Reuben Rand is a friend of both Luke Dunphy and Manny Delgado. He went to high school with them and has been Luke's friend for a very long time, even having taken baths with him when they were young. ("Clean Out Your Junk Drawer")

Reuben is first seen in ("The Musical Man") where he is played by a different actor that is not credited.

In ("After the Fire") Reuben's house has burned down and Claire mobilizes the community to donate clothes and furniture for the Rands who lost everything in the fire. Gloria buys Reuben a drone that Luke and Manny almost lose before it even gets to him. However Reuben does not appear in this episode, he is only mentioned.

Reuben had a crush on Alex at least since Season 5, even making Luke help him kiss her in ("Larry's Wife"), and in Season 7 they date for a while after Alex gets her heart broken and wants "something comfortable" with "a nerdy little dork that worships her". ("Clean Out Your Junk Drawer") Alex is ashamed to be seen with him and tries to end their relationship multiple times.


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  • Reuben has a extra nipple. ("Someone to Watch Over Lily")
  • Reuben's last name, Rand, is only ever mentioned in ("After the Fire") when Claire uses it when talking about the fact that the family's house burned down, and never with his first name.
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