying to get in, before the person can open the door, Mitch and Cam quickly hide. We see Luke and his friends come in, Luke is holding beers and saying "Well, we only have one six-pack so, in a way, ­it's good all the girls said no." we see Cameron give Mitchell a disapproving-of-my-nephew-in-law look, Luke bumps into his uncles and is evidenlt shocked to see them, Mitchell asks his nephew what he is doing here. Luke stumbles but then says that his SAT Prep Group needed a quiet place to study. Mitchell points out "Ya ain't studying acting" meaning he's not a very good liar. Cameron quickly interrupts by saying "Ok, we don't have time for this!" and tries to tell Luke his father is here but he is cut off by Phil saying "Everybody freeze!", everyone gets scared until they see Phil is playing a virtual reality game and can't see anything except the game so naturally they let him do what he's doing and try to avoid getting hit. Everyone seems surprised and astounded by what Phil is doing, as he acts weird because of the games contents. Phil says "Tae Kwon Joe! Eyes on those blood bats! Let's burn 'em down fast! Come on, Madskillz87! You're supposed to be on spell interrupt! Do not let those casters get off any more frost traps! Lisa, looks like it's you and me on the lava demon. Hang tight! Powder! (He blows through his mouth) Let's send them back to hell in time for Madskillz to make it to his oboe lesson!" Phil walks off after a few minutes and Mitchell says "I though my Dad was embarassing", and Luke is quick to tell him to shutup. Cameron is quick to tell Luke, the boys and Mitchell "Let's go!", however when they try someone else comes through the door and the boys try to hide fast. Luke and the boy hide in the closet. Claire enters the door and we see her wearing a medival costume. She tells Phil to come out and he does, although they are both unaware. Phil is unaware she is here and Claire is unaware he is in a virtual video game. Although she thinks he's playing along until he says something and she realises. Phil says "If you come out now, you simpering coward, maybe I'll show you a little mercy.", although Claire realises then he isn't here for her. Reuben comes out with Alex and he hears this thinking he's talking to him and tells Phil "Please don't hurt me! It was her idea! I'm the one who wanted to go slow!" implying they were in there trying to have sex. Phil asks "Reuben?" and Claire just says "Oh, Alex!" in a way that means why him? Phil then notices she is there when he hears her voice and asks "Claire?". Claire tells Alex "Reuben again? He wore a Batman cape to the first day of high school!" and Alex asks her "You're judging me right now?", "when you look like a hooker at Comic-Con?", Claire gasps before she realises and says "Yes, this was a miscalculation on my part- and I will be getting my coat", Phil tries to stop her and asks what is going on. However Claire carries on "and getting out of here as soon as I-" but is cut off when she opens the closet and finds her son in there with other boys and sees him holding a six pack of beer. Claire tells him he's grounded after Phil gets surprised and all he can say is "Luke?". One of Luke's friends asks "Mrs. Dunphy, do you ever tutor?" and Luke tells him off for trying to flirt with his Mom; "Dude!". We see Reuben and he says "I'm just gonna grab my razor scooter and bounce." however it turns out that Cam and Mitch hid in another closet in the same room and Reuben open their closet door. Mitchell and Cam come out pretending it's someone's birthday. However no one is buying it and Claire tells them she knows they know it's no one's birthday. She then tells them they're probably here for the same reason as Alex and Reuben. Mitchell then says "Well, technically, this is your fault, because we were afraid our marriage was getting as boring as yours. Though based on her (Claire) outfit, we need to work a little harder." Phil tell them "You should all be ashamed of yourselves, I'm the only one authorized to be here! By sneaking in you've disrespected me, and violated the trust between me, my clients, and this sexy, sexy house.", Phil is quick to grab his headphone and talk into the speaker, "No. No!", Phil then tells everyone that Lisa is now dead and they all should get out. As they leave Cameron tells Mitchell "Well, at least we have our house to ourselves. Does Magic Mitch have another set him in?" Mitchell then gets back on the pole/lamp but Cameron says he needs to work on his sexy patter. They leave. Alex runs up to her brother, Luke and tells him "Okay, before you get any stupid ideas, Reuben and I broke in here so I could help him with his math." Luke tells her "Good luck getting through to that guy, he's clueless", they both chuckle and then leave. Phil tells his wife he's sorry and that the outburst was mainly directed at Mitchell, Cameron, Alex, Luke, Reuben, and Luke's friends. They the start to get romantic and Phil has to tell his teammates that he can hear them giggling and at least he has a girlfriend. They leave.

Haley and Andy come out not wearing their robes anymore and Haley says "All clear. Well, that was crazy.", Andy is then quick to say "My ticker hasn't gotten a workout that good since I made the finals of that cup-stacking competition.", Haley asks if she should take their robes upstairs, Andy says he's going to put his in the washer "there's about three pounds of tension sweat" in his robe. They walk away from eachother but then they both stop. Andy is the first to turn around and say "Hey I, uh I feel kind of bad about before." Haley tells him not to as they didn't do anything. He tells her he knows but it "felt like something could've", Haley finishes his sentence by saying "If everybody hadn't" he gets what she's saying and he says "Yeah". Haley says "You know what it is? It's the house", Andy convinces himself "It's the house!", Haley says "I mean the fireplace, the music" Andy says "The crazy couchbed" Haley says "Anyone could've gotten swept up!", Andy says "Anyone" and Haley repeats what he said, and tells him she should get going. Andy tells her it was a fun afternoon, he had a crazy adventure before he got married and he got one. Haley leaves but then comes running back in to jump into his arms and they kiss, this is a sincere kiss.

There is an ending scene where Jay comes in and sees his son in his dog's cage. Joe makes sad dog sounds and Jay asks Manny what Joe is doing in Stella's cage. Manny tells Jay he knows what he's done. Jay lets his son out of the cage and says "Come on, boy, get!", Joe starts to happily run off and Jay smiles. Gloria comes in and says "Jay, so I was thinking, since Miami's only a few hours away from Coloumbia, why don't we have my relatives fly to Miami so that the whole family can be together?" Jay stops her and says "Gloria, I love your family. I do- but" Gloria stops him and says "This is so typical. We do everything for your family, but when it comes to my side of the family, then-" Jay srtops her and tells her "We're not going to Miami, I bought everybody plane tickets to Columbia", Gloria then says "Ay, Jay! That's not what you were supposed to do!" Jay says "I think you mean 'you shouldn't have' and you're probably right", Gloria says "No! I mean you shouldn't have been nice about this at all! You were supposed to say, 'why can't we see your family some other time?' And I would say, 'like when?' And then you would say, 'is never an option?' And I would say, 'that's so mean, Jay Pritchett!' And then you would say, 'is there a way that I can make it up to you, Gloria?' And then I would say, 'how about if'" Jay aks her "if what?", the doorbell rings and Jay says "Oh, no" it's now clear Gloria has invited her family around to their house. Everyone comes in and Jay stands beside Manny, Manny asks "Does this feel like a short visit to you or a long one?", Jay says "The pregnant one brough a stroller" meaning that she's staying even after the baby is out. Which means it's a long one.

Main Cast

(The characters striked out do not appear in this episode)

  • Jay Pritchett
  • Gloria Pritchett
  • Manny Delgado
  • Joe Pritchett
  • Claire Dunphy
  • Phil Dunphy
  • Haley Dunphy
  • Alex Dunphy
  • Luke Dunphy
  • Mitchell Pritchett
  • Cameron Tucker
  • Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Guest Starring


  • This marks Andy's 16th appearance as well as Grayson's and Olive's first appearances.
  • This marks the third episode to revolve around Thanksgiving after "Punkin Chunkin" and "Three Turkeys".
  • This episode broadcasted exactly six years after Great Expectations.
  • When Mitch and Cam litterally come out the closet, they sing "Happy Birthday To You", and Claire tells them to shut-up since nobody celebrates his or her birthday. However, this episode being A Thanksgiving episode, it should have been Luke's as it's been said in Fizbo that he was born during Thanksgiving period.


  • This episode is the eighth episode of this season, however it was broadcast before the seventh one airs.
  • Lily does not appear in this episode, instead she is mentioned multiple times by her Dads. She is said to be at a sleepover.
  • This marks the first time that Haley and Andy kissed each other since "The Cold" and the first time that it is a sincere kiss. It may imply that Haley and Andy will begin a romance starting with this episode.
  • The purse with the peace-sign that someone in Gloria's family is using is also seen in How I Met Your Mother, Season 3, Episode 5 "How I Met Everyone Else".
  • In this episode, Cameron and Mitchell high five over flipping a mattress, despite the fact that gays 'don't high five' according to Cam in the episode The Kiss.

Episode Title

"Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" refers to the house Phil is trying to get sold, and so everyone hears about this house and tries to spend time in it, they call it sexy, because everyone gets the same bright idea to try to have sex in the house, before it gets sold, which goes awry.

Cultural References

  • Phil uses Houdini's birthday as a pass code (March 24, 1874). this would mean his pass code is 32474.
  • Claire mentions the many hipster cultures she saw in Portland, such as foldable bikes and typewriters.
  • Andy says "Splish splash, who was taking a bath?", a reference to the Bobby Darin song "Splish Splash."
  • Andy recognises the tub from a Lil Wayne video.
  • Mitchell, playing his stripper self, calls himself "Magic Mitch", a reference to the film 'Magic Mike'




"Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" Promo

"Phil's Sexy, Sexy House" Promo

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