Ricky was Claire Dunphy's old boyfriend.

He was described looking like Charles Manson and was a poet as mentioned by Claire. One time, Ricky and Claire were out really late and Claire didn't return home until 4 in the morning.

Claire also described him as a 'sweet boy', to which her daughter Haley replied that her boyfriend Dylan is a sweet boy, to which Claire scoffed at and saying he isn't Ricky and that he was a poet to which Haley defended Dylan by saying (truthfully) that he 'writes songs. Awesome songs'.


  • In the Greek version, Ricky is mentioned with the name 'Babis'.
  • In the the original version of "The Incident", Dede mentions Ricky and later in the original version of "Princess Party" another ex-boyfriend Robbie Sullivan enters the picture. But in the adaptations of these two episodes, this is different: In the former, Ricky is named Babis, but in the latter, Robbie is also called Babis, apparently signifying that there was 1 boyfriend rather than 2.


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