Sam is Manny Delgado's much older girlfriend in "Marco Polo". She is portrayed by Madison Iseman.

Jay and Gloria are worried about Manny hanging out with Sam, a new friend who's a senior while Manny is still a sophomore. They later realize that Manny's friend is actually a girl and she is also his girlfriend, which makes Gloria worry even more. At Manny's High School football game, Jay catches Sam making out with what appears to be her ex-boyfriend. He can't tell Manny because it would break his heart, and he can't tell Gloria either because she would break Sam, so he keeps it all to himself until after the game. Back at home, Manny tries to sneak up to bed, but Jay catches him, inviting him to have a sip of scotch. Manny admits Sam dumped him. Actually, she was just using him to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Manny can't believe his first girlfriend was just using him. Jay points that of all the boys, Sam chose him to make her ex to get jealous and that should make him feel important because it means he is at the same level as the other guy. But Manny is still heartbroken and he finally hugs Jay to feel better. Manny asks Jay if he can still have a sip of that scotch that he said. Jay tells him yes, against Gloria's advice, and describes it as a beautiful and full-bodied 18-year-old girl, which makes Manny to remember Sam and cry even more.

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